Sunday, April 1, 2012

~Pictures from Daddy and Moma's FIRST Lord's day with us!~

Well, I know that I'm running about a week behind posting pics...but life stays busy with our men teaching classes, us getting up EARLY to prepare their breakfast, us making part of TODAY'S Lord's day dinner to feed those who were in class this afternoon (pics from today coming soon), preparing a snack for our men each evening after the classes, not to mention keeping up with normal life and my sweet children. =)
~Here's a fun picture of our 5 with Gramp and Gram as we were heading out the door to church. (Note Elijah's up-side-down "Monkey-friend" Curious George in his hand. =)
The girls jackets and Sarah's red hat were Christmas from Gramp and Gram.~
~Phillip and I with Gramp and Gram.~
~Gram with Sarah and her friend Gaby~
~Daddy and Moma singing during the hymns with all of us up front in the background.  It's fun to see Daddy and Moma reading along and singing the Spanish hymns with us.~
~The Lord really helped Daddy preach and Phillip interpret.  Daddy spoke...warning us that we have an enemy of our souls.  But, that he is limited, he cannot be everywhere at all times, and he can only do to the Christian what God allows him to do.  He told us that we have a "Elder Brother" who is MUCH MORE POWERFUL and we can run to HIM to help protect our souls.  It was a good message.~
~Our family and Gramp and Gram.~
~Daddy and Moma in front of a fun bush with pretty yellow flowers.~
~Sunday evening we invited Bro. Jimmy, Sis. Farly and their girls, and their parents Bro. Jaime and Sis. Sofia over for a snack.~
~The men had a fun time visiting.~
~As did we ladies. =)
~The whole group of us.~
~They seemed to enjoy my French Bread snack (with bacon, tomato and cheese), homemade strawberry lemonade, a fresh salad, and Moma's apple pies and ice cream!~
Thank you for your continued prayers for the pastoral classes. God is helping!


Daryl Hausman said...

Loved your post... we like your skirt "Berly" on Sunday! Glad your having fun with Gram and Gramp, glad for the sweet presence of the Lord in your services and classes, we are praying, MUCH!!! Now I've gotta run and make hay while the sun shines... Love you all 9!
Laura and family

Daryl Hausman said...

From Moma's smile, looks like someone must have said her favorite "Word" for both Daddy and Moma are smiling for the pretty pic in front of the flowering bush!=) I'll not say the word, Moma... don't worry... smile anyway!
love, Laura


Muy bonitoooo..:::.

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Your Sunday outfit is SO pretty, Heather. That skirt and scarf is beautiful! The girls look so cute in their matching coats. (And there are REAL Calla Lillies growing in that first picture!) It seems unreal to actually see your parents sitting in your church service where the back of your mother's hair looks so pretty. These pictures are awesome because we can see all of you in the country of Colombia. And those apple pies!...They are absolutely beautiful. How nice that your mother made those wonderful treats for your Colombian frinde

lila said...

Glad the classes are touching hearts. Your Daddy is a great Bible teacher. So happy you are having a precious time with your parents. Can't wait til we can visit them in the near future. Love all the pics. love and prayers

~Carla~ said...

What a great post! Thanks for taking the time to update us all! Hugs, Carla

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