Thursday, March 1, 2012

~Let's see more of Beautiful Buenos Aires part 2~

~Our family with the Woman's Bridge behind us.  (I forgot to tell you that the reason it has cables is that it pivots open for larger boats to pass.)~
~Our family with some of downtown "Puerto Madero" behind us.  (The yellowish crane to the left of us is to lift cargo from the ships.~
~Our Dear friends Leo, Caro, Jonathan, and Valentina.~
~This is where we ate ice cream...taken from the boat museum we toured.~
~All of us together~
~A panoramic picture of the Woman's Bridge, some of downtown, and the boat we toured.~
~The kids.  This was the first time that little Mary had walked around outside holding onto someone's hands...normally she's in the stroller.  She LOVED WALKING.  =) Mary had had an accident and ruined her onesie blouse...and I didn't have any other clothes with me for her.~
~The Naval ship (The Frigate Presidente Sarmiento) that we toured.~
~The building to your left with the green glass is where Leo's friend's condo was where they were staying while he was out of town.  They took us up to that apartment for lunch.~
~Here's our family walking across the "Woman's Bridge". (I LOVE little Mary on her tippy-toes and her face is just ONE BIG SMILE!)~
~I snapped a picture of this fun double-decker tour bus.~
~This is the view from the apt. where our friends were staying.  That's the "Rio Plata" with a large boat on it that you are seeing.~
~The kids playing with Playdough in the apt.~
~Valentina and Sarah.~
~Caro fed us a yummy lunch.  She made the "Tarta" (the pie-shaped pieces that are similar to a Quiche) the left of the picture.~
~Chips and yummy chocolates.~
~Another fun large boat that passed.~
~The view of the Naval boat we toured and the Woman's walking bridge from the 26th floor of the apts. where they were staying.~
~In those apts. there was a fun little play area for the kids to enjoy.~
~And Kimberly and I were using the treadmills.~
~Then they took us outside and it got a little chilly, so Mary borrowed Valentina's Gap Sweatshirt-which was a dress for her. =)  Jonathan and Mary.  Jonathan loves little Mary. =)~
~Then they fed us supper at a neat little outside restaurant.~

~This is called "Chori-pan!"  Chorizo in a type of crusty bread.  YUMMY!~
We had a delightful day with our friends!  As we were getting ready to go home they came out with a gift bag for each one of our children.  The boys got new shoes, Mary a cute new blouse, Sarah a fun key-chain and Kimberly a light-catcher that says,"Believe in God, He believes in you!"
How VERY thoughtful of them to give our kids gifts.  =) Here are the boy's new tennis shoes. Noah on the Left, Elijah on the right!~


Kira said...

Awesome post Heather , i truly enjoy part one and part 2 !

How ADORABLE is Mary ! Oh my she is too sweet for words .Her big smile and cute pigtails ....CUTE !

How nice to recieve gifts , especially shoes for the boys , kis grow so fast ! What a blessing .

You make friends wherever you go ...real friends ! What a wonderful lady you are .

I know your heart is sad to be away from Home at this time ....but what a job to live a life for Christ full of travel and adventure !

lila said...

What a full fun filled day. What neat friends you all have made there. The food looks good. Very enjoyable post. love and prayers

~Carla~ said...

Beautiful Heather, Keke and I both have enjoyed these 2 posts. Thanks for sharing them. That picture of Mary is just plain TOO cute!! She is darling. You are being prayed for daily, I am sure your heart is still heavy and sad at times. Praying you will have peace and comfort and that all your packing-moving efforts go smoothly. Hugs, Carla

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