Monday, April 23, 2012

~Miracle Monday...Elijah~

A Happy Monday to you!  I know the world calls Mondays "Blue Monday" and I understand the overwhelming feeling of waking up to a bunch of laundry from the weekend, school work for the kids, meals to make, all that is facing us that week, etc.  But EVERYDAY is the day that the Lord has made and we are to rejoice in them! =)
This morning I woke up not feeling the best (due to my cold which you will read about below) but I chose to PRAISE THE LORD and depend on Him.  He's given me a great day.  I have the 5th or 6th load of laundry in my washer right now.  YEA!  (My problem is that I have no dryer, and it's pouring rain outside and now I've run out of lines to hang up my wet clothes.  =)
Several of us have a terrible cold right now.   You know what happens when Elijah gets a cold...(ever since we lived in that apt. with mold) it goes straight into asthma, and he struggles to breathe, his lips turn blue, it's heart wrenching, we give him everything in the book to drink, oils to breathe, etc., and we always PLEAD the blood that God will help him.
Yesterday was another one of those horrible days.  He grew from BAD to WORSE and Phillip grew VERY concerned!  He prayed all afternoon for him, (while I was trying to rest/take care of Mary) and finally Phillip came into our room and told me that Elijah was very bad off and that he wasn't for sure what he should do.  (Phillip is the Doctor in our family!)  After several breathing treatments Elijah wasn't getting any better! 
He then wrote and asked our 2 pastors in the USA to please PRAY FOR ELIJAH!
Shortly after he sent that email off, Elijah came up to our room, and God had touched him and he had turned a corner.  He still has a cold, which could go back into asthma, but we are trying to take good care of him.
I'm sure he has more trouble with asthma due to the carpet in our home here (it was here when we moved in so...who knows what all is in it, though we've had it cleaned and try to vacuum often!).
When he gets sick...His asthma gets worse and he gets more short of breath due to Bogota being a HIGH Altitude! (nearly 9,000 feet above sea level!)
Elijah said to me today, "I think I'm missing a part of me!"  (I think he thought that since he's always sick...there must be a part missing...Like a puzzle part comes up missing. =)
That made me smile (though it nearly broke my heart at the same time!)   I assured him that he wasn't missing any parts and that God has a special plan for his little life!
We thank the Lord for loaning us little Elijah and for continually taking care of him!
~Noah invited his little neighbor friend Nicolas to church and we were SO HAPPY that he came with us yesterday.  Here are the kids before we loaded into the taxi and headed to church.~
 ~Elijah, Noah, and Nicolas at church.  Nicolas really liked church and told Noah to tell his Mommy that he wants to go to church every Sunday with us.  =)  Please pray for Nicolas and his Mommy.  Thank you!~


Daryl Hausman said...

Aw, that about made me cry, Elijah thinkin he's missin something inside of him! Too cute lil' wee one... Last night when I got the message to pray I was pleading the blood of Jesus along with you and trying NOT TO REMEMBER that sad little face telling me that he wanted to stay with A. Laura when you all were in the van heading back to Colombia... that was before all of that mold hit ya'll... how sad it makes my heart... but we serve a GREAT BIG WONDERFUL GOD that watches over every one of us... and how glad we are for His special miracle touch on wee Elijah today! Praising Jesus here in the US! A. Laura... you better give him a BIG squeeze for me, okay?! Please?! Thanks!

Linda S said...

God bless little Elijah. Recently Steven, Martha's oldest, was visiting me and had a "small" asthma attack. Scared this grandmother so I can't imagine what you all must feel during these times. When I see pictures of Noah I think of Susan's Colton. Christa and Addison are here visiting now. We are going to GG's tomorrow.

~Carla~ said...

Oh dear Heather, it just makes my heart ache when I know you or your lil guy aren't feeling well. So thankful the Lord is with you and gives you strength and grace for your days. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs to you today. Love, Carla

lila said...

Thank the Lord for answering prayer for sweet, cute Elijah! Praying you all will be well soon. The children are so cute all ready for SS. Noah's friend is a cute little guy. Please tell everyone hello for us. love you all tons

Making Memories 1999 said...

Hope you all get to feel well REAL soon. So glad that Elijah is doing better! Blessings!

Steve~N~Angela said...

Oh Heather,
Praise the Lord for always helping in our time of need.
This post brought tears to my eyes, yet to filter life through Jesus and His Word brings the hope and peace that ALL IS WELL( even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment )
Once again around 1:00am, the Lord brought your family to my heart. I started to say things like " I can not imagine living that far from home going through normal life stuff, being in a foreign land with no comforts of "home" ( was just comparing a normal busy life, plus adding ministry can sometimes seem overwhelming) The Holy Spirit stopped me and reminded me that NOWHERE in this world is supposed to be our "home" and that Jesus is EVERYWHERE all at the same time, and as you reminded me not to long ago, knows the number of hairs on our head.
So thankful to read how GOD answered prayer, and no doubt HE WILL heal this sickness from you all.
Love and prayers to your precious family.

Angie( and family)

mmsbryan said...

Our little Elijah has a way of getting inside ones heart and how it aches when he is ill. I was so thankful that he did not have an attack while we were there, I guess that could be selfish. You tell that little man that Gram said that God made him so special and we can't wait to see what God is going to do with his life. How wonderful that Jesus cares and can heal in His Plan and that He touched him again. The kids were darling as they were on their way to SS. I think Mary in that picture is wondering what she is going to do with another big brother and where you will put him in those little taxis! ;-) Love, Moma

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