Saturday, April 14, 2012

~Who are our friends?~

A few days ago I was reading in my Bible for my devotions.  I wasn't really "enjoying" the chapters that I was reading...for my blood BOILS when I read II. Sam. 13 about Amnon defiling his sister Tamar.  But something stood out to me, that I later pointed out to my 3 oldest children.
Amnon knew in his heart that it wasn't right to do what he was wanting.
BUT...then in verse 3 it says, "But Amnon had a friend...and Jonadab was a very subtil man!"  I told my kids that our friends can make or break us!  Whom we chose to hang out with is a very serious thing.  We WILL BE Influenced by them!  It could have been that if Amnon wouldn't have had a friend...that we would have never even have had to hear/read this horrible story in the Bible!
Due to his "friend" Jonadab's influence...Amnon not only COMMITTED AN HORRIBLE SIN...BUT LOST HIS LIFE TOO! 
I told my children to not ever be let it said OF THEM...that,  "____________  had a friend who was very subtil and led ______________ to do wrong!
Our friends can control our DESTINY! 

~Since I've been back to Colombia I've received both my March and April Better Homes and Gardens magazines.  YEA!  That's a nice gift from parents for my birthday present...and My Best Friend Jesus got them here safely knowing how much that mean to me!  (When our apt. guard handed it to me, I squealed with delight!  Later when we left the office, my timid Noah asked me if I hadn't been embarrassed to squeal like that.  =)~
 ~Kimberly got into a baking mood last night (I wonder WHERE she gets that from?! =) And baked up 3 different desserts.  Her little brother Elijah was GLAD to help lick the spatula and bowl from her brownies!~
 ~My sister found me a super cute jean skirt at our FAVORITE kind of store (second hand stores) and sent it to me.  It was made with the front panel missing...but she knew I could add some jean.
I did add some jean this week and voila I  have a fun new jean skirt!  =)
I am enjoying it!  Thank you, Laura!~
Have a blessed Lord's day!  And for those of you getting ready for IHC...we are praying that God will come in a very SWEET way in the services!  We plan to listen to/watch every service, if we can.


Rob and Deanna said...

Cute jean skirt. Sarah Susan just passed down 2 beautiful jean skirts to me, Yeah for hand-me-downs!!! Love the Noah comment about your squeal. :-) I have been reading your blog, just haven't taken the time to comment. Sorry :-/ Trying to "find" our house after 2 years of "twin" upheaval that CONTINUES, we have to "find" it regularly, just not as regular as we should. ;-)

Charity said...

Great thoughts on friends! I'm reading the friendship of Jonathan and David. Great principles on friendship in Scripture (and kudos to you for being the proactive, intentional parent that you are!) I, too, LOVE my BHG! Glad you got yours! I think the squeal was totally appropriate ;o)

Abigail Kuhn said...

Great words on friends! I love that Jean skirt, looks like the ones I was googling today to find out how to make them from pants ( I do not wear pants but sometimes see some that are embroidered so cute and have often wondered how to fix them into skirts so thought I would check it out today). It looks pretty simple to do. I love BHG, I've got a subscription for several years now. I love getting Taste of Home and such those are things I enjoy reading before I go to sleep often don't get past a few pages before my eyelids are too heavy to prop open anymore, but I feel they are good magazines (in keeping with the scripture that says: whatsoever things are pure, and lovely etc.) Some others that I enjoy that you might as well are: Southern Lady, Tea Time, Victoria, Southern Living. They're all sort of along the lines of Southern Hospitality and such.

mmsbryan said...

How exciting, another Magazine. Hoping soon one of your Taste of Home will arrive. Your thoughts about friends is good. May God help us to be a faithful friends to all. Glad that you got your skirt fixed. You did a good job. So glad that I could be with you and work on some sewing, wish we could have finished more of your mending. When I got home to my sewing room all the mending that I left home was there waiting for me. With the weather warming I wonder when I will get to this mountain. ;-) Love, Moma

Stephanie Burley said...

Love the skirt. As I just posted on Kristina J., if I could do more than sew on a button, I'd try some of these cute ideas! Actually, I need to quit making excuses and just learn something new. :-)
Although we live an hour from Dayton, I guess we'll only enjoy IHC from a distance, as well. God had other plans for our week, and though it's a far cry from the relaxing spring break that I desperately needed [wanted], God knows what He is doing. I'll probably still wince a little as we go through Dayton without stopping on Wednesday morning. :-(
Enjoy those magazines...I signed up for several free magazine subscriptions. One of my favorites is This Old House. I just love to see an amazing transformation!

lila said...

So true about the friends we choose. If children could learn that lesson what a difference it would make, adults too. Very cute skirt. Happy your magazines arrived. Was so nice to have your husband encouraging words last eve. all the way from Columbia. Love you all tons

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