Saturday, May 12, 2012

~Part 1 of GG's 90th birthday party!~

Thank you for your prayers for my family. This must be the old fashion flu (our 2nd bout with it in just one month!) Our kids and Phillip are so sick that all they do is sleep.
I think I'm coming down with it...but until I do... I am trying to keep house and home together. =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
If you didn't see my Fun Food Friday can go and see the food we served at GG's party and the fun way we presented it.   Hopefully you can use these fun/yummy ideas too!
~Moma (as usual) did a beautiful job decorating the reception hall in purples and off-whites/whites.   Here's the main centerpiece.~
~They ordered the cakes from Wal-mart...and I thought Wal-mart did a great job with her cake.  There was this cake and a sheet cake as well.~
~They had Wal-mart write "Happy 90th Mother" in purple on the cake.~
~The reception hall before everyone started coming.  It was an open house from 11:00-2:00.  I'm not sure how many came, but I think someone said around 150 people were there.~
~My Beautiful Grandmother...Beautiful inside and out.  She and Granddaddy decided to serve Jesus long ago...and that has made all the difference in their lives and ours. =) ~
~My Granddaddy went to Heaven back in 1997.  I was expecting he never got to meet any of our 5 children.  =(
GG wanted "Granddaddy with her" at her Moma placed this nice picture of them beside the rocking chair she sat in to greet everyone.~
~Osie (GG's neighbor lady who is 91), GG, and Me.~
~My sweet niece Katie came down from GBS.  She didn't know that I was here until she got to TN!  =)
The rest of her family couldn't come all the way from AK (Her Daddy is my oldest brother Andrew).  I SOOO WANTED to see Andrew, Vonnie and the rest of the kids, but  I was delighted that at least Katie could be here.   We had so much fun being together.~
~The Great Granddaughters served the food.  Here I am standing with Katie and Natasha as they served.~
~Laura faithfully cutting the sheet cake.
I helped with the food when I wasn't taking pictures for Moma.  (She had asked me to take lots of pics...and I did! =)~
~GG and her 3 stooges 3 precious children.  =)  Her oldest is my Moma to your right, Aunt Carole is next in the yellow, and Uncle Carson is the baby.  =)~
~This is where GG sat to greet everyone that came to see her and wish her a very Happy Birthday!~
~GG and her brother Walter.  If I understood correctly, he is her only living sibling ...there were originally 9 of them!  Wow!  Life changes so fast!  Only what we do for Christ will Last!~
~Yours truly, GG, and my dear cousin Esther!~
~For the drinks at GG's party Moma served yummy banana punch, and tea with a lemon ring.~
~The table where everyone put their cards/gifts.  The picture on the left is GG...way back when....And the picture on the right is recent!   They took GG to get her picture taken on Thursday morning before her party on Saturday.  I thought it turned out really pretty.~
~"Her Children arise up and call her blessed.  Proverbs 31:28a".~
~The center pieces on the tables.  Moma had to keep it small and simple to leave room for people to eat on both sides.~
~Katie and Brittany serving.~
~L to R: My cousin Esther, Me, my cousins Jane (in the orange) and Martha.  When I surprised everyone and flew in for GG's party Uncle Dan called his daughter Jane out in Washington and flew her in.  She hadn't been home in 2 years!  She arrived just a couple hours before GG's party started!  It was SO F.U.N. being together with nearly all of my cousins on my Moma's side!!!!  All 10 of us were together =)...except my brother Andrew from AK and my cousin Christa from FL!  =( ~
~Our dear long-time friends the Kemps (She's the "Lila" that signs my blog faithfully =) surprised my parents and came from Ohio to GG's party!
I wish you could have seen her face when she first saw me.  She was so shocked...and HAPPY that they had come down for GG's party.  It was so nice being with them.~
~Aunt Carole (in the yellow) with her 2 girls Esther on the left and Jane on the right.~
~Natasha, me, and Laura helping serve.~
Part 2 of GG's party coming up soon. =)  I wish all of you Mothers a VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY tomorrow!   WHAT A HUGE PRIVILEGE we have to be called "Mommy!"  =)


Anonymous said...

Awwwwww.....What a beautiful party for a beautiful lady! I'm still sad I had to miss it!


Brittany said...

Beautiful party! You all did a fantastic job =) I really like the idea of the tea with the lemon ring. I'll have to do that sometime! I'm so happy for you that you got to be there :)
I hope you have a great Mother's Day, and I'm praying that your family gets well, and that you don't catch it! That would be no way to spend Mother's Day!

lila said...

Everything was lovely!!!! Your Moma always does a beautiful job!! So glad you girls could be there to help. The family pics are great. GG is so precious, I'm so glad we could celebrate such a big mile stone with her. Love you tons and hope all is well soon!!!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Flowers Family said...

So happy for you that you were able to surprise your family! The 90th birthday party looked lovely! I remember throwing a 75th for my grandmother many years ago. She will be celebrating her 3rd Mother's Day in Heaven and she is missed very much! What a treasure that you still have your grandmother here and that you were able to spend time with her :o)
So sorry that you are feeling bad! Our family just went through a 24 stomach bug last week and it was not fun..hope it is short-lived! Keeping you all in our prayers!

Daryl Hausman said...

So fun being with YOU during this whole fun day! Love ya. Everyone at CNC was all excited to hear about how the surprise all worked out!! So Fun! Love ya, Laura
P.S. Your one of the bestest Mommy's I know... Happy Mother's Day!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

What a beautiful 90th for your GG! Your mom made GG the center of all the elegance that was presented. In the picture of Osie, GG, and you-it seemed I could see Heide standing there in your place(look alikes!). GG looks so happy standing by her brother, Walter. That banana punch - the best! I liked the pictures of GG - WAY BACK WHEN - and NOW. It was fun that Jane flew in also - I really like that cousin's picture. I loved the story of Lila's absolute shock when she saw you.
Who does Martha belong to? I thought it was Aunt Carole. ??
Speaking of Aunt Carole-I was happy to see her in these pictures, as I rarely get to see her. I love her!
Which reminds me..."It never dawned on me, that GG had only three!" Ha!
What a priceless and beautiful picture of GG and her children. Love, Mom D
PS - It is wonderful that you were able to attend this celebration, and you look like a happy butterfly, flitting around in the center of all the activity. Smile.

Anonymous said...

So thankful you were able to be there for your Grandmother's Birthday!! Enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the pictures! Hope you all are feeling better!!


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