Thursday, March 8, 2012

I´m home safely...after having to FLY ALONE INTERNATIONALLY with 5 kids!

UPDATE!!!! (For those who have already read this post)
Well if I would have known the HALF of what I was going to face on our flight back to Colombia from Argentine...I WOULD HAVE HAD A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN!
THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS! I couldn´t get to my blog to tell you details, but I know that a lot of you were praying!
After showing our CLEAN apt. to our landlady (WHO ARRIVED ON TIME =) and receiving our deposit back...our dear Chinese friends took us to the airport.
We arrived at 1 AM.   Much to our sadness, the airlines desks weren´t opened so we had to sit in hard seats out in the FREEZING AC until we could check in around 3:30 or so. But our kids were HAPPY for we were going home...and they had a bunch of new toys to play with that Daddy had purchased for our trip. (Legos, playdough, etc.=)
When we checked in all went well...exept for we were SAD when we were told we had to send ALL OF OUR CARRYONS underneath. We had packed 2 with extra clothes in case of emergency, and with our valueable so they wouldn´t get stolen. So, we quickly went and wrapped those suitcases with plastic and prayed a prayer that they would arrive safely! Then when we went through customs...we figured that this part would go relatively smoothly...and before we knew it we would be at the gate awaiting our time to board!  
We DID NOT REALIZE that Phillip´s passport had EXPIRED on Feb. 21, 2012!! (When we were in the USA last time we realized that we needed to renew it, but didn´t realize it until it was too late to renew it there. Phillip assured me that he could do it when we got to Colombia! Then when we got back here our apt. was filled with mold, we had to sort through our stuff and throw a lot away, Elijah got sick and nearly died, God provided another apt. and we moved!!! Needless to say we never thought of Phillip´s passport date again. (10 years seems like an one NEVER thinks that the 10 years will pass as quickly as they did! =)
So, Phillip was told that HE COULD NOT TRAVEL...THAT I WOULD HAVE TO TRAVEL ALONE!!! So...with a kiss goodbye, and one of my children weeping from saying goodbye to Phillip (HAVING NO IDEA WHEN WE WOULD SEE HIM AGAIN!) I boarded the plane BY MYSELF with 5 children and all our carryons!! (Right before I got on the plane Phillip told me that I WOULD NOT GET OUR STROLLER UNTIL COLOMBIA! That meant I´d have a layover with no stroller to help carry babies and things!)
The problem was that Mary had SLEPT ALL NIGHT...and the rest of us had NOT SLEPT A WINK!! Ever since she´s learned to walk she LOVES to walk and does NOT like to sit for long periods of time. So out of the WHOLE DAY (a nearly 3 hour flight from Argentina to Sao Paulo, Brazil) a 2 hour layover there where nearly everyone speaks Portuguese, and the last 5 and a half hour flight...she slept ALL OF 45 mins.!!!
God really helped us and THANKFULLY the people around us LOVED Mary and she got nothing but smiles when I would allow her to stand in the airplane aisle occasionally! When we landed in Brazil I thought I UNDERSTOOD IN Portuguese that I HAD TO COLLECT ALL OF MY LUGGAGE (13 counting a computer bag we had with us) and go through customs! I thought I´d DIE and PRAYED that God would PLEASE help me just to be able to go straight to our next gate! HE ANSWERED PRAYER and we didn´t have to collect everything...NOR DID WE HAVE TO WALK TO "TERMINAL Z" (meaning the FARTHEST GATE AWAY ;-)...just a short walk and we were at our gate.
We arrived safely last night in Bogota...and Bro. Jimmmy, and Sis. Farly along with her sister and husband picked us up in the airport. Thankfully by the time we got to our luggage it was on the floor so we didn't have to KILL our backs trying to lug our HEAVY suitcases off the moving belt! 
Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly brought us home to our SUPER clean house that they had cleaned for us. (They said that since all the windows in the houses here...have openings above them to let in air, the whole house was COVERED in DUST!!) Sis. Farly had washed all of our bedding, cleaned everything, made our supper (YUMMY rice with chicken and a whole gallon of sweet tea!) They gave me money to spend until I could go and get some and just went the 49th MILE for us! WHAT A DEAR COUPLE! I´m convinced that they are ANGELS from Heaven. =)
Mary...who´s not used to steps fell down the stairs last night and got a bloody nose. =( So, now all of us are BACKING DOWN THE STAIRS trying to teach her how to go down our 38 stairs in our house!
We were able to have a good night´s sleep...although sweet Mary awoke at 6:30 and wouldn´t play by herself, but wanted to be with MOMMY...who was DYING to sleep! =)
When I arrived Bro. Jimmy told me that Phillip had an emergency passport and was to fly HOME TODAY!!! Please pray for him to arrive safely!!!
We are HAPPY to be home. Our kids are THRILLED to be in their rooms and with their toys again. I don´t have internet at home yet, so am writing this from a Spanish computer in an internet cafe.  
THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!!! I would have NEVER have made it without YOUR PRAYERS. When a missionary flys internationally they NEVER know what they will face! So when yáll pray...God goes before them and helps!! =)



~Carla~ said...

