Monday, April 16, 2012

~Miracle Monday~

Not too long ago Phillip mentioned that occasionally on a Monday...I should post some of the neat things that God has done for our family, like answers to prayer, etc.  
Our Sarah piped up and said, "Yes, and we could call it 'Miracle Monday'!"   =)
Due to some "motherly" advice back when we were engaged, I started keeping a journal of things that God had done specifically for Phillip and I.  That way on those DARK DAYS...we could go back and see just what a wonderful God we serve!  However, due to our being missionaries, most of those prayer journals from our early years are back in the USA, and our kids can't read them right now.
So...My posting these would remind Phillip and I of the FAITHFULNESS of our God...and it could be that some of the things I write, we may have forgotten to tell our children.   Our God is so awesome...that one could talk all day...and still not remember ALL He's done for us! 
I hope that these post encourage y'all as well! 
So, here goes...Miracle Monday! =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I well remember when I was a freshman in college at God's Bible School.  Life as you know in college stays busy with studies, practicing music 2 hours a day, working, keeping up with laundry, etc.  I think we were also in winter revival.  Whatever the reason, this night, I only had time to read half of my chapter that I was to read in the Bible for that day!   (I was reading my way through the Bible with one of my Daddy's Bible Reading charts.)  
The next day I had received the scary news that my DEAR sister Laura, who was expecting her first baby, was in the hospital with a kidney stone and had developed a blood clot in her leg!  I can't tell you how I PRAYED that God would intervene for my sister and their unborn Natasha!  I felt so helpless and SO FAR AWAY from New York, where my sister was in the hospital!  I had been asking Jesus all day to PLEASE heal my sister and help her.  When I got back to my room that night after revival (I had PRAYED SILENTLY all during service, probably not hearing much of what was going on around me) I went to God's Word for something to encourage my heart concerning Laura and their baby! 
Remembering that I had just read the first half of the chapter the night before...I started toward that book of the Bible...then thought, "Maybe I should just read a Psalm...for WHAT will I find that's encouraging in the book of Jeremiah?"  But, for some reason I decided to go to Jeremiah first...and WOULDN'T YOU KNOW, my first verse I was too read...was Jeremiah 32:27
~"Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all Flesh, 
Needless to say, I claimed that verse for my sister and their baby!!
Later, I was THRILLED to learn that right at the SAME TIME that God gave me that verse in my college dorm room in Cinci, OH, God touched Laura in New York, and she and baby were fine!
 ~Here's a picture of our boys in their nice new red and black shirts that Bro. Alberto and Sis. Alba from Medellin made them.~
 ~My sweetheart and I!  My sweet sister just sent me this fun beige blouse/jacket-type.  You can't see much detail, but it has neat black stitching on it, and is really cute.  So, I wanted her to see me wearing and enjoying it! Thank you, Laura!~
If YOU have an answer to prayer that you want to share in my comments...please DO!! 
Answers to prayer encourage all of us! =)


Shel Bel said...

Heather...just wanted to let you know that i enjoy reading your blog....i know that life easn't easy as a missionary but you never complain...and you make doing God's always look the right thing to do....thanks again

shelley hatfield

Daryl Hausman said...

We still serve that same Miracle Working God! Thanks for praying for me, and "baby Natasha" (who is far from that size now!!!) when I was way too ill to pray for myself. I well remember when that Kidney stone passed... still had to remain in the hospital for a week more, but thanks to you and I Can't forget Moma's friend Marge Harris for paying for Moma to call me... or I may not have known to ask about my symptoms of a blood clot. God is faithful and I praise Him for keeping us safe and leading our lives of the years. I would choose NO OTHER WAY than serving Jesus with my whole heart! I love you so much, Laura and family

Charity said...

I love the idea of Miracle Mondays! Wonderful idea! And your little boys look just like Spanish bullfighters (ok, their pants are looser ;o), but too cute!!! Love reading your blogs! You encourage me!

lila said...

What a miracle working God we serve. What a priviledge to serve Him!! I'm with Laura, I wouldn't want to live any other way!! He is such a prayer answering God!!!! A little over a yr. ago we found out that Jim is diebetic. I didn't know how we was going to afford the supply's he needed. After prayers and tears, God has supplied it all. We haven't spent one penny, people we know had a lot of extra supplies and passed them to us. Praise His name!!! He hasn't even been to the Dr.
and is doing great!

laurie said...

I enjoy reading your posts and am encouraged again and again as I see what God is doing for your family and the people you come in contact with. Thanks for sharing! I love the outfits the one couple has made for your children!

mmsbryan said...

I remember the day you shared with me this scripture and answer to prayer now over 18 years ago. I was thrilled that God was not only with my brown haired daughter in New York but with the blond one in Cincinnati. It was a comfort to this Moma heart who rejoiced in South Dakota that God cared enough to hear and answer both our girls. Someone has said that if you want to touch someone, touch their children and again when I could not"be there" with those I love, God was! I thank Him. Love, Moma

~Carla~ said...

What a GREAT idea! I love it! Thanks for sharing. ~Carla~

Steve~N~Angela said...

What an awesome name for such a fitting thing to share!!!

Praying for you all, and love you all so much!! We BELIEVE in the power of prayer as well :) With having this health stuff going on, Jesus has blessed me with an opportunity that I never took advantage of before ( for I am sure it has always been there) to pray for others in the wee hours of the night/morning.
I usually think of your family consistently around 2am phx time. Have no idea why that specific time, God's calendar filled that part in for me!

So many answers to prayer, one to share would be, Gods faithfulness in supplying our need with medications and office visit fee's to my specialist.( we are self pay)
God is never late, He knows when He wants me to go, and when He does, the money is there!!

( ok one more)

Kaity has been praying for a pair of boots, and we were given a bunch of clothes to go through from a friend, and wouldn't ya know!!!
Yes in those clothes, were Kaity's boots :)

God is so good!!!

God Bless, Angela

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