Tuesday, April 3, 2012

~A Kaliediscope of pictures~

Buckle your seat belts...we are in for quite a ride...with lots of photos of our busy days with Daddy and Moma. =)
~Gramp and Gram wanted to take our family to McDonalds for supper...and it was a fun treat! =)~
~Sarah, Noah, Elijah and Mary basically had the playground to themselves.  =)  (We threw Kimberly in for the picture...she's not much for sliding down the slide anymore. =)~
~Us in front of McDs.~
~Then we went into the mall near there to see if we could find some shoes for our children's ever-growing feet. =)  Gramp paid for Sarah and Mary to ride this and...~
~For Noah and Elijah to ride this.~
~Then we went into "Payless" (Colombians call Payless... "the store of the SHOE BOXES"...for in their shoes stores here all the boxes are kept in the back.  =)
Payless was having great sales!   We thank the Lord for giving us good deals on some shoes for Mary and Sarah!  Gramp kept lil' Mary entertained in her stroller while we finished shopping for Sarah.  Mary is sporting her new little brown boots...which were on sale.~
~Then we all went grocery shopping.  Here's little Mary in the little groc. basket on wheels.  In this store Jesus helped us to find NEW leather dressy shoes for Elijah (he had NONE) for around $4.50!!! YEA!~
~Our 2 precious "babies" who keep our lives full of JOY!~
~Then the next night we went to a house service in the home of Edgar and Joanna.  There were about 27 of us there if I remember correctly. ~
~It was a good service and God's presence settled down among us.~
~Phillip and Mary and Pastor Jimmy and his Mom during the singing.~
~Phillip gave a devotional challenge to all of us. (Kimberly sat beside Gramp and I sat beside Gram so we could translate for them.)~
~Dear Joanna, Edgar and adorable Heather Sofia.  Thank you for your prayers for this precious family.~
~Bro. Jimmy's uncle and aunt brought their girls and our Sarah home, so that Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly could bring us home.  Bro. Jimmy's parents brought Kimberly and Gramp and Gram home.~
~The next day we walked the nearly 2 miles over to Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly's house for Gaby's birthday supper.  They had enjoyed Moma's apple pies so much that we brought some for Gaby's birthday.
So, Moma and I made 2 more apple pies.  Here's Daddy and Moma carrying them over to Gaby's house.~
~Sis. Farly and her Mother-in-law Sis. Sofia served us a DELICIOUS meal!~
~Gaby opening up her gifts from us and "Gramp and Gram." =)~
~We had such a special evening together that we teased Gaby that she needed to have a birthday at least once a month.  =)~
~Gaby, Sarah, and Elijah watching Gaby's birthday candle burn.~
~Kimberly and Natali playing Amazing Grace on the violin and on the guitar.  It was very pretty.
Please keep these 2 special young ladies in your prayers.~
~The next night was church and the Lord helped Daddy to preach and Phillip to translate.~
We are keeping poor Daddy and Moma very busy.  Moma borrowed Phillip's little pedometer that keeps track of how far one walks and at the end of the day today...she (we) had walked nearly 7 1/2 miles!  =)  Poor lady...I'm afraid she'll sleep for a solid month when she gets back to the USA.  =D
Besides keeping up with the normal duties and the class schedule, we are busy sewing bloomers for Sarah and Mary, shopping for souvenirs, and trying to enjoy EVERY MINUTE together!
Thank you for your continued prayers for the pastoral classes.  God is really helping.  One pastor told us tonight that he has been edified, instructed and has been moved to tears through Daddy's classes.  All glory be to God!


Gayle said...

Glad you all are having a Great time!! Can't wait to hear Phillip and the Pastors tonight ! Love you All!!

Anonymous said...

Loved this post, Heather. Sorry for all the miles you've walked, you'll be skinny Minnie,Moma, when you get back! Lots of love and we are praying MUCH for your time that's quickly slipping away there! love ya,

Kelly S said...

Dear Heather, I am so glad you are having such a nice time with your parents!! How wonderful of God to allow them to make this trip so they could bless your family! Tell your mom I LOVED her post!! She's a natural! Tell her she needs to consider starting her own blog. She could give us ladies lots of hosting & home etiquette tips and little encouraging devotionals, etc. I would love to learn from her as I have from you. :-)

Brittany said...

I've enjoyed your pictures, Heather - you are so good at keeping everybody updated =) Now, I want to go try out that chess pie! Yummo!!

Charity said...

Really enjoying the pics of you all spending time with your mom and dad! What a special time for you both and the kids. Grandparents are the best!! Soak up every moment!

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