Monday, March 5, 2012

~For Sale?!?~

Perfectly good set of Babies!    10 cents each!
~Notice the up-side-down sign. =)  I love this picture!~
Adorable. check.
Blue eyes. check.
Just bathed. check.
Full of giggles. check.
Ornery. check.
Give lots of hugs and kisses. check.
~WAIT!  What was I thinking?  I could N.E.V.E.R. live with out my babies!!!~
 They are the JOY of my life (along with their DADDY and their 3 siblings.=)
(We had a lot of fun taking these pics...just for kicks. =)
These 2 are A LOT alike!  Maybe they are twins...just 2 years apart. =)
Whatever they do they do with their WHOLE heart!  If they cry...they fall on the ground WEEPING!  If they laugh they SCREAM with laughter!  When Elijah runs, he knocks down everybody in his way!  When they play...especially Elijah...WHATEVER they imagine they are...(fireman, policeman, etc.) THEY ARE!!  Mary is a big actress.  This morning she was acting pitiful so I would hug her...and then with her little sad face, she darted her eyes over to her Daddy and flashed him a, "I got what I wanted!"  =)
They both LOVE attention.  They are our Family Clowns!  Life is NEVER dull around our house.   I L.O.V.E. these adorable two with my WHOLE HEART!
Thank you for your prayers as we wrap up everything to leave for the airport to fly back to Colombia on Tuesday night, March 6th.  Please PRAY with us that our airlines will be open when we arrive at the airport! That way we can check our luggage in and then go back to our gate to try to find a more comfortable place to catch a little sleep for the night!


~Carla~ said...

If you ever are ready to sell I will buy in a heart beat. I am not quite sure I can believe your tales of their orneriness though as from the pictures they appear to be lil cherubs!!! What dollies! So thankful for the joy of children, God certainly blesses us when He adds them to our families. We are praying for your trip. Praying for you today, Carla

Daryl Hausman said...

IF you ever decide to get rid of them, I'll take them!!! (at least for the first week or so...;)
Love you all,

lila said...

Very cute kids and cute pics. Leave it to you to come up with for sale pics of those babies. Cute!! love you tons

Making Memories 1999 said...

Adorable pictures!! And I'm sure there would be a line! =)

Dorcas said...

What a cute idea!! They are so adorable!! I hope you all have a good, safe trip back to Columbia and everything goes smooth at the airport!

mmsbryan said...

Oh Heather, how cute! I heard "about the sale" and hurried fast to get my bid in but have sadly been detained. :-) We are looking so to see you all. Praying for a safe flight and looking forward to seeing Pastor Jimmy, his family and all the church in Bogota.
I had already been working to make sure Grandma had good care while we were away, it just came to me that she is in the hands of angels now and the best we could do, cannot compare. Last nights memorial service was sweet, the Hausmans did a wonderful job with the music. Grandma would have been pleased with the display of her pictures and needle work. We felt it very fitting that the closing prayer was given by James Fulton who gave many years to missions. When we first came to Westfield and Grandma met them she told them that they had been on her prayer list years ago.

Love, Moma

Rob and Deanna said...

They are So cute! The twins and these 2 will have so MUCH fun next time they are together. ;-)

Daryl Hausman said...

Sweet, Squeaky clean kids! How fun! We miss ya'll much and are praying for the Lord to protect you all and carry you in His loving arms through the next hectic hours! Not a spirit of Fear... and not by our might and power, but by His are all things accomplished! I Love you so much, your sis, Laura

Kimberly said...

they are precious!!!:)
so very sorry about your dear Grandmother's passing...and that you're unable to attend the services. i know that's difficult for you. Prayers in this time of transition! (and that you can get caught up on some sleep when you're back in Columbia!) love and prayers...

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