Friday, March 2, 2012

~Fun Food Friday...Choc. Lava Cake and "Dipped" Sugar cookies~

Since I'm busy packing I don't have time to type out recipes, so I'm just including the links that you can click on to find these yummy recipes. We made this yummy Lava cake the other night...and it was DELICIOUS!  Ours didn't turn out exactly like Chef John's (we had to use "coffee mugs" and do GUESS WORK with the TEMPERATURE in our low/med./high oven =) but it was yummy!  As you can see by the picture we served ours with ice cream.  mmmmMMMM GOOD!  So, I hope you'll click on the name and give it a try.
Choc. Lava Cake
I told you earlier I'd share the recipe I used to make my heart shaped DIPPED cookies at Valentine's.  Click on the name for the icing recipe.
How to icing cookies without a piping bag
Click on the name of the cookies and you will find the cookie recipe.
Italian Sugar Cookies
Later I used the same dough out of the 'fridge (it makes LOTS) and dipped half of the cookie in choc. and pecans to give to our friend Wei and his Mother...~
~Who picked us up and took us out for dinner! They treated us to some YUMMY Chinese!
Here's Mary "trying to get the hang of the chopsticks." =)~
 ~Elijah, Noah, Phillip, Wei, and Mrs. Maria.  (We drank 7-up and Sparkling water.)~
~Kimberly, Mrs. Maria, me, Mary, and Sarah.~
~We had all kinds of neat Chinese treats we had never heard of or tried before.  Delicious!~
~Colored little things that tasted similar to "pork rinds" that our kids especially enjoyed.~
~Grilled Lamb that was sooooo GOOD it was beyond words!~
We had such a delightful evening with them.  They are very dear people!
Bro. Jimmy from Colombia (after seeing lots of pics with us and Argentines) told Phillip something so nice on the phone the other day.
He said, "The Argentines love you...BUT REMEMBER WE LOVE YOU MORE!"
That made us feel so special!  =)  Thank you, Pastor Jimmy, Lord willing, we're coming "home" next Wednesday! =)
(Gracias, pastor Jimmy, vamos a regresar a casa el proximo miercoles, Si Dios Quiere! =)


Mindy said...

I have often wondered how you get done all you do. You are truly a Proverbs 31 woman. :) Think I'll try the icing sometime. Looks like a kind my grandma used to make. Have safe travels!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, the Italian Cookie recipe and the smooth icing for the cookies are so 'my type' of cookies. I do have to admit, your (dark!) Chocolate Lava Cake does look some kind of good! Smile. And, WOW! That blog site of recipes called, 'Created by Diane', sure looks like a very neat blog. I will certainly look at that regularly from now on.
For some reason, Mei and his mother seem like the very nicest people. How kind of them to take you to that exotic Chinese food restaurant to eat together. Some day, if you ever move back to the United States, you will experience severe desire for authentic foreign foods and you'll get to slake your desire with Taco Bell food, or with Panda Express food, or with pickle-less hamburgers from 'Donalds' (as Sarah used to call it.) And you'll realize they are NOT good substitutes!
It honestly looks like little 'Miss Muffet Mary' is already slightly getting the hang of using chop sticks. Now, wouldn't that be something special if she learns to use those!
One last remark...I really like your new picture at the top of your blog but the part that won my heart is Mary gawking at her brother, Elijah, hanging upside down. She looks like she's trying to figure out why he's upside down, when he's supposed to be posing for the picture. lol!
Love, Mom D

Sherry L Dickinson said...

How very very sweet, dear Jimmy's remark of "...but remember we love you more."
That sure puts the ol' tug on your heart strings!
Love, Mom

lila said...

Very yummy looking and beautiful post. I don't know when you find time to sleep. Have been praying all goes well when you arrive home. love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

I L.O.V.E. Mary's little tongue all stuck out to try to work those chopsticks! So cute! love you all much and am having fun catching up with your blog since being away from home. Our prayers are with you every hour of every day! Much Love, Laura

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