Sunday, May 1, 2011

~I love my family~

My birth family has always been a TREASURE to me!  But...probably even more now that we don't get to see each other very often.  Last January my entire family (all 27 of us) got together and stayed at my sister Laura (and her family) and my (and my family's) houses in Cinci.  Now our houses were under construction...but our family was flexible and we had a blast being together.  This was the first time we all got to be together since June 2006!!! (Our Noah was only 2 then...He is now 7!!  So, this was the first time that some of my family got to meet Elijah (2 1/2 and little Mary.=)
My family consists of:
My sweet Daddy and Moma
My oldest brother Andrew, his wife Vonnie, and their 6 children...from AK
My brother Lincoln, his wife Lyn, and their 2 children...from VA
My sister Laura, her husband Daryl, and their 4 children...from OH
And I'm the BABY of my family, joined by my wonderful Phillip, and our 5 children from...OH, Colombia., Argentina., everywhere! =)
(you would have NEVER guessed that I am the baby...Right?! =D)
Here's the first of a few posts of our wonderful time together!
~Little Elijah LOVES being a he really enjoyed all the attention he got from his aunts, uncles, and older cousins. =)~
~Daddy...our Patriarch...talking before we opened the gifts from He and Moma.~

~All the younger boy cousins got a nice pair of binoculars!  It was a hit!~
~Here Tyler (?) is trying out his binoculars.  =)~
~Dear Lincoln and Phillip using Moma's pretty gift bows as a "Headband" and "Bow tie".  =)~
~Some of the older cousins.  Keith is being his normal crazy self...wearing one of the winter sweatshirts that we ladies received. =D~
~Mary said that she LOVED being the only baby around.  Had she been born years ago...there were LOTS of babies to be held...but now...she's the only one!  She got lots of hugging, squeezing, kissing, and loving from all her aunts, uncles, and cousins. =)  Sometimes her Aunt Vonnie and her Aunt Lyn even fought waited their turn to hold her.  =D~
~Some very flexible kids.  Grant and my Sarah.~
~More flexible kids...although some of these kids were hurting after the picture was taken, while others just got up like nothing had happened. =)~
~When it's dinner time...there's always lots of people around.  =)~


Anonymous said...

Love the family picture at the top of your Blog!!! Hope you're having a BLESSED Lord's Day!!! Tell Sarah & Noah we miss them in Junior Church!!!
Love & Prayers,
Sis. Jowers

Vonnie said...

It was a wonderful Christmas!! How glad I am that we could all be together!! Love you!!

mmsbryan said...

It was neat seeing the pictures for some reason I did not see all that was going on around me. Guess I was too busy trying to take in and save all the memories. It was a wonderful time together. Love, Moma

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