Tuesday, March 13, 2012

~We had company over...fall decor and all. =)~

~Last evening after only being back in Colombia 5 days we had our first company over for a snack. You see our good friend DeWayne was here from IN as was Helbert and his b-i-l from Cayman Islands. They were only going to be here a few days and so we invited them over. Helbert's brother, nephew and cousin from here in Colombia were also able to come too.
(Please excuse the FALL decor on my china cabinet...
We've had a good day today and it's all packed away! =)
(Remember we left Colombia in October. =)~
~We had a lot of fun visiting and eating.  I served Pita bread tostados, an Argentine type salad, Doritos, my homemade lemonade, Coffee and Lemon bars that Kimberly made.  We enjoyed sharing about what the Lord worked out for us in Argentina...housing, working some with the Chinese church, and having people over to try to touch their lives.
We enjoyed listening to what all they had gotten done in the last few days at the ACE school in Paraiso, etc.~ 
~Here's Mary with "Uncle" DeWayne.  We missed "Aunt" Renee!   The last time they were in our house here Noah was 3 or so.~
~The men before they left (with our 3 men).  They seemed to enjoy our food and the visit.  We were glad it worked out for them to come.~
~After they left Kimberly was playing the piano and little Mary crawled up into her lap and fell sound ASLEEP!~
~The cooks! Kimberly, Sarah, and I =)~
THANK YOU for keeping Benji and my Weary parents in your prayers! 


Making Memories 1999 said...

Oh, that picture of Kimberly playing the piano, and Mary asleep in her lap is so cute!

Keith and Crystal said...

I've been praying for you and your family this last week. I'm glad you are settling in and the babies are feeling better. :)

Stay encouraged!!!

~Carla~ said...

Looks like FUN! ~Carla~

Brittany said...

I just love the pic of Kimberly and baby Mary - so cute! So glad you all are getting settled back in =)

Sherry L Dickinson said...

It was fun to see the pictures of these "Mafia" men and DeWayne Joslin. It looks like Phillip was enjoying himself in the picture of the table with all the men sitting around it.
Those two little slender legs of Mary's hanging off Kimberly's lap are SO CUTE!
Bless you for your hospitality, Heather! Love, Mom D

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