Monday, May 14, 2012

~My Mother's day...for the most part I was in my bed. =)~

I really appreciate y'all praying that this horrible flu that my family had wouldn't hit me. Unfortunately, it did hit me the Saturday before Mother's day.   This is the old fashion type flu that lasts for DAYS, makes one ache alllllll over, and makes one VERY weak!
~Here's a picture of little Mary telling you really how bad it is. =)  ~
~Here's a picture of 4 of our 5 kids wiped out in our room.  (Noah is under the covers to your right.)  I took this picture on Thursday, after I got back on Wednesday night.  
Please excuse the mess, I was trying to unpack from my trip to TN, plus wipe little noses, cook meals, make fresh juices so they wouldn't get dehydrated, etc.~
~I took this picture of little Mary...and as you can tell the smile is forced. =)  I was trying to show you her adorable little girly nightgown that I was HAPPY to find at Walmart, right before I went to the airport to come home.  She HATES pajamas with feet in them, so I was so happy to find a couple nightgowns for her to wear with leggins and a onesie.~
~Poor Little Elijah!~
~On Saturday when I got sick, poor Phillip who was still very sick...went out to pick up the Mother's day gifts for the church Mothers to help Jimmy and Farly.  (Please pray for them.  Although they are doing well,  they are going through some trials right now!)   I was sound asleep when he came back...but when I awoke, these pretty cheery Mother's day flowers were beside my bed with a sweet note from him and our kids.  =)~
~Here's the Mother's day gifts he picked up for the Mothers at church...pretty flowers and chocolates.  We were all too sick to go to church, so Pastor Jimmy came by and got the gifts.  Phillip came back upstairs and said, "I ache all over...even my eyeball sockets." ~
On Mother's day morning....I felt sooo miserable!  I was so weak I couldn't hardly lift a finger.  THAT'S WHEN IT DAWNED ON ME...that tomorrow...(TODAY!) is our sweet Elijah's birthday!  I am a planner...I normally know what kind of cake I'm going to make 2 weeks ahead of time, and have all of the gifts purchased.  But, when I got back from TN and took over Phillip's job of being nurse to my sick family...I lost track of time. I lay with NO strength to do anything for my sweet little boy's special day!  So, we told Elijah that his birthday was tomorrow (today), but that we wouldn't celebrate until we all got better.  When He heard me asking his Aunt Laura and Gram to "pray for his little heart,"  he asked me, "Who's heart...Mine?"  And I said, "Yes!"  To which he replied, "My heart's good, you don't need to pray for my heart!" =D
~On Mother's day afternoon, our doorbell rang.  Phillip went to the door and Pastor Jimmy's sister Judy and her family brought me 2 baskets of typical sweets/fruit, and some beautiful red roses for Mother's day! 
How sweet and thoughtful of them!~
~The beautiful red roses from Judy!~
~While in TN I splurged and got myself 2 new mini I consider that part of my Mother's day gifts.  =)~
~Like I said above, I was SO WEAK on Mother's day, but I knew that I needed to at least get dressed and come down to be with my family for Sunday dinner.  I asked Jesus to give me the strength, and got cleaned up and dressed.  I came downstairs, took this picture with Mary (she was the only one of my children that was sorta of presentable for a picture with me)...then I tried to eat Sunday dinner and couldn't eat much due to having the CHILLS!  I went and laid down on the couch so I could at least be with my family while they ate.  Noah came and covered me with 3 covers.   Finally I went upstairs and got into a warm nighty and got under lots of blankets.  But, at least I had been with my family and had gotten dressed for an half hour or so.  =)  ~
~With this flu we blow our noses every 2.3 seconds.  Every time we turn around it's time to empty the trash cans again.~
~I had a nice Mother's spite of being sick.  It was a nice Mother's day because I was with my wonderful sweetheart and our 5 precious bundles of Joy...which are draggin' a little this week! =)  ~
Part 2 of GG's birthday party coming up.  And once we get better we'll post pics of what we did to celebrate our little Elijah's birthday!  =)   (Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly came by and brought Elijah a nice birthday gift, and Phillip got him a small gift today when he picked us up some yummy Colombian soup, fresh juice, and lunch.)
Thank you for praying for Sis. Farly, she is better.  Please pray for poor Nataly, for she now has this flu for the 2nd time this month as well.   It's such a crazy flu and seems to last forever.
Thank you for your prayers that we can kick this flu and get back to church.  We hate missing church and love being with our DEAR Colombian brothers and sisters!!


Daryl Hausman said...

W.E.E.P! So sorry you are ill and VERY Ill at that! miss you and love you much, Laura and Family

RicKaren said...

So sorry you have all been sick! We had a very "sick" Mother's Day here too. =( I hope you are all good as new soon! I am enjoying the pics of your trip stateside and your GG's birthday, too!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Poor little Mary's picture at the bottom of this SAD post just about sums up all your family is going through! She looks so bleary and sick and yet, she is SO CUTE! It's so hard to be sick with the horrible flu. Dad and I read this post together and it made us SAD.
Thank you for showing us how you guys are feeling and managing during your time of the flu. We love you and are sorry everyone is sick. Love, Mom and Dad D

mmsbryan said...

You looked awfully pretty on Mother's Day being so sick. Your flowers were beautiful from your man. It made me sad that he had to get up out of bed and go shop for Mothr's Day flowers, it was so sweet of him to get you some. What a lovely gift to awaken from a rest and find by your bedside. How I wished that I could be there to comfort Baby Mary, she looks so ill. Glad that you found some night gowns for her and that our gift of the pink girlie Pj's with a skirt helped you figure out that it was the feet in her sleepers that bothered her. Just like her Great Grandma Bryan and Gramp, she can't stand hot feet. The leggins will keep her warm when she gets uncovered but will let her feet "breathe". I had to smile at Elijah's question and comment when you told him that Gram and Aunt Laura was praying for his heart!;-)
Hope this day brings improvement to evryone. How sweet of the people of your church to be showing their love for you at this time of sickness. Praying for you all, Love, Moma

knightfirstlady said...

Thinking of you in your illness! Praying you will ALL soon be better--and very quickly! Sharon Knight

Stephanie Burley said...

So sorry about the illness. Will be praying that God gives you extra strength this week!

Brittany said...

SO sorry you all got so sick! You're such a great Mommy to get dressed and be with your family when you're sick =) Those pics will just break your heart - you tell how bad those little ones feel. Praying you all make a FULL recovery soon!

lila said...

So sorry everyone is so ill, hoping and praying you will be well soon. Glad you had a good as could be Mother's Day considering all was sick. You do look awful nice. Love your outfit and the pic of you and your honey. love and prayers

Bryanna Shirk said...

So sorry for all your kids!! Praying that you guys and your Church will feel better and get over it!!
Miss you guys!!

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