Thursday, April 19, 2012

~My poem about...IHC & ME!~

~Kimberly snapped this picture of me watching IHC on Wednesday morning this year.  The rest of my family was around me in our room.~
~Mary "Singing" along with IHC.~
~IHC & Me~
Before I can even remember I went to IHC. 
That's when we became "Best Friends"...~IHC and ME!~
My excitement would build as we grew closer to Dayton
I'd try to spot the buildings close to where my IHC was waitin'! =)

My Daddy didn't make much $ back then you see,
So, my brothers gave their lawn $ so we could go to IHC.
Moma brought all our own food and we ate in our hotel
It was delicious food...crock pot meals with a yummy smell!

Each year I'd arrive with my 2 braids, new bloomers, and shiny shoes
I would come in carrying my dolly...I was "big news". ;-)
I always LOVED going to children's church--WHAT FUN!
The best songs, stories, and teachers under the sun!

I would have rather gone to IHC than have Christmas each year.
I'd rather experience IHC than receive gifts so Dear!
 Through the year I'd plan my IHC wardrobe months before... =)
Then help pack--I couldn't WAIT to go out the door!

Getting to be with my dear family and friends...OH! What Bliss!
 IHC... the 3 BEST days of each year...I NEVER wanted to MISS!
I later came with Phillip my fiance' to IHC
And my parents announced our wedding in the Dayton Daily! =)

Later God called us to pastor out in the West!
But we got to go to IHC 2 out of 5 years...I was Blest!
Then God called us to spread His Word on the mission field.
HOW WOULD I LIVE WITHOUT MY IHC?...But my heart to God did yield!

It has been 4 years since we've been to IHC
But due to "live streaming" we still "Attend" from Colombia you see!
We still dress up, make food, and gather our family around...
To watch each IHC service--ENJOYING each and every sound!

Our family feels so BLESSED to get to hear and "BE"
With our Beloved family and friends worshiping at IHC!
We sing the songs, and worship and cry as a family!
Lord willing, we'll be in Dayton 2013 and we are H.A.P.P.Y.!!  =)
                                     ~written by Heather...during IHC 2012~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~In between IHC services we run downstairs and cook up a quick meal or snack and bring it back up to our room to see the next IHC service.  Here's Elijah yesterday with his monkey and our little snack of baked potatoes, a special baked pot. topping, and my homemade pumpkin bread.~
~Here's Elijah and Mary eating...with the white chair as their "table". =)~
The Lord is giving us a wonderful IHC 2012...our family can't wait till next year!


Linda S said...

I too am thankful for live streaming. Have combined IHC and watching Addison for Christa so she can be in Idaho for her friend's wedding. My girls love remembering IHC and all the cousins. A little heaven on earth.

mmsbryan said...

Loved your poem and your post. Your poem leaves about nothing out from your IHC days unless the time when you slammed the hotel room door on Esther's finger and broke it! Maybe there was no way to make that rhyme. :-)
I love those little boys in their new rainboots. Tell Elijah that Gram says that he must be careful where he walks or Mommy will throw those away also. :-0 When I told of all the things that your master bedroom was to your family I forgot to add that it could also the "bleachers" for IHC. I Love you all, Moma

PS Daddy just reminded me that it was one month ago today that we were flying to be with you. Happy memories. but that means that it will be just 11 months before we can see you again. I love the "hellos" but the Goodbyes get harder and harder.

lila said...

We really enjoyed what we got to see of IHC. I almost cried when it ended last night. What a time we will have in heaven!!!! Love your poem. The boys are so cute, great pic of them. Will also be counting the months til you come home. Love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

Sweet poem, Heather. I can't even begin to tell you how NOT FUN IHC is without YOU there! Missed you something awful. But it was fun to get to call you each night on our way home and catch up on all we saw and who said, "Hi" etc. Love ya, Laura

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