Saturday, March 24, 2012

~Enjoying Gramp and Gram =)~

Dearest Ladies, Thank you for all your sweet and encouraging comments on my post below!  I in no way have all the answers, and am still learning.  Jesus is still working on me.  Like I mentioned in my comment on my blog and Charity and Stephanie mentioned, I want to keep a close walk with Jesus and stay sweet on the inside as well as classy yet carefully dressed on the outside.
I believe a lady should WOW!!!! her OWN husband in the privacy of their home!!!...BUT
Like Angie mentioned, Let's keep encouraging and praying for one another!  (((HUGS)))   =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We are having a lot of fun having my DEAR parents here.  Sorry I didn't get to post a Fun Food Friday post yesterday, we were running around showing them some of Bogota.
We've had "Christmas" TWICE since they got here and our kids are THRILLED!
First some pics of the night they got here for you to enjoy.
~I told Phillip that I wanted to buy a typical Colombian flower arrangement for Daddy and Moma's room, so he went with me and we chose this pretty one.  I like how they bend the leaves under the arrangement.  Colombians LOVE color!  I think they do a great job making these arrangements.~
 ~Remember my little glass yogurt jars from Argentina?  Well, My Moma wanted me to bring her I had them sitting on the desk in their room.  I filled them with some coffee candy, caramel filled choc. balls, and some packs of peanuts. =)~
 ~I snapped this picture of sweet Mary before Gramp and Gram arrived at our house...for it was late and I thought she might be asleep.  But, she stayed up to see them!~
 ~Elijah and Mary. (Note Elijah's eyes.)~
 ~Poor Lil' Elijah!  We thought he had pink eye, for each morning he would wake up with yucky eyes.  But one day, Phillip happened to lie down on Elijah and Noah's bed to rest and started sneezing and his nose started running and driving him crazy!  That's when we realized that the foam that we had on top of the boys mattress must be filled with mold or something.  So, we got rid of it and Elijah's eyes are getting better now.  Bless his heart!~
 ~Excuse the blurry picture...but this is my Sweet Daddy and Moma and we are THRILLED to have them here with us!!~
 ~Us eating our snack that first night.~
 ~While Phillip and I were out shopping for the flower arrangement for Gramp and Gram....Kimberly was making our cake for our dessert that night.  WHAT WOULD I DO...without my SWEET helpers?! 
My Sarah is left I tell my girls that Kimberly is my "RIGHT HAND LADY (helper)"...and Sarah is my "LEFT-HAND LADY! (helper)" =)~
Moma brought a book with her called, The Magic Garden and she is reading some to us each night.  We are really enjoying it.  (We're tempted to find out where she put the book so we can keep reading it.  Hee! Hee! =)
I'll post more pics soon.  Please pray for God's presence in our service on the Lord's day tomorrow and for His help in the up-coming classes that Daddy will be teaching and Phillip will be translating.  Thank you!


Keith and Crystal said...

I am so happy you are having a nice time with your parents. I remember how special it was to have company come all the way over the oceans to see us. :) I enjoyed your post about modesty, too!

Stay encouraged!!

lila said...

Cute pics, and so glad you all are having a great time. Love the flowers. Poor Elijah, he seems to always get the bad end of the stick. Glad you was able to figure out why his poor eyes was messed up. love to all

Sherry L Dickinson said...

How nice that Gram is reading a book together with her girls.
And, Christmas twice - WONDERFUL!
With that exotic bouquet for your parent's room, why, they'll feel just like they're visiting in Colombia, South America! lol!
While you're taking the picture of the family eating their snack, your youngest girl is busy watching her mother, to see what she's up to! Wee Mary's eyes miss VERY LITTLE! She is one busy detective!
I'm thankful that Phillip is trying to keep up with the Holiness Conventions each year. "And an highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called The way of holiness; -Is 35:8
Dad and I love and miss you all, Mom D

~Carla~ said...

SO much fun to have Grandma and Grandpa visiting! We are so thrilled you all get to be sweet. Thanks for sharing their visit and fun with us all. ~Carla~

Daryl Hausman said...

It was fun to get to talk to you all a bit last night. Glad your feeling some better, Moma and Daddy. We are praying for your time there, MUCH! Loved all the pics... bless "Whyjah's" "wittle" heart.... makes me SOOOO SAD to see his eyes. Such a fun flower arrangement, Grandma Bryan would have loved it! =) I too love the true appreciation for color that many other cultures have! Love ya, Laura

Daryl Hausman said...

I loved seeing the pictures! Both Mary and Elijah look so big! I enjoyed reading The Secret Garden that Gram is reading to you all too! I'm glad you all are having fun with Gram and Gramp!
Love ya,

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