Sunday, May 20, 2012

~Finally...a post about our Elijah BIRTHDAY BOY!~

As you recall we all had the flu and didn't have any energy to celebrate on Elijah's birthday.  So, he truly has had a "birthday week."  =)
~On Friday I ran Elijah to a park and snapped some fun pics of him. ~

 ~Our Little Elijah~

~His scooter was his main birthday gift...and it was a HIT!  He rides it all.the.time.~
 ~This was the actual day of his birthday.  Phillip got him a little gift and Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly came by and gave him the neat Lightening McQueen car that has shampoo in it.~
~We were all still dragging with the flu.  The next day, found Elijah flopping down on our bed and taking a LONG nap...all by himself.  That is NOT normal for our Elijah. =)~
~A couple days after his birthday, though we were still DRAGGING...Phillip and I HAD to go out, for we had to go to the US Embassy and renew our passports.  We had an early morning appointment.  While we were out I asked Phillip if we could go and get Elijah's gifts and his plates, balloons, and napkins, for when we did get a chance to celebrate little Elijah's birthday.  I came home and SLEPT for 6 hours straight!!  (Due to a little Mary, I had only slept 3 hours the night before, besides having the flu too!)
When I got up in the evening, I got motivated!  The kids and I jumped into a taxi and ran across town to a bakery.  They made a Lightening McQueen car cake for Elijah while we waited.  Then we came home to FINALLY have a birthday party for Elijah! (In light blue it says, "Feliz cumpleaños Elias",
or "Happy Birthday, Elijah.")~
~The cake was yummy!  It was "Tres Leches" (3 milk cake) with fruit inside and the icing was coolwhip!~
~We blew up balloons, had a snack, and enjoyed Elijah's cake, and he opened his gifts!  You can tell he's still sick, for he just CALMLY sat and watched us get his party ready.  =) ~

~Enjoying being together!~
~Elijah with his cake and candle, before it was lit!~
~As you can tell by his face...He enjoyed his candle!~
 ~Watching his candle burn.~
~Noah, Elijah, and Sarah.~
 ~When we gave Elijah his big gift in a he tore off the plastic, I asked him, "What is it, Elijah?"  He yelled, "A Scooter!"  =)~
~One HAPPY birthday boy!~
~Kimberly giving little Mary a turn.~
 ~Elijah...Mr. Fix-it man... with his new little tool set and hat!~
~During mid-week prayer meeting, Bro. Jimmy called Elijah to come forward to pray for him and sing Happy Birthday to him.  Since Phillip was holding Mary, and I was playing the piano, Kimberly came up to stand with him.   I think this picture of him is so CUTE!  He's bowing his head and closing his eyes while Jimmy is praying for him.~
~Now we are singing Happy Birthday to him.~
On Friday we took our kids to Crepes and Waffles to celebrate being back together, and NEARLY over the flu! (Phillip normally brings home treats when he's away on his trips, but this time he decided we'd just go out together as a family when he got back to Bogota. =)
~Sarah and Noah coloring in Crepes and Waffles.~
~Elijah and Phillip.~
~Kimberly, Mary, and I.~
~Little Blue-eyed Elijah and Mary!~
~As we were leaving the mall, Elijah and Noah wanted to look at a new "double decker bus" ride that you put money in and ride. (The kind where you just put in 50 cents and it starts.)  While they were standing there watching a little girl ride it, her Daddy told them to get inside, so they got to ride for free. =)
It took us awhile to celebrate Elijah's birthday, but he was happy with his Birthday WEEK.  =) ~


~Carla~ said...

Oh he is getting so big! Happy Birthday Elijah! What a wonderful birthday week! Glad everyone is on the mend!

mmsbryan said...

So glad that you got the strength to celebrate our littliest guy's birthday. Loved the cake couldn't have been a better match for the boy unless it was maybe a "curious George" cake. But then his Mommy already made him one, was it last year? He is a live wire and a delight. Oh the joy this little boy has brought into our family. Please give him a kiss on the nose from Gram. We are heading to GG's house and she will love seeing these pictures on all your latest posts. Love, Moma

Daryl Hausman said...

Bryan climbed on my lap to read this post this a.m. and when he saw your cake, Elijah, he said, "Oh Cool!" We love you and are glad most everyone is feeling better now. We are praying for Mommy, MUCH! Love ya, Laura and family

Daryl Hausman said...

Happy Birthday Elijah!!!
He has gotten SO big!!! Make's me miss you all tons! So glad you all are feeling a bit better! Praying for you!

Daryl Hausman said...

Very cute pictures! Just the other day I was telling Daddy that we need to find a Crepes and Waffles here, cause I loved it when I tried it there in Colombia! Love you all so much! Give Elijah a big squeeze from me!

Rob and Deanna said...

Lil' Elijah is looking so BIG. Such a cute little man. Enjoyed the pics

~Gregory said...

Wow! I was very impressed by the birthday party, looks like you really had fun. That's great! Loved the picture of Bro. Jimmy praying for your little guy. So much fun staying connected from a few miles away :)

lila said...

So glad you all felt well enough to have a birthday party for cute, sweet Elijah!!!! Those pics of him at the park are so cute. Love the cake, the table and all looks so cute. Hope you all up back up to par soon. Love you all tons

Brittany said...

So glad you all are starting to feel better! And a very HAPPY Birthday to little Elijah! He looks so sweet in those pics =) You can just see how excited he was with that scooter - that's precious.

Bryanna Shirk said...

So cute!!! I love Elijah's cake!!! His party looks soooo cool!!!

Janie said...

Happy Birthday Elijah! Glad you are all starting to feel better. We have been praying for you. I love the picture with his candle and the cake sounds delicious!

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