Friday, March 9, 2012

~Remembering My Grandma~

Well, Breman, Ohio a dear group of MY FAMILY and friends are gathering to remember ONE VERY SPECIAL LADY...Who I called Grandma. 
July 6th, 1907--Feb. 26th, 2012 (God gave her 104 years and nearly 7 months to BLESS MANY LIVES!)
(I would have LOVED to have gone back to the USA to be with my family right now...and my heart is THERE!!!  But God knew what was going to happen with Phillip's passport and that it would have been nearly impossible for me to go to the USA!   
If I would have flown to the USA from Argentina...Phillip would have had to pay lots of extra fees to change all of our kids tickets...for there is NO WAY we would have let them fly alone!
If I would have purchased a ticket to fly on to the US after arriving here in Colombia...I would have had to leave our kids alone without either Phillip or I!) God is Good!
So, I can't be there at the service for Grandma today...but how fitting that I'm doing just what Grandma would want me to do...trying to be a shining light here in South America.  (But my heart still hurts, and my tears are flowing as I write this.)
~Grandma holding our baby Mary...Christmas 2010 (103 years old at that time)!~
My Daddy asked me to write some words to be read at her service today, so I thought I'd share my poem with y'all!

Let me tell you about Grandma--My Daddy's Mother
Her yummy potato salad was like no other!
My Grandma was so sweet, so loving, and so kind!
She loved to embroidery and had a very sharp mind!

She wrote poems; Daddy and I too like to write in Rhyme
So I thought it was fitting to do it this time.
Grandma always made such neat aprons, quilts and gifts.
And wrote such nice letters that our spirits did uplift.

She walked with her sweet Lord since she was a teen
And on her Heavenly Father she did greatly lean!
When I was born I got Grandma's maiden name (Heather Colwell)
What an Honor! What a Godly lady! May I be the same!

When you'd pass her room you could hear her pray
I think that she was in her "prayer closet" all day!
She loved missionaries--prayed for and supported them!
Little did I DREAM that I'd one day be one of 'em!

As a missionary all the goodbyes HURT MY HEART!
Grandma just took her last trip--to where we'll NOT have to part!
Grandma, ENJOY HEAVEN!  Worship our King as the angels do!
Just please know I LOVE and MISS you...and I'm coming too!

~Heather Colwell Bryan Dickinson, written March 1, 2012,  in Buenos Aires, Argentina~


RicKaren said...

Pecious poem! Thinking of you still and keeping you in my prayers!

Denise said...

Awww, Sweet Heather! I should have known you would have done something so special and dear for this memorable day. Been praying for you as I know how much your heart must hurt ~ 'specially with how tired you must be with the events of this week. God is so good ... just as you noted. It is so wonderful to know He knows the future and works out what is best for His beloved children even though it causes tears to flow! How His heart must be crying right along with yours as I know I do when I have to allow very hurtful things to happen to my sweet little Benji! It helps to comfort our hearts when we know these feelings first hand!
Love you and praying much for you!
Aunt Nesi

Mary Wilson said...

Heather, your poem about your dear Grandma was so sweet! We have been thinking about you today.

lila said...

We were honored to be at the Memorial Service today. It was precious and everyone that spoke did a great job. I almost stood up gave your Moma roses for all she did for Grandma. She practically gave her life for her. Grandma had the best daughter-in-law in the whole world. So happy your hubby is home. love you all tons

Sherry L Dickinson said...

What a very nice poem about Grandma Bryan, Heather. It describes many things in her life about which I had never heard.
Also, it is a comfort to know that all the doors were SHUT UP for you to make a trip to the United States to attend your Grandma's funeral. That way your heart has no "What ifs" to agonize over and to worry about. But I know it must have been hard knowing all others were there, except for you.
Surely Jesus will come up with a 'comfort' balm to help your heart feel comforted, no matter what the situation.
What a dear descendant you are of Grandma Bryan!
Love, Mom D

Charity said...

Beautiful. May God comfort you all in your loss. Heaven just gets sweeter and sweeter as it gains our losses. No wonder the elderly saints long so to be rid of the sufferings of life. I used to find it odd, but not anymore! God bless.

Daryl Hausman said...

Heather your poem was so sweet and Moma did a great job reading it with all the passion that you would have read it with! Love you SOOOO much and we all missed you and prayed MUCH for your heart yesterday! XOXO from all of us at this Haus!

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