Wednesday, April 25, 2012

~Some "Eye Candy" for me to enjoy =)~

~Sometime ago my sweet sister Laura sent me 2 wall stickers.  One I hung in our living room, and the other one I was going to take to Argentina.  Then, before we went to Argentina...we realized we'd be renting a furnished house and for not very many months, so I left the other sticker here.  When we came back to Colombia I decided that I wanted to enjoy that sticker and so we hung it up below our family picture in our room.  Our family picture was a tad old...for it was this family picture with my "Baby bump" when I was expecting Mary it was time to change pics. ~
~When Moma was here she took this new one of us dressed in aquas and browns to match our bedroom colors.
I'm happy every time I look above our bed and see my ENCOURAGING wall sticker from Laura which says:
“With God all things are Possible”
and our new family picture!~
Like you know, I REALLY enjoy receiving my Better Homes and Gardens magazine!!! The girls or I always look through each new magazine first and rip out or draw "clothes" using a permanent marker...on some of the advertisements that lack clothing (so the men in our family can enjoy the magazine too! =).
Our BHG magazines get looked at L.O.T.S. until they are dog-eared. =) For it's something from back home, it's in English, and it's fun to see what ideas one can use out of that magazine with what you already have in your home. =)  So saying, I told my family that I wished my bookshelves in our master bedroom could look like some in BHG...but they commented, "Yea, but those only have 2 books and 3 vases on them!"  =)
You have to understand that our "Master Bedroom" also serves as: Mary's nursery, family room, the main bookshelves in our home holding the kid's keepsake books, Phillip's office (although most of his books are still packed in boxes from the moldy apt.), my scrapbooking/sewing area/craft, Noah's school room, our computer room, etc.
So, I decided that though I don't have only "2 books and 3 vases" I could arrange our shelves to be more pleasing to my eye.  =)
~So saying...Here's a picture of my scrapbook shelf.  On the right I used 2 pieces of heavy cardboard and some scrapbook paper to make some "books" in which to hide one of my many stacks of scrapbooking paper, and my extra Creative Memory S.Book pages. =) ~
 ~And I had fun making little tags for the mason jar holding my S. booking scissors, and the container holding my scrapbooking pens. =)~
 ~Here's the top 3 shelves of that particular book shelf.~
I organized the other bookshelves in our room too and I'm happy!
~I really like Phillip's Argentina MATE cup and straw beside his 2 antique "John Wesley's sermons" books (in Spanish) on this bookshelf. =) ~
 Organizing is FUN and very rewarding!  =)  What have you been organizing?


Stephanie Burley said...

Lookin' good!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy visiting your blog. Your ideas for decorating and cooking are always extremely neat. Your encouraging attitude is a blessing.
May God continue to bless you in your work and touch your family with His healing.

mmsbryan said...

If I did not know better I would have thought that I was seeing a picture out of Better Homes and Gardens!!! So glad that your magazines are coming through. I phoned the BH&G office and thanked them for their efforts. When I told them of your blog post picturing their magazine announcing its arrival, they said "oh, she is advertising for us." Your shelves look lovely, I have plans to do the same in my sewing room . . . if I can ever stay home. ;-) Love, Moma

Making Memories 1999 said...

I love your creativity and resourcefulness! Blessings!

~Carla~ said...

Oh you are so amazing! I love the family pic and your bookshelves! How creative! Thanks for always sharing your neat ideas! Praying you all are feeling better! Hugs, Carla

Rob and Deanna said...

Looks so Pretty and homey! Love the idea of cardboard "books" to hide things. I have the same problem. I can't "waste" space by having a "magazine" perfect bookshelf with 2-3 items on a 2-3 foot space!!! ;-)

Rob and Deanna said...

Can't take TWO minutes to type a comment. As I was finishing my sentence above, I hear "Glub-glub" sound of water tha I was pretty sure was some twin playing in the toilet. Sure enough, I found Ruarc walking out with a toy barrel that he had filled with water from the toilet. Probably getting ready to DRINk it. Unfortunately the last kid did not flush his #1 deposit!! YUCK

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I love seeing your two sweet boys under the umbrella at the top of your blog.
Heather, your mom makes me laugh so often...her comment, "if I can ever stay home", about made me drop to the floor with laughter. Poor lady!
I love what you did for your shelves. I think my shelves could almost look like yours IF I could get them cleaned off and dusted! IF being the key word here!
Love, Mom D

mmsbryan said...

Ohhhh Deanna . . . and to think I wanted twins with every baby! What is it about twins that love the toilet? Our twin Grandsons in Alaska kept their Daddy at whits- end paying plumbing bills because their favorite thing was to climb in and then get out and flush their match box cars, Vonnie could never seem to catch them in time. Oh well, they sure are cute and lots of fun I am sure. Thanks for warning Heather - for I've a feeling that her "next" two are going to be twins! I also have a feeling that you will never see this comment for she will delete it as soon as she does. ;-0 I dooooo love my little girl, and it could't happen to a better person! Heather's Moma

Rob and Deanna said...

:-) @Mama Bryan I am sure Heather is thrilled with your "desires" for her to have more children and have them come 2-by-2!!! ;-) Twins are Darling and SO MUCH FUn, but sure do keep this Family HOPPIN' keeping up with them. We CAN'T forget to shut a door or we will have a MESS!

Daryl Hausman said...

way to go... you make me proud to be your sister! love you... Laura
P.S. Maybe if Moma's "multiple" wish comes true I'll get to see you sooner than later!=) Hee! But I'm NOT going to take the blame for prayin that way! (well, maybe not!=)

Beth said...

Oh, I think I agree with Laura if you have twins we would get to see you sooner:-)
And Deanna that is too funny about the twins!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
I love your shelves & I agree it IS LOTS of FUN to organize stuff! I recently went though my seeing metirial and got it out of boxes & on shelves in my attic. It's much nicer to see everything out where I can SEE what I have! Well, I got to go to sleep! Love, Hannah Klunder

lila said...

Very nice job Heather!! It's amazing how nice things look when they are organized. I was able to organize a cabinet Sat. after Jim put a shelf in it for me. I love opening the door now. Nice post!!

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