Thursday, May 10, 2012

~The first of MANY pics of my trip to TN!~

OK! So here's how it all came to pass!  Sunday night the 29th of April I was sitting at my computer and I wrote that poem about Grandmother turning 90 and posted it on my blog.  I then copied the poem and sent her a card with it in it. 
That's when it dawned on me..."THIS IS CRAZY!  I just lost one Grandma and didn't get to come home!  I'd rather go to GG's birthday party and see her alive...then to come back for her funeral (if it were to happen while we are on the mission field.)"  
So, I talked to Phillip about my idea of my flying to TN and SURPRISING my family...especially my Moma and Laura!  Phillip ran it past our mission's director and they both thought that I should go!  YEA!!!!!!  =D
So, I got my ticket on Monday and then called my Aunt Carole and asked her to PLEASE KEEP MY SECRET from everyone especially Laura, Moma, and GG!     GG's birthday party was on Saturday and I wanted to fly out on Thursday so I could help Moma and Laura on Friday.
I could hardly sleep the next few days...I was SO EXCITED!  I called and talked to Laura on Monday night for she and Moma had just arrived at GG's house in TN that evening.  We talked on Tuesday and Wednesday evening as well.  I told her that I wished I could be there to HELP HER GET READY during those few days.  =)  (I NEVER said I wished I could be at the party...for I knew I would be! =)
When I posted my Fun Food Friday with an URGENT unspoken request was for me as I traveled that day!  =)
~So, here I am, on Thursday, May 3rd getting out of the taxi at the Bogota airport heading to my beloved TN, my GG, and my FAMILY! =)~
~After I checked in I got me a VERY RARE treat of a Cinnabon and some hot tea.~
~Then I went back to my gate and awaited my plane...which we boarded ONE HOUR LATE!~ 
I was dying about leaving an hour late...for I knew that I only had an hour and a half lay-over in Atlanta, GA and I DID NOT want to miss my next plane to TN.  Here we are fixin' to taxi down the runway.~ 
~Leaving the Bogota airport.~
~The beautiful Andes Mountains.~
~The huge city of Bogota...filled with many souls who need Jesus!~
~I prayed LOTS that Jesus would help me make my next flight so I could get to TN that evening.  Jesus did help me.  When I landed in Atlanta...Delta gave me a sign that said to RUSH ME THROUGH and I was able to make it to my gate in time.   (For I had to collect my luggage and go through customs before I found my next gate.) 
I just had a short 30 min. flight from Atlanta to Knoxville, TN.  Here we are landing in TN.  I was so EXCITED!  GG's house and my family were just 7 mins. away!!! =D~
~Dear Aunt Carole picked me up.  Here I am seeing GG for the first time.  She looked at me and asked, "Who are you?"
She knew who I was but was so shocked knowing that I was to be in South America and COULD NOT BE IN TENN!  =)~
~10 mins. later Laura, Darla, Bryan, and Moma pulled in from working on the reception hall where GG's birthday party was to be.  I hid until they came up on the deck.  I think you can tell by the pictures that my Uncle Dan captured...that I SURPRISED THEM BOTH VERY MUCH!!!! =)~
~They both screamed and Laura said she just knew she was going to faint!  I was SO HAPPY that I my plan had worked and I had surprised them!~
~Then, just 10 mins. later my Daddy drove in from IN.  I hid again and I think he was surprised as well...although he did not scream.  =)~
~On Friday we had a big day ahead of us doing the last minute preparations for GG's birthday party the next morning.   Dear Moma made yummy gravy and biscuits for our breakfast knowing we'd be working right through the lunch hour and would need a breakfast that would stick to our bones.  =)~
~Daddy cutting the purple cabbage for Moma to use to put the reuben sauce in for our sandwiches.~
~Laura, Moma, and I in front of the nice sign the pastor's wife made for GG in the reception hall.~
~Laura and our dear friend Sis. Clapper doing the skewers of grapes and cubes of cheese.~
~Aunt Carole and I doing the sandwiches...while Moma made the hall beautiful!~
~On the way back to GG's house I snapped this picture of The gorgeous Great Smokey mountains of TN!  Tennessee is GOD'S COUNTRY!  =)  
We moved to TN when I was just 6 months old and lived there until I was nearly this is Home to me ...well, one of my Many homes now! =)  ~
Part 1 and Part 2 of GG's party pics coming some time tomorrow Lord willing...and part 3 and 4 of the rest of my time in TN coming too!
I'm glad to be back with my WONDERFUL sweetheart and our sweet children.  I think that my little Mary thought that she had Permanently LOST her Mommy...though she didn't know where.  =)  I was happy that she came right to me when she saw me this morning.
I surely am GRATEFUL TO JESUS that He let me go to TN!


Quakenbush's said...

Oh my Heather, how wonderful that God gave you this blessing. I am so happy for you. God is so good, isn't He? What a special treat.

Janie said...

So happy you got to be there for your GG's birthday! What a special treat. The surprised look on Laura's face is priceless! I love it! Glad your back with your family safely.

Daryl Hausman said...

Priceless huh? Thanks Janie. It's one of my better poses! NOT! Help us all! Oh Well, they say you can never put a price tag on Love! L.O.V.E.D. getting to be with you, Heather! Fun Memories! So glad that Jesus brought you back safely with you family! xoxox, Laura

Shel Bel said...

Im so glad that you got to go to Tenn....i love doing surprises like that!!!...and glad that you made it back safely to your family....

Charity said...

Fun!! So happy that you got to add this sweet memory to your repertoire. Love the pics!!!!

Brittany said...

Oh my - that is so great that you got to go for a surprise visit!! I know you must have been so excited!

knightfirstlady said...

These pics of the reactions to your big surprise brought tears to my eyes! I'm sooo happy you got to be home for a few days and be with family! I'm sure it was like a fresh breath of air to them--and you! Love and prayers (even tho' we've never met personally!) Sharon Knight

Kim M. said...

I'm so glad you got to go! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

lila said...

I am laughing while writing this at the suprised look on Laura's face. It is so neat that Jesus let you be there. It was so good to visit with you.

~Carla~ said...

Ahh, love sharing in your surprise and party via blog! It looks like everyone had SUCH a fun time. So glad you were able to go. Precious time you had with your family! And the look on Laura's face, LOVE it!!! Hugs today, praying your family is feeling better.

mmsbryan said...

In all my rush getting home at midnight last Saturday and working all week to be ready to serve a Mother/Daughter Breakfast to the ladies of our church the next Saturday morning I somehow missed this post. I had meant to tell you that I wanted to approve the "surprise picture" before you posted it. ;-) But as everyone seems to be taken more back with Laura's surprised look I guess I must have passed only I am sure that all heard my scream! ;-) It was a wonderful surprise. I Love you, Moma

Melissa said...

I'm so happy you got to go! What a special time. Hope you all are feeling better soon. We'll be praying!

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