Friday, April 29, 2011

~What kind of fragrance is our life sending out?~

 Today Phillip brought this Pretty Beautifully-smelling Gardenia flower in from our garden for me to enjoy. 

Titus 2:3&4 talks about "The aged women being in behaviour as becometh holiness...teachers of good things. That they may teach the young women..." vs. 7 "In all things showing thyself a pattern of good works."
Now, I don't consider myself an "aged women" but there are always "young women" who are younger than us. Right? Whether we realize it or not, our actions affect MANY people around us. Especially...those "young women" whom we call our daughters. Phillip and I have often talked about us having to be VERY careful of what we allow, wear, do...for our children one day will probably go "a step further" than what we did. James Plank preached a very good message on Wednesday night of IHC (you can view that message from the the "archived videos" from this link.)
He was preaching about Samson and the little things not mattering to him anymore. He hadn't even noticed that God's spirit had departed from him. WOW! That is scary!
Just like our beautiful Gardenia flower "shares it's breath-taking fragrance" wherever it we are sharing our "life's fragrance" to those around us.
When we sew...don't we lay down a pattern so that the thing we are making turns out well?!   Well, I believe we are "laying down a pattern" for those 'young-er women' coming up behind us.  May they see JESUS in us!


Leah said...

I was at IHC and heard his message and thought it was so good! I enjoyed reading your blog update and whole-heartedly agree!

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts, Beautiful Flower. David and I have often said the same thing. There is an edge of a dangerous cliff that our kids might fall over. We purposefully set the fence a good distance back from the edge so that when they step over our fence they won't fall off the cliff. I stepped over my parents fence in some areas, wondered around some and now find myself mostly back on the side they were on.
Also love, love your main picture of your family.

lila said...

So sad many have fallen down the cliff. It is such a tough job to train children. All we can do is our best and God has to do the rest. love you tons

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