Saturday, March 10, 2012

~A Tribute to my sweet Moma...AND PLEASE PRAY!~

I wanted to take a post to THANK MY PRECIOUS MOMA FOR ALLL SHE did for my sweet Grandma!  For the last 10 years (more or less, I can't remember exactly)  Moma and Daddy have kept Grandma in their own home.  My Mother has bent over backwards, gone the 100th mile, and made Grandma's last 10 years some of her very best years of her life! =)  She daily made awesome "Taste of Home type" meals for Grandma.  Grandma LOVED to read, so Moma often got her good books from the library.  Moma helped her with her finances, writing checks to missionaries, helping mail her letters. She also took the time to help her get a sweet picture for each of her NICE Christmas cards she sent out each year. =)
Grandma had a beautiful cozy little room which Moma kept decorated for each season.  At Christmas Moma had a set of 3 sweet little churches she always put in Grandma's room as part of her decor.  Moma scheduled and took Grandma to all her doctor's appoints, spending HOURS on the phone helping her with Medicaid or something similar, etc.
Grandma LOVED birds!!  She often stood at her window or Daddy and Moma's glass patio door watching birds at their bird feeder, squirrels, and deer which would occasionally come through their backyard.  I've just mentioned a FEW of the 100's of unseen things that Moma did for Grandma.
Moma gave herself selflessly to help Grandma have a wonderful joy-filled life.
Thank you, Moma, for being JESUS' Hands and feet and heart to Grandma!  I love you!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
~Thank you for praying for my heart...Jesus REALLY helped me yesterday when all of my family was together remembering my Grandma.  I felt your prayers!!
~We got EVERYTHING UNPACKED and put away yesterday!
I can't tell you what an overwhelming job that is to unpack 13 suitcases which are filled with a VARIETY of things!  Everything from bathroom toiletries to things for the kitchen!  (Because of weight, we often have to add extra things last minute to it's not just..."This one is Kimberly's things, this one is Sarah's, etc.")
And with 38 stairs to run up and down, it gets tiring, especially when one has had little sleep. =)
But, Thankfully we have lots of little feet who can..."Run this down to the kitchen" etc., and we all worked together to get the task done!   This also included SORTING THROUGH EACH CHILD'S CLOSET to find the clothes that they have out-grown while they were gone!  We normally make a large bag or 2 to give to Sis. Farly to distribute as she sees fit.
I'm SO HAPPY to be unpacked!
~My sweet Daddy and Moma are coming to see us!  WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!
I still have FALL decor up from us leaving for Argentina in October.  I hope I can get it down before Moma gets here. ;-)
~Daddy is to teach classes to our church leaders here.  PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD WILL BLESS AND USE THESE CLASSES!
(A side note...another team of 2 were supposed to come here to teach classes in March, and my parents were supposed to come in JULY!  One of that other team wrote to us saying that for some reason they were NOT feeling clear to come in March.  So, Phillip called and asked Daddy if he and Moma could switch and come in March, and it worked out.  Jesus knew that my Grandma was going to go to Heaven just a few days before Daddy and Moma were to come, that I would not get to go home at this sad time, and that my heart would NEED them to come in MARCH instead of July!  Isn't God AMAZING!!!?!!!!)
~There are SO MANY details of our trip (both ours and Phillip's) that we KNOW HAD TO BE GOD!  WE stand amazed at how He was with us...inspite of the "YIKES FACTOR" our flying separately was to us.  ~Our carpet was cleaned on Monday (I had written that it was cleaned earlier, but I had misunderstood.)
It is still DAMP which makes for a DAMP CHILLY house.  (It gets about 40's at night...and the houses here are made out of concrete, with no heating!)
Again I say...THANK YOU TONS for your prayers!!!  I'm asking Jesus to send each of you pray-ers a HUG!!!
Pics of our trip coming soon. 

9 comments: said...

Oh Heather! I read your posts and my eyes just tear up and I hurt/rejoice/laugh with you! I am glad that you are all back together and that you all made it safely! This post about how your mom took care of your g-ma reminded me of how my mom made the same sacrifices for my dear grandmother who has been in Heaven for almost 4 yrs now. Having worked in a nursing home, I know how much care is needed but I feel that it truly is the best way for family members to care for each other when they get older. I know that in the midst of the sacrifices that their is a true blessing as well :o) Sorry to hear that your little are sick! Praying for them to feel better soon. Try to get some much needed rest!

~Carla~ said...

What a sweet poem about your grandmother, and wonderful tribute to your mother. What Godly, beautiful women. Know our hearts and prayers are with you precious lil guy who is so sick. I know how it feels to struggle to breathe and it isn't fun. We will pray for the Lord to be merciful and send healing quickly. Hugs to you today, Carla

Daryl Hausman said...

Thanks for this sweet Tribute to Moma! I know she was Jesus hands and feet for our Sweet Grandma! Oh, Heather we are PRAYING HARD for your little "Whyjah" that Jesus would come and touch him and sweet Mary too! Our hearts are with you and I was praying MUCH for your heart yesterday as you couldn't be with us at Grandma Bryan's Memorial service. Jesus helped, we couldn't have made it w/o Him! Much Love... today is a Work on our Haus Day, so I gotta run before I get caught!=) love you and praying HARD for ya'll

Kira said...

I am so GLAD that your parents are coming to see you so soon ! What ba comfort at this time ...God is good .

Praying for Elijah and Mary .

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, I love this post about your mom and grandma. Your grandma was blessed with the very best care giver. And you should know what kind of a caregiver she was because she was your very own mother! Smile.
I can hardly bear to hear about Elijah having a hard time breathing, and being so sick. He's the one full of enthusiasm and life, so it is horrible when he's laid low, like this.
And, I'm sad that dainty Mary is sick, too. I hope they are able to be up and better, real soon.
Oh, it's March 20th your parents will be there. I was thinking nearer the end of the month! I am delighted they are going to be with you for awhile. God does give special treats, doesn't he!
Love, Mom D

mmsbryan said...

Thank you for your kind words! As you know Grandma paid me a long time ago for this care . . . she raised and trained the man I love! So sad to hear the little ones are ill - I can hardly bear that Elijah is struggling with the asthma again. Grandma's Memorium was blessed, I was sad that neither Daddy nor I mentioned that son-in-law, Don had shared their home with Mom for over 17 years until daughter, Helen became ill when she joined our household. But God knows of their love and devotion and has no doubt rewarded them. I love you and am looking forward to coming to Bogota! Love, Moma

lila said...

Thank you so much for the tribute to your unselfish loving Mother. I felt so badly yesterday that she wasn't mentioned. What a sweetie you are. I'm so glad your parents are coming to see you. Praying for the children. Loved your poem and yes your Moma did a great job reading it. Glad you are unpacked and a family unit again. love you all tons

Liz said...

Your tribute and trip details made me cry...partly for how you must be feeling, but also because God is so big that he can be there & be all that you need Him to be while he's doing the same for me right here in my 'easy ' life. Praying for your precious babies!

Steve~N~Angela said...


Your tribute was precious!!
It is SOO very AMAZING how Jesus helped you through this EXTREMELY difficult time. It is sometimes hard to be the one in the "hot seat" but oh what a joy to know how God is using your life, testimony, and your courage to be REAL.

Some ( whom I am not downgrading at all) try to not let details out.
But it helps us to know things, so we can pray specifically for and with you.
Thank you for being so REAL and transparent!!

Grips my heart to hear of your lil ones struggling, but am trusting Jesus to help, and HELP HE IS!!
Praise Jesus!!

We will also be praying for your parents as they travel. So glad they will be with you!!

Love, and prayers, Angie

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