Saturday, March 3, 2012

~Out for ice cream~

~This week Phillip went and gave nearly a 1/2 liter (around 1 pt.) of blood for this little baby named Fabricio who has to have heart surgery soon.  Please keep this little baby and his family in your prayers.  Thank you!~
~About an hour or so after I received the news of my Grandma's passing...this dear brother from the Chinese church came and picked us up and took us out for lunch and later for ice cream. (We had had this planned for several days!)  So, if my face looks a little like I've been crying...I Had Been!
Here we are at McD's...what a nice place for our kids to eat and PLAY.  We all enjoyed it!~

~Then we went to Freddo Ice cream shop and got some DELICIOUS ice cream.  Here's Kimberly holding her banana split sundae. =)~
~I got a Alfajore Argentine cookie (similar to what I made) only with ice cream in the middle.  And this little choc. covered mint bar.  Droooool! =)~
~Kimberly snapped this picture of us.  We LOVED how little Mary was looking in this picture.~
~Mary just wandered from person to person asking for bites of their ice cream.~
~Phillip snapped this picture of me...with Noah busy eating his ice cream behind me. =)  It was a special time with this dear Brother and we really appreciated his kindness.  When he brought us back home I gave him a plateful of my oatmeal raisin cookies.  (And we have a family picture and a copy of our family CD (2004) to give him Sunday.)~
Both Elijah and Mary have COLDS...which aren't good to travel with (on Wednesday)...and which can go into asthma for Elijah when we get to Bogota, Colombia.  PLEASE PRAY that Jesus will touch their little bodies.
We packed up our stuff, and sent some boxes with our friends today who are going to keep our things for us while we are in Colombia.
We are still busily packing suitcases.  Your prayers mean A LOT to us!


lila said...

Sweet post. You can tell you are not your cheery self :-( Glad Jesus is helping your heart. That Mary is so cute. Kimberly's ice cream looks good. love and prayers

Kira said...

Sweet post indeed !

I am still asking the Lord to give you strenght and his grace as you pack for Colombia and take care of your wonderful family .

Bryanna Shirk said...

Can't believe how big Mary is!!! SO CUTE! Bryanna

~Carla~ said...

The ice cream looks scruptious, your face makes me wanna cry for you, you are such a trooper. And your babies are beautiful as always. Glad you had a nice time despite your sad heart. Hugs, Carla

Daryl Hausman said...

Praying for that sweet Baby. Thank you, Phillip for the sacrifice of your "life's blood" for that baby... aren't we all grateful for Jesus' LIFE'S Blood that he shed for each of us... every nation, every tongue. Oh, What a Savior!

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