Wednesday, February 29, 2012

~Let's see more of Buenos Aires, Argentina ~

THANK YOU for your prayers for my heart!    I'm still sad that I cannot go home to be with my family for Grandma's memorial service (March 9th...2 days after we get back to Colombia), but Jesus is helping me!
I can feel your prayers!  We are packing today!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~A couple weeks ago our dear friends Leo and Caro and their 2 kids were staying in a friend's condo in "Puerto Madero" and invited us to come spend the day with them there.  I thought I'd share the pics with you, to show you more of the Beautiful city of Buenos Aires.
We rode a subway to get Puerto Madero.  Here we are buying tickets to ride the subway.~
~This was our first time to ride a subway.  Here we are fixin' to get on.~
~Inside.  It was a little claustrophobic for me when I looked at the windows and just saw WALLS all around me...but I survived. =)~
~Then we met Leo and his family.  They showed us this Cathedral where "San Martin" is buried.  He is the one that liberated Argentina.~
~This building behind us is a replica of a famous church from somewhere else in Argentina.~
~Here is the "Casa Rosada" (Pink House) which is where the President (Presidenta Cristina) works...NOT lives!~
~Jonathan, Elijah, Noah, Sarah, and Valentina in front of the Pink house!~
~Then we saw the "changing of the guards" when a new set of guards heads over to the Cathedral where "San Martin" is buried.~
~As we were walking toward the sea port...and got behind the Pink House...we saw a helicopter on a pad...and it started taking off.  Leo and Caro said it was probably the President leaving the Pink House to go back home for she travels back and forth by helicopter. =)
Then they took us over to "Puerto Madero" ("Wooden Sea port"...which is the name of the whole area of this part of the sea port) and we saw this famous bridge "Puente de la Mujer" (Woman's Bridge.)
 We went inside the boat behind this bridge.~
~Caro and I with the Woman's Bridge behind us.~
~Little Mary~
~Then Leo and Caro took us to eat yummy ice cream!  As you can see by Mary's "chocolate ice cream mustache" she loved it. =)~
~Sarah and Valentina~
~Elijah with the Woman's bridge behind him.  (A few weeks ago he fell and knocked his tooth...killing the root in his top front tooth...making his CUTE little white tooth turn grayish. I'm SOOO SAD!!! He went to the dentist in our church today and they took an x-ray and they said so far it looks like he didn't damage the root of his adult tooth.  But we'll have to have another x-ray later to keep checking that his adult tooth is moving down right.)~
~Eating our yummy ice cream~
~Our kids with a cannon~
~We toured a famous Naval ship (The Frigate Presidente Sarmiento, which is now a museum) that was in service nearly a hundred years.  It has both engine and sail power.  It took Argentine sailors all over the world, to meet a lot of famous people, including the US president, Queen of England, etc.  It also sailed into the New York Harbor for the USA 1976 Bicentennial!  It dates back to the 1800s.  This was very interesting to Phillip especially since Dad D. was in the Navy.
This is the the mast of the ship.~
~Kimberly took this picture out a port hole of the ship.~
~Elijah, Noah, and Sarah with the "timon" of the ship. (I can't think of the English you know?=)~
~Our kids on the stairs in the boat.~
~The Woman's Bridge from the boat.  The expression we've all heard, "It takes two to TANGO" referring to Argentina's famous dance called the TANGO.  This bridge is supposed to represent the lady being leaned back as a couple dances Tango.
(Leo teasingly said while looking at the bridge, "If a person drinks enough... they can imagine anything." =)
We just think it's a pretty bridge.~
Post #2 of  seeing more of Buenos Aires coming up!


mmsbryan said...

Nice Post, Heather. I'm still at Moma's so posting from here. I love you and am praying for your heart MUCH! Laura

Liz said...

Sweet Heather...I keep thinking about you. Praying that Jesus will use your busy, moving forward life to heal your heart... Love and prayers,

Daryl Hausman said...

I enjoyed 'touring' Argentina with you! It looks so beautiful! Praying for you all!

mmsbryan said...

How nice your new friends to take you out at this hard time for you. Such a beautiful trip that only the "rich" and those that give all to a Wonderful Heavenly Father can afford.

Laura is being such a help and comfort to Daddy and I. I feel badly that she has left her Daryl and children to be here . . . but not badly enough to send her back. Love to you all, Moma

PS Thank you for your call, was just thinking that maybe I should call you when our phone rang and it was you!

Daryl Hausman said...

Loved seeing all the pictures!!! They remind me a lot of what we saw in parts of Europe!!
Love you all tons!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
Soooo sorry to hear about you losing your Grandma;(
It must be very hard to be so far away. I know what it's like to lose a Mom, but I still have all my Grandparents. I'm praying that all goes well with your trip back to Colombia! And as always I enjoy all the pics you share! Helps me feel like I've taken a little tour. You do SUCH a GOOD job! Love, Hannah Klunder

Liz said...

Also...enjoyed your french bread at dinner tonight :) it was a big hit!

lila said...

It sure is beautiful there. So glad you are getting to see the beauty in many places that God leads you to. That bridge looks scary. You are on my heart. I so wish you could be at the memorial service too, I would love to see you. Beautiful post. Those kids are growing so fast. love you tons

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I just accidentally erased a very lengthy comment. I mean, I had given it my best shot but it has disappeared into Cyberspace! And, I can't do 'er again!
A fun, interesting, loving post this is, Heather! Thank you!
I LOVE you each so very much!
Mom D

Beth said...

thanks for the post. Love seeing all the pictures. Isaiah was looking at the pictures and said Hey that looks like Sophia. He was talking about Mary:-) I think they look a lot alike. Miss you all

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