Sunday, April 8, 2012


Dear Lil' Elijah has been sick all weekend, and struggling to breathe.  =(  So, I was wondering how I could give him some Easter treats...but didn't want to leave him out.  Since he was so sick last night he slept on the couch in our room.   I got up early to put the goody baskets together, and he was WIDE AWAKE...and came down to "HELP ME".  It's not often that my kids help me put together their Easter baskets, but this morning I let him.  He's been asking for days how soon Easter would come!  So this morning he pulled back the curtain and looked outside and told me that he hoped "Easter" would come soon.  =D
I told him that Easter HAD COME.  That we celebrate Easter...because JESUS ROSE FROM THE GRAVE!  =)
~Here is helping me put together their goodie baskets.~
~My Moma bought a few things of candy for the kids, the WOW sent some candy which I saved for their baskets (Thank you again, Ladies), and our dear friends the Kennedys surprised us with lots of yummy goodies too!
(Mary received her little Duck for her birthday but I needed something to help make her side of the basket not look so EMPTY...for I wasn't about to give tons of candy to her, knowing her little body couldn't handle much. =)~
 ~Here's the goodies that the Kennedys sent to us with a friend who was coming to Bogota.  A sweet card, Skyline chili packets, Sloppy Joe mix, Ranch dressing mix, taco mix, Koolaid, a big bag of Sweet-tarts and Sprees, fun gum, fun M&Ms, and Skittles!  THANK YOU, Kennedys!~
 ~Jesus rising from the dead is something to celebrate!  What a Savior we have!~

~Heading to church.  Kimberly made yummy cocoa crinkle cookies to pass out at church.  It was pretty chilly so the 3 younger kids had to have coats.~
~4 of our children once we got to church.~
~Mary's sweet dress is a gift from a friend in the Chinese church in Argentina and Gram made her bloomers.~
~The Lord helped Bro. Jimmy as he preached.~
~Kimberly and Sarah taught Sunday school.  They taught on Jesus resurrection.~
~Here they were singing The Wiggle worm song.  They shared some of their big bag of Sweet tarts and Sprees with the children in their class.~
~Bro. Jimmy and his family singing a neat special song.~
~Phillip talking before having communion.~
~Natalie, Kimberly and I playing Amazing Grace.~
~A pic from the front of the church.~
~Joanna and her Heather Sofia, Me and my Mary, Judy and her Stephanie.~
~Kimberly and Sarah made up this craft.  Each child got to make a tomb.  Kimberly and Sarah pre-stamped the outside of the tomb with brown and green to make it look a hill.  It's hard to tell but in this picture there are 2 tombs.  The one on your left has the stone and Jesus standing beside it.  The tomb on the right is the side of the tomb with a tree on it.  Their craft was really cute and everyone really liked it.~
~Lil' Mary.~
~Our family.  (Not sure what Noah is doing with his hands...but I think he must have thought that the camera was done taking our picture. =)~
~My sweetheart and I
(It was windy while we were taking these pics.  I thought it was going to rain, but it stayed sunny all day.  YEA!  I think that Easter should be bright and SUNNY.  =)~
~Mary and her basket (she was asleep when the other kids saw their baskets in the morning.)  She shared a basket with Kimberly.  I gave her some candy but not tons.  But, she is making up for her lack of candy by going around a finding the other kids' candy laying around and snitching some. =)~
~Our table setting.  I had fun using yellow rick rack to tie the napkin and silverware.  We used plastic eggs with a little tag (the end tucked inside) for our place cards.~
~Our fun daisy, golden rod, and limes centerpiece...with a touch of yellow rick rack too.~
~The Kennedys sent our kids a RARE treat...some packs of Koolaid.  So we enjoyed some today at dinner.~
~Us right before eating Easter dinner.  I just made a simple meal...~
then Mary and I took a LONG DELIGHTFUL nap.  =)
~After we got up we ate my coconut cake...with little "nests" and jelly beans on top.~

~Then after dessert we did "Resurrection Eggs."  Each egg had a paper saying something that had to do with Jesus' crucifixion.  We would pass the basket around and each one of us would take an egg out and whatever their paper said we would talk about what that represented.  The nail, the tomb, the cross, the vinegar, etc.
(We tasted the vinegar...and it made our hearts SAD...knowing that that is what was offered to Jesus to drink ...when He was SO THIRSTY).~
We had a beautiful Resurrection Lord's day and hope that you and your family did the same!


Sherry L Dickinson said...

There are SO MANY very cute pictures in this post! And there are SO MANY cute people in these posts! Cute people & things: Noah's "sleepy" face, Elijah helping with baskets, Elijah's smile before church, Sarah's two braids, Mary's new dress & bloomers, adorable baby Mary, cute Kimberly & Sarah teaching young children, the Resurrection craft, Kimberly's CUTE skirt, Mary SO happy 'snitching' candy, Mary asleep, cute white Easter cake, and just about every single picture was such fun to look at and inspect. What a sweet post for Easter Sunday! Love, Mom D

Daryl Hausman said...

Everyone looks so sweet in their Easter outfits! Glad you all had a happy Easter!
Love ya,

~Carla~ said...

What a wonderful Easter! I can't help it, lil Mary makes me laugh. Love her "smiles"! ~Carla~

mmsbryan said...

So glad that your day was special. Again the Wesley McBryants included us in their family dinner and celebration, so our day was special. We love visiting in their home and with their family. Was glad to see that Mary's little bloomers fit. It has been awhile since I have made six pairs of those, but remember well that each spring I had to make three new pair for first one little girl that had outgrown hers and then two, one with brown braids and the other with blond ones. :-) Love, Moma

Daryl Hausman said...

Loved your posts... I only had time to read, didn't have time to respond til now... it was fun "seeing your Resurrection celebration". Glad for your little helper! Sad he was sooo ill! Your other little helper is fast taking over the "Cheesy" grins of her older brother, huh?! Bryan took one look at her with all of her smiles Kimberly was holding her and said, 'She is loved!'=) I gave him a squeeze and told him he was too!
Love ya'll and miss you too,
Laura and family

lila said...

Very nice post, so glad you had a nice Easter. Love all the pics. The shirt your hubby has on is the color Lori's men wore this yr. We had our Easter celebration on Sat. since we stay at the church all day on Sunday. Mary's dress and bloomers are so cute. She is a dolly. love and prayers

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
This time Jubilee and I enjoyed your blog together! She wanted to look at pictures, so I said "we should look at the pictures on Hearhers blog!" oh, and even Karis said, "awww & ohhhh" when she saw the pictures. Thanks for posting, so we can enjoy your creativity! Glad everything went well and beutiful! All your children are so beautiful inside and out! Love and Prayers, Hannah Klunder

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