Thursday, May 17, 2012

~Sunday and Monday in TN~

~I was so glad that Daryl and Laura and their family and my niece Katie from AK could stay over in TN and spend some extra time with me. In this picture Daryl is teaching Sunday school at the Friendsville Bible Methodist Church on the Sunday morning after GG's birthday party on Saturday. The Lord helped Daryl and he did a good job teaching.~
~I played for my 3 nieces L to R: Katie, Brittany, and Natasha to sing a beautiful trio for Sunday morning.  It was so pretty and Jesus' sweet presence was there too!~
~Brittany, Darla, and Natasha (Daryl and Laura's 3 girls) played a beautiful violin trio.~
~Bro. Hedstrom spoke that morning.  It was nice to hear him speak again.~
~All of us after service.~
~Aunt Carole is missionary president for their church, so she asked me to share for about 15 to 20 mins. on Sunday night.  The Lord helped me as I tried to share about Colombia and Argentina. ~
~After church Sunday evening we went back to GG's for a yummy snack.
L to R: My cousin Esther, Me, My cousin Jane, and my sister Laura.~
~Natasha and Katie take time for a "cousin-ly hug."  =) ~
~Brittany, Darla, and Alyssa outside listening to GG tell memories.  Brittany asked her how she and Granddaddy got together. ~
~Jane and GG.  Jane flew back to her family in Washington on Monday morning.~
~Monday morning found Laura and her Natasha, Brittany, Darla and Bryan, my niece Katie and I heading to the GREAT Smoky Mountains in Andrew's vehicle that Katie had with her in TN.~
~Stopping for a picture in front of the Smoky Mountains sign.
L to R: Me, Brittany, Katie, Darla and Bryan.~
~I'm telling ya...THIS IS GOD'S COUNTRY!!!  Wow!  I LOVE these mountains!~
~We drove the 11 mile loop where we normally see nearly 100 dear, and several bear.  This day we only saw 1 deer and these 2 turkeys!  ~
~Laura suggested that I get in the picture for my family's sake.  =) ~
~A Neat old church in Cade's Cove~
~Brittany suggested that we hike back to Abram's falls.  A 5 mile hike (2.5 miles in there and 2.5 miles back out!)  Here we are right before we started our hike.~
~Another group of people saw a BEAR on the trial, but PRAISE THE LORD we didn't!  I'd rather see a bear from the safety of a car.  =)  Heading out to get on the trial back to Abram's Falls. ~
~On the starting bridge.~
~Me on a neat log.~
~On one of the neat bridges made out of a log.~
Pics of the beautiful Abram's falls coming up! I have 21 more pics to share from my WONDERFUL trip to TN.~


Brittany said...

Aren't the smokies just beautiful?! That's one of our favorite places to go! We've also taken some cool pics in Cade's Cove - love the old churches =)

lila said...

We are enjoying living here in Southern Ohio, it is a lot like TN. We have haze sometimes here too. So glad you had a great time and got to be adventureous. We plan to spend 3 there in July, Lord willing. Love your post. Love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

Good Ole Rocky Top... loved it that we got to take that hike. One of my favorite things to do. It kills me, nearly, but I know it's good for me and nothing's better than exercise in the Smokey's to boot! Love ya, so much, Laura

Making Memories 1999 said...

Love the Smokies and Cades Cove as well! Beautiful countryside and great places to take pictures! Glad you were able to enjoy it with some family.

~Carla~ said...


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