Tuesday, May 31, 2011

~Baby Mary is 8 months~

Jesus helped us and we got Mary's 8 month pics taken today!  Enjoy!!
~Here you can finally can see her 2 cute little bottom teeth.~
~Pretty in White!~

~Flirting with her Daddy! =)~
I just found this adorable Piper and Posie sweater and hat set for baby Mary here in Colombia.   
Lord willing in August we are going to work in Argentina for 6 months or so. 
~In these pics...Baby Mary is... ALL READY TO TRAVEL! =)~

~All giggles!~
~Ready for the long ride ahead. =)~

~All packed and ready to Go!~
~Looking Sweet even in a suitcase. =)~
~One EXHAUSTED traveler!~
Which one is your favorite?


Daryl Hausman said...

A. Heather,
Cute pictures! Mary is SO ADORABLE! I liked the closeup one that you have at the top of your blog, as well as the black and white one, with the pink accents. So cute. Love you all, give Mary a squeeze for me.

Dorcas said...

She is adorable!! All the pictures are cute ~ too hard to choose:o)

Rob and Deanna said...

I think the bottom 2 are my favorite. They are all adorable, & I love the lil' toofies! :-)

Kira said...

She is so adorable .

I love the one with Mary "flirting with her Daddy" ...so cute )=

Wow Argentina !!! That will be an adventure !

Hannah Avery said...

Those Argentina pictures are SO cute! The white dress ones are too!


lila said...

They are all soooo cute. The one with the teeth and all the ones with the suitcase are favs. love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

All of them of course. Who could choose?! Love you, Laura

Anonymous said...

These pictures are ADORABLE!!! Mary is just BEAUTIFUL!! Like them all but "Flirting with Daddy" is my favorite!!


........... said...

Oh she is darling. Makes you wanna squeeze her. Thanks for sharing ~Carla~

Janie said...

the close up is definitely my favorite. Great job, Heather!

Angie Davis said...

Baby Mary is a beauty! Praying for your family as you prepare for Argentina!

~Regina~ said...

Those pictures of Mary are simply adorable. You did a fantastic job with taking them!!:)

Bryanna Shirk said...

The pictures of Mary are DARLING!!! She is getting soooo big :)

Laura said...

So precious.

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I know this ain't a good term to use in public but you done split your britches when you took these pictures of baby Mary. And that little girl is adorable! The picture of Mary at the top of your blog is so pretty that it pains me to look at it. An adorable pose also, is the one of Mary pondering the miracle of her fingers. Mary being shy with her daddy is a very sweet picture. And, the suitcase pictures turned out perfect. You may have to take up photography after you've got your family raised. Haw!
Enamored with your family,
Mom D

mmsbryan said...

As you know Daddy and I were with Grandmother Scarbrough last week and although I tried I could not check my mail on Daddy's old lap-top. I think it must be as old and slow as I! These pictures are adorable but with so much to work with and such a wonderful photographer what more could you expect. The one at the top of the post is my favorite. HOw thankful I am for this technology to get to see the children grow. Thanks for you faithful posts. I love you, Moma

Emily said...

My favorite is the next to last one; but they are all adorable!
Emily A.

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