Wednesday, April 11, 2012

~Our last few days with Gramp and Gram~

Jennifer...Thank you for your question on Moma's Fun Food Friday Choc. Chess Pie Post. She left you a comment below yours and then I CORRECTED the baking temp on that pie post as well. Thank you for catching that!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~On the Wednesday before Daddy and Moma left on Friday morning, we invited all 3 of our pastors and their wives over for a snack.  Bro. Alberto and Sis. Alba from Medellin made the girls and I some more adorable jean skirts, and our boys some neat new red and black shirts.  Here's my skirt they made me.  They didn't know it,  but I was wanting one in this style!~
~I love it and think that they did a great job.~
~Kimberly and Sis. Ilce helping me cut up the onions for our creamy tacos.~
~Moma and Sis. Alba (who made our jean skirts) working on our lettuce for our creamy tacos.  Sis. Farly helped me too, but I didn't think to get a picture, for I was trying to serve the food.~
~Elijah in his new red and black shirt...trying to HELP Sis. Ilce cut up the lettuce WITH HIS SAW. =)~
~Our Christian Nation Church from the USA called during their service and had our pastors give their testimonies over the phone and Phillip translated.  It was a precious time.~
~Bro. Jimmy awaiting his turn to give his testimony.  (We were packing some of our stuff in suitcases to send back with Daddy and Moma.)~
~Bro. Alberto and Sis. Alba made this adorable blouse and jean skirt for Mary.  She thinks she's pretty special when she's wearing it.  She made us laugh.  =D ~
~Everyone eating!~
~6 more people in the kitchen.~
~Bro. Rigoberto brought along his father.  It was special having him with us too.  After we ate we had a special time of sharing, passing out "roses", shedding some tears, thanking others for giving their lives to God, passing out some gifts, singing a chorus together, and praying.  It was a very dear time together.~
~Since we were busy sewing and spending time with Gram her NEXT TO LAST day here...We just made and served a simple lemon-lime jello cake with a strawberry on top for dessert.~
~But jello cake is Bro. Jimmy's he was happy.  =)  But, then he sat on the stairs to eat it and ended up having to share with Elijah and Mary.  (The black bag had been put down for one of our kids NOT for Bro. Jimmy. =)  We gave him a second piece since he had to share his 1st.~
~Mary trying to help us "clean up the floor" after company left. =)~
~Daddy and Phillip's breakfast before they left for their last day of classes.~
~There's nothing more delicious than Gram's Biscuits and gravy for breakfast.  =)~
~Our last super together.~
~Daddy and Moma as they were heading to the airport EARLY the next morning.   We surely enjoyed every minute they were here with us!  They were a BLESSING to us and to our people as well!  We Love you, Daddy and Moma/Gramp and Gram...Hurry Back!! =) ~


Daryl Hausman said...

Loved the pictures!!! I love Elijah's tongue sticking out as he is "helping" cut the lettuce!!! Do it ALL the time! =)
Mary is TOOO adorable in her lil' outfit!!!
And of course the rest of you are too!!! =)
Love you all,

Keith and Crystal said...

I've been enjoying your posts, Heather. You have a beautiful family and I'm so happy that you got to spend time with your parents.

You are a wonderful lady to look up to!



Los Bryan fueron de un gran bendición, aprendí mucho de ellos, que el señor les bendiga.

Jennifer Robertson said...

You are more than welcome Heather! I guess you might get a good laugh out of my little choc pie story. We had so much going on, on the Saturday before Easter. I fell in bed at 11:30 pm exhausted, deciding that I would get up early and make 2 chocolate chess pies to take to my mother's for Easter dinner. I made them, and put them in the oven at 225 degrees for 60 minutes, then turned it up to 250 for 15 more minutes. By then, it is time to be walking out the door for church. So I grabbed the pies, put them in the back of our van, and we headed to church. Needless to say, they were not set up at all, so they splish splashed all the way to church. I ended up putting them in the oven in our fellowship hall during worship service for 45 minutes at 300 degrees. I think they finally got done. :) They were good though!! I would like to try the recipe again, with the correct baking temperature.

I really enjoy reading your blog!! You have a beautiful family! You are an encouragement to me! I really enjoy seeing how you take a little something, and make something really neat out of it! You are very creative! May God bless you all!

Praying for you, Jennifer Robertson

The Dickinsons said...

Dear Jennifer,
Your Chess pie story had my stomach in knots! I'm SO SORRY that Moma accidentally put the wrong baking temp on there. You see, I had written down her recipe, but had forgotten to put the baking temp. So, with her not being home and her not having her recipes, she thought she remembered the baking temp right. I'm SORRY for all the stress we caused you! Glad they turned out OK! =)
Thank you for your super sweet words in your comment.

Crystal, Thank you for your super sweet words as well.
I LOVE getting all of you have made my WEEK! =)


mmsbryan said...

Ohhhhhh Jenifer, I was so sad to have been the cause of your pie diaster! Sorry, but relieved when I read on that you had been able to fix them. Love, Martha or better known to this blogging family as "Heather's Moma." ;-)

mmsbryan said...

The last few days with you were special as were they all. That was a special evening as well, sharing dinner with the pastors and wives.
Elijah is just too cute bringing his little saw to help and that tongue sticking out to show his intent and devotion to the project. Ohhhhh Mary is so like her Mommy, that self consious look on her face as she was modeling her outfit takes me back years with my "little Heather." The whole family worked together to make our stay special and we so enjoyed it. (W-e-l-l it would have been nice if Elijah would have napped) ;-) It seems so long ago that we left you and miss everyone so much. Love, Moma

lila said...

That is so neat you was able to get together the pastor's and wives for a lovely dinner before your parents left. So glad your parents was able to come and that you had a super nice time. LOve all the pics. love you tons

~Regina~ said...

Enjoyed reading your posts about the visit from your parents. Love your new skirt and Mary's outfit is darling! Love the picture of her 'cleaning up', :) Your friends do an AMAZING job with their sewing!!!!

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