Oh dear Heather, when Laura posted on her blog that you had had to fly alone, I about died!! We stopped and prayed for you. I cannot even imagine how worn out you were/are, but I am SO thankful you arrived safely in Columbia. And bless your dear friends, what a gift to have your home READY and waiting for you. We will be so glad to hear when Phillip is reunited with you all. HUGS to you....~Carla~

Mary Wilson said...

Heather, we are so happy to hear you arrived safe and sound in Columbia. Just praying that Phillip will arrive soon also.
Mary Wilson

mmsbryan said...

Was so glad to get Laura's call that you are home safe. YES, we can see with the year you all have had, why you did not think of Phillip's passport! More later, trying to get ready to leave for Grandma's Bremen Memorium Service. Laura being with us has meant the world and then she went home and Big Brother, Andrew arrived from Alaska. Lincoln is on his way and your are here with "all your heart." What wonderful children God has given us. Praising God for taking care of you all. I Love you, Moma

Rob and Deanna said...

Lots of SYmpathy was Flying your way when I heard you had to travel with FIVE children by yourself!! I can imagine the "yikes" factor this had to be! So thankful you arrived safely and "uneventfully" for the most part. THANKING our Heavenly Father for bringing Phillip to you safely! That quick of a turn around for a passport is pretty much impossible here in the States, much less in a foreign country. Awesome!

lila said...

Dearest Heather, So glad you are home safe. Your Mother called and left me a message that you had to fly alone and I started crying and praying. Told her to keep me updated and she did. I was so happy when I heard Phillip got his ticket and was to fly home the next morning, I started crying and Praising The Lord!!!! So happy you have such awesome friends there. Sounds like they love you as much as we do. Love to all

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness! Heather, I don't even like to take my 4 kids to Walmart by myself! I can't imagine what was running through your mind, if you even had time to think. So glad you made it safely!

Kira said...

wow what a trip ! I was sad to hear what had happened with Phillip's passport but i knew God would see you all nack to Colombia safely . Praise the Lord .

Im sure your Kimberly and Sarah were a huge help !

Poor little Mary .

Thanks for the update .

Making Memories 1999 said...

So thankful that you all made it safely!! And that Phillip gets to come today! Blessings!

Bethany Morford said...

I'm so glad that you had a safe trip. I love the title of your post. As I read it, I was reminded again how wonderful it is for "home" to be in the center of God's will. We missionaries certainly have many homes, don't we?

Beth said...

Praise the Lord!!! So glad you guys are safely home and for all that Jimmy and Farly did for you. So thankful about Phillip getting to fly home too!! Thank the Lord!

Kimberly said...

i had seen Laura's post and was so concerned for y'all!! very thankful to read this post and to know y'all are all there safely together!!!!

Daryl Hausman said...

Praise Jesus for safely bringing you all home together! It was a thrill to hear your voice over the phone today. thanks a million for calling to let us know you were safe! Lots of love to ya'll. We miss you MUCH and thanks for your prayers in a few hours now. We are sure going to need them! Love ya, Laura

Steve~N~Angela said...

OH, Heather!!!!!
You and your family have STAYED on our minds and hearts!!! At some of the oddest times, your face and family were before me.. During school, dinner, family alter, and other things.
So so very thankful for our Heavenly Father who goes ahead of us!!
My heart goes out to you, I have never flown with FIVE children in a strange country, but have with THREE under THREE years old with no stroller and a four hour lay over in a HUGE airport..
Thanking the LORD for getting Philip an emergency passport, and trusting HIM to continue to work all the details out.
What a couple to have there to support and help as this dear brother&sister in Christ!!

Praise Jesus for your safety!!!

Love and Prayers, Angela

Steve~N~Angela said...

What I meant by "odd" was, a constant type of thought process, when one would think to be so pr-occupied with the task at hand.
Not that praying for you is odd..
Just wanted to clarify that :)

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