Sunday, March 18, 2012

~Our pics!~

Please pray for my parents!  That God will give them traveling mercies, help things go smoothly, and protect their suitcases.
I haven't heard a report today, but our friend Benji who had surgery has been in quite a bit of PAIN!  Please keep him in your prayers!  THANK YOU!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Our girls were so happy to have their friends Gaby and Natali over again! 
Here's Sarah with her best Colombian friend Gaby!~
 ~On Saturday we took them to a nearby "hole in the wall restaurant" for lunch.  It's not anything to look at, but their food is good and CHEAP!  We don't have pictures of our lunch but it was a DELICIOUS plate of steak or chicken, beans, pasta, cauliflower, rice, fried Plantain, and a salad, yummy juice, and the option of soup too.  We all ate for just over $10.00.  One thing we MISSED while in Argentina was the YUMMY and CHEAP Colombian lunches!  We all eat for the price of 2 packages of chicken, so why not eat lunch there, when it's CHEAPER (and did I mention easier?) than my making lunch at home? =)~

 ~Today, Sunday, God's presence was SO SWEET and close in our service that I wept a lot of the time I was playing the piano.  We are praying for God's Glory to settle down in our services...and this morning was such a refreshing time!
Sis. Farly taught Sunday school and as always did a great job!~
 ~The Lord helped Phillip to preach~
 ~Sis. Farly telling the story of the 4 friends that brought their sick friend to Jesus...using Flannelgraph.~
 ~Then Bro. Jimmy, Sis. Farly, and their girls, and Sis. Farly's Sister and her family came over for Skyline Chili!  That is one thing that Bro. Jimmy MISSED while we were gone to Argentina was SKYLINE.  =)
Here's the young ladies table.~
 ~We sat the 4 boys outside.  Easier "clean up." =)~
 ~Our table~
 ~Yours truly, Sis. Farly, and her sister Judy~
 ~We let them try the Argentine herb drink/tea called "Yerba Mate".~
 ~Mary enjoying her Skyline. =)~
 ~The kids outside...with Noah's neighbor friend also.~
 ~Since Mary was up a lot last night, she crashed for a LONG nap.  UGH!  I wonder WHAT KIND OF NIGHT we'll have tonight?!? 
She looks like she is thinking, "How can I get to sleep in Daddy and Moma's bed again tonight? ;-)[a RARE treat!]~
 ~I decided on Saturday to just serve a simple dessert for Sunday.  We simply made a jello salad and passed out 2 different kinds of cookies that we bought on Saturday.  Here's what Elijah's Oreos looked like when he got "done with them!"  =)~
 The Lord gave us a wonderful Lord's day!  We trust yours was the same! Thank you for your Prayers for my Parents and Benji!


Charity said...

You can tell you're happy to be back at 'home' with old friends! Good times. Do you have a recipe for mate? Kathryn was just asking me yesterday what it is... Also, the oreos look like they were eaten 'just right!'

Kira said...

Mary is so cute !

Im glad that you are all back home among good friends . The boys and Mary looked like they has a blast playing .

I am praying for your parents and Benji and also that little Mary sleep's better at night )=

Nice to see Kimberly and Sarah back with their friends .

Stephanie said...

One thing that stands out to me, Heather, is your willingness to show hospitality even in crowded kitchens with fewer amenities. I'm more than a little convicted! We are so spoiled with our relatively large homes, 3+ bedrooms, etc., and so many of us make excuses for not being "able" to fulfill the Scriptural ideal of hospitality. I always enjoy seeing the smiles of your guests. It shows me that the important things are not "things", but people who are willing to give their best to make others comfortable. Thank you for sharing!

lila said...

So glad everyone is happy to be home. I can tell your friends are happy too. What a nice post. Praying for your dear parents. love you tons

~Carla~ said...

Oh, everyone looks so happy! I so enjoy your posts and seeing how God is using you! Love ya girl, Carla

Rob and Deanna said...

Update from Denise this morning: "Good morning! We had a wonderful night last night with the pain staying under control! Sunday night was long and scary with Benji being in so much pain he wanted to die or go to Children's. That time of pain made us exceptionally thankful for all your prayers and the Great Physician's intervention this past week. It was one week ago today that we were in the prep room waiting for surgery! God has been so faithful and dear ~ we could not have made it without Him and all of you, our truest friends and faithful prayer warriors! Thank you for continuing to keep us in your prayers ~ we still have " a long row to hoe."

Daryl Hausman said...

You in a Sweater is the 1st thing I noticed! =) Love ya and glad you are 'home' to your 2nd home and the Lord's presence was sweet in your midst! We too were blessed with His presence in our services... something I NEVER want to take for granted. Love you and prayin for our parents to get some needed rest and that the Lord would touch and make up the difference for the classes, too! Much Love, Laura

The Dickinsons said...

Very good post, Charity! Thank you for sharing your heart!! May Jesus help us all to be sweet and not have a complaining attitude. The more I'm learning about you the more I think we are "kindred spirits" (To quote Anne of Green Gables. =)

I just posted a post on my blog...sharing my heart as well!

Sorry it took me a few days to respond to your comment about Mate. My parents are here visiting so life is busy. We are LOVING having them with us!
No, I don't have a recipe to make it, but here's a link that talks about Mate.
We have heard that a lot of health type stores(or whole food type places) in the USA are starting to sell Mate.


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