Tuesday, May 10, 2011

~I had a HAPPY Mother's Day~

On Friday before Mother's day...Bro. Jimmy called to ask me if I WANTED TO SPEAK to the Mothers at church on Sunday.  URRRR...UGGGGH...MMMMM...well, I told him I'd pray about it.  You see, I love playing the piano or singing in church, but SPEAKING up front...and IN SPANISH....HELP!  But I prayed and the Lord gave me some good ideas on what to speak about.  So between preparing to speak to the Mothers, practicing to sing a trio with my girls, making a salad to feed 22 people ( Jimmy and Farly invited us over to their house for Sunday dinner and we had a wonderful meal) and making 75 or so treats to pass out at church Sunday, I didn't get to bed until 3:15 AM Sunday morning!  Needless to say I was exhausted, but God helped me to speak, and I had a wonderful Mother's day with my precious family and with our Colombian family too! =)  Here's some pics of our day!
~The girls and I made these cupcakes to pass out to the Mothers in our church here on Mother's day.  (We made smaller than normal cupcakes, for here they don't like a lot of sweets.)~
~We used a large marshmallows for the petals and small marshmallow for the center of the flower. (When you cut the marshmallow it is sticky and you can dip it down into sugar or sprinkles.=)~
~And then we made other decorated cupcakes for the rest of the people in our church.~
~We had a good number at church~
~My girls and I sang (in Spanish of course) "I don't want to be just any Woman" (by Mary Duren) .~
~Sis. Farly speaking.~

~Sis. Farly praying for all the Mothers while I played softly at the piano.~
~The Mothers were happy with the box of chocolates that the church gave them and with the cupcake that I gave them.=)~
~Passing out the goodies to the rest of the crowd as they were leaving.~

~Phillip was so nervous for me, that he forgot to get a picture of me speaking...so we posed this one after church.  =)~
~My 5 REASONS to be HAPPY on Mother's day...and every other day!! =) (If you look closely you can see that even baby Mary smiled in this picture.) =D~
~After coming back from a wonderful meal and time at Jimmy and Farly's house, we rested for awhile, then got up and made these fun choc. cupcakes, (we squeezed a touch of caramel inside them), put a dollop of coolwhip on top, and inserted a fun choc. cookie straw. (Here they sell pre-made soft caramel. It's in the smaller container on your right with "Arequipe" on it [behind the tray of cupcakes].=)~
~I made some fresh pineapple juice...~
~Used fun decorative PAPER napkins to make a "table runner" and....
~Sarah got me this fun pink glass "vase" (which reminded me of an antique milk bottle), and Phillip got me these pretty roses (He got me lots more, but only a small amount looked nice in the vase.) 
Thank you, Sarah, and Phillip!!
(It was LATE Saturday evening when Phillip finally got my song about Mothers downloaded to my blog and youtube, and headed out to get me some flowers.  Most people who had been selling Mother's day flowers were gone home by that time.  He finally found these REAL roses, but they had taken them and DIPPED the edges in COLORED GLITTER!!  Only a Colombian would think of "decorating" God's already beautiful rose. =)~
~I made French Bread snack (similar to pizza) to go along with our pineapple juice and dessert for our snack.~
~Elijah was impressed with our Mother's day desserts.  =)~
~Another one of my gifts from my family was this adorable Vase...that matches our bedspread.  =)~
~Here's the fun vase...and you can see the GREEN glitter on the real rose.  =)~
~Kimberly got me this set of 2 neat coffee cups, spoons, and inside each cup she put a fun pastry.  Thank you, Kimberly!
The box of chocolates was from church, and the other box has candied almonds...a gift from Jimmy and Farly.~
~And Kimberly made me this cute "purse" card. =)~
I had a wonderful Mother's day...and hope you did too!  I AM VERY BLESSED!!  =)


........... said...

You are so creative Heather. I love your cupcakes. They were so beautiful. Glad you had a good Mom's Day. Your kidos are very blessed to have you for a momma! Hope today is wonderful for ya! Love, Carla

Eric and Hannah Avery said...

Wow, seems like you had an amazing day! All of your cupcakes are so pretty!Here are some other missionary wives' blogs you might enjoy.







Daryl Hausman said...

Loved seeing the pictures of your Mother's Day! The chocolate cupcakes with the "straw" sticking out of them was so cute. We just might have to borrow your idea!
Love you all,

Daryl Hausman said...

I'm glad Jesus helped you. As the Mother's of our church were singing a beautiful Mother's day song, the Lord reminded me that this would be about the same time you were speaking over there. Love you so much! Ur a great "Fun" Mommy! Keep encouraged in Jesus!

The Dickinsons said...

Somehow Blogger must have erased my sister's comment, so I'm re-posting it! =)
Daryl Hausman

I'm glad Jesus helped you. As the Mother's of our church were singing a beautiful Mother's day song, the Lord reminded me that this would be about the same time you were speaking over there. Love you so much! Ur a great "Fun" Mommy! Keep encouraged in Jesus!

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