Thursday, March 29, 2012

~Sight-seeing in Bogota, and Christmas #2~

~Here Phillip is presenting Daddy and Moma to our church their first Thursday night here!  Daddy didn't speak that night, but the Lord really helped him as he spoke on Sunday. (pics coming soon.)~
~Daddy had requested that we take them to see the house of Simon Bolivar...which is who liberated Colombia.  Here we are walking to that house and Moma is enjoying some FRESH YUMMY MANGO!~
~Here we are in front of that house.  They used cow bones (possibly of their spine) to fill in the cracks between the tiles on the walk where we are standing.  The tree to the right of the picture is around 300 years old.~
~My Sweet Daddy and Mom~
~Our sweet Mary wearing a fun gray hat and a "new to her" jumper from her friend Allyssa Fish from IN. =)~
~These are the cable cars we were fixin' to get on to go up the mountain.~
~At Simon Bolivar's house they were celebrating 100 years of Colombia and Bolivia being friends!~
~Our family with the Colombian flag.  (Elijah got his own "socks" and shoes on that day, and his hat had his hair going every-which-way.  But, we LOVE our little "Dennis the Menace" to pieces!  =)~
~Some beautiful flowers growing in the neat garden there.~

~The cable car coming down right before we got on one.~
~Phillip snapped this of us waiting in line to get on the cable car.~
~And here's hatless Mary who got cut out of the picture above.~
~Daddy requested we take a picnic up to the mountain.  It was raining when we got there, but we found a little ledge to be under, and the Lord helped it to quit soon! =)~
~I snapped this fun picture of our delightful picnic (plus other sweet things not pictured) with the beautiful city of Bogota below!~
~It was such a very SPECIAL time together with Daddy and Moma!~
~The pretty mountains and clouds around us.~
~Having fun together after our meal.~
~Kimberly took this and had to include her COKE in the left-hand corner!~
~A fun bell and restaurant up there on the mountain.~
~Kimberly had fun snapping these pictures trying to get cute little Mary in her sweet little gray hat!~

~Love this this little girl!~ =)
~Mary slipped and SAT DOWN in a puddle, so we had to remove her jean jumper and "hang it to dry" on her stroller, and wrap her up in blankets.  (Sound familiar Daryl and Brittany?  Remember Elijah falling into the fountain last time?! =)~
~Then we crowded into the big red bus to go home.~
~We had some very excited kids on that bus...for when we got home we were going to have CHRISTMAS from Gramp and Gram. =)~
~Here comes santa claus Gramp and Gram with Christmas for our family! =)~
~Since they had to bring our kids' schoolwork for next year, they were running out of room in their suitcases.  So, knowing that gift bags would weigh more and be bulky...Gram brought vanilla scented plastic bags in which to put our Christmas gifts. =)  Here's little Mary receiving her little doll from Gramp and Gram.~
~Gram with Kimberly and Sarah's gifts.~
~Mary's doll was a hit!~
~Enjoying opening all of our gifts!~
~Me opening up my gift.  Moma told me that she also has a lovely set of flannel sheets for me back in the USA...that were too heavy to bring!~
~Phillip opening his nice winter shirt.~
~Here I'm giving Daddy and Moma an Argentine "Mate" cup and straw from us for their collection of things from various countries on their red desk at home!~
~Mary and Elijah in their new little sleepers that Gramp and Gram gave them.  We all enjoyed our Christmas gifts from Gramp and Gram.~ 
~Then we settled back to hear some more of the very interesting book The Magic Garden that Gram was reading to us!~
 Up soon our Lord's day together!


Sherry L Dickinson said...

It's hard to believe that your parents are actually there in Bogota with you all. I am so happy they get to see your home, church work, beautiful scenery, and to make some Gramp and Gram "memories" with your children. And, your mother was so wise to think to bring a special book to read to her grandchildren, with which to bond all of you together. I love the special mother that God gave to you, Heather.
Sarah is cute cuddled up to Gram in the book reading session. And in the picture of Mary and Elijah in their sleepers, it seems that Mary has taken the position of 'Ham Operator' that Elijah used to fill and that Elijah has matured quite a bit. (Poor child, he's been sick so often, what else can we expect?)
Whew! And those cable cars...your parents are brave souls to dare riding on them. They look like more fun than my heart can handle! lol! Love you guys! Mom D

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the fun pictures!!! SO glad you all are having a nice time with Gram and Gramp! Those pictures of Mary are ADORABLE!!!!
love y'all,

lila said...

WOW! What a fun post. Such a neat idea for a picnic lunch, the ledge you was able to get under was so neat. So glad you all are having such a nice visit. Love all the pics. Those kids are so sweet. love and prayers

Daryl Hausman said...

Merry Christmas to ya'll too! We well remember those times of family visitors. Nothing beats someone coming from "home" to see you. It's so fun to get to show them your country too... and it sure helps to get to know how to pray. Bryan and Darla are reminding us constantly that "THEY NEED TO GET TO COME OVER TO SEE YOU ALL TOO"... since their 2 older sisters got to come already. (It hasn't dawned on them that the reason they came was to H.E.L.P. you... not add to your load! ;) Lots of love to you all. Laura

Janie said...

Looks like you are having a great time with your parents. Love the cable car pics and your picnic. The scenery is beautiful. Little Mary is toooo cute!

Daryl Hausman said...

Forgot to say, that I LOVED the pic of Moma "enjoying her mango" as only she could... (I'm right huh, Heather, remember our sandwiches...) and the laugh on Daddy's face I can almost hear... I just love that couple and their sense of humor and love for each other even after 50+ years! Give them a squeeze for me!

Kimberly said...

Your parents are looking great! so glad y'all are having these special times together...

Bryanna Shirk said...

I can't believe how BIG Mary is getting!!! She is sooooooo cute!! She looks like she must be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!! I love her hat!
Miss you all, please tell the family I miss them.
Love and prayers,

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