Tuesday, May 24, 2011

~Pardon the house, but enjoy the food. =)~

 ~Mocha Mousse~
 Stir 1 T. chilled strong coffee into 2 cups prepared chocolate pudding.  Beat 3/4 cup heavy cream with 1 T. sugar.  (or use 3/4 cup (6 oz.) prepared coolwhip).  Fold into Mocha pudding.  Top with coolwhip and choc. shavings or mini choc. chips if desired.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Here is another quote from the book HomeSchooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit that I wanted to share with you.
"Many Homeschooling moms were raised in homes where their mothers were home all day while the children went away to school. If our moms wanