Tuesday, March 27, 2012

~Christmas #1 ...in March!~

I told you earlier that we have had 2 Christmases since Daddy and Moma had arrived.  =)  Here's the first one.  The Nelsonville Women of Worth ladies were SO VERY KIND and sent us birthday/Christmas gifts!  There's no way I could capture all of it on camera.   (My parents ran out of room and couldn't bring all of our gifts from them...due to them having to bring our kid's schooling for NEXT year.  But they have the rest of our gifts safely packed away back in the USA for us to get later!)
We were all THRILLED with the fun and yummy things that they sent to our family!
~Here is Sarah playing with her newest Littlest Pet Shop animals and accessories she received from the Ladies.  She LOVES these and her Little Ponies the Ladies sent her too!!~
~A dear friend, Miss Linda, got this coat for Kimberly.  Thank you, Miss Linda, for thinking of Kimberly.  She likes her new coat!~
~The WOW group sent a fun football along for our boys.  Our boys dug through their room and FOUND all the clothes on hand for their "uniform" (using our towels for "padding.") 
Daddy made them their fun T-shirts with their numbers on the front and names and numbers on the back...they just lacked a football to throw.   =)  So they are so HAPPY to have an American football!
We had fun taking these pics of them.
I think Norman Rockwell couldn't have painted a cuter picture...than my 2 boys...all dressed up to play "football" in the house.   =)~

~Our boys were delighted with their cars, football, toys, etc. that the WOW group sent them! 
I just learned that my sweet Uncle and Aunt from TN gave the boys some of these cars as well!  Thank you, A. Carole and U. Dan...our boys LOVE everything they received!!  =) ~
~Little Mary surrounded by lots of YUMMY DELICIOUS-NESS...called Hersheys and Reeses!!  She and Kimberly love their things from the WOW group.  I love my gifts too.  One gift that I am really looking forward to reading is the book that I have wanted to read for some time, Bringing up Boys by James Dobson.~
~Everyone opening "Christmas" in our room.  My niece Brittany and her family and Gram went shopping for some clothes for some of us.  Lil' Allyssa Fish shared some of her fun clothes with her lil' Bogota Friend...our Mary.   So we had fun looking through all of the clothes sent to us!~
~Phillip took this picture of Noah's "traffic jam" using some of his new cars he had received.~
THANK YOU, DEAR NELSONVILLE LADIES and to everyone...who sent us our NICE cards and gifts!!  You made some HAPPY Children as well as 2 HAPPY parents!  =)  
May God RICHLY bless y'all for your kindnesses to our family!


lila said...

What a nice Christmas!! How blessed you all are, so nice of the ladies!!! Those football players are the cutest, couldn't help but get tickled. So glad you are having such a nice time with your parents, praying for the Bible classes. love you tons

~Carla~ said...

Oh how WONDERFUL!! That was SO sweet, and it looked like you had a ton of fun. I love those footballs boys too!!! Love ya, Carla

Daryl Hausman said...

That picture of Noah and Elijah in their American football outfits is just the cutest thing ever! I love it! Have a great day!
Love ya,

Daryl Hausman said...

So glad that you all had a nice "Christmas, in March!!". Those pictures of Noah and Elijah in their football uniforms "playing" made me laugh SO hard!!! =) Love Elijah's ski mask!! ;) They are TO cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I think kids with NO imagination are the saddest of all... kids with great imaginations can go anywhere and be anything with what they have on hands... a football helps tho!=0
I love it! Too cute... Mary again reminds me soooo much of her cousin! Sweet post... love ya much, Laura

Rob and Deanna said...

So FuN!! I remember the excitement of receiving "Christmas" whenever visitors from the States arrived.

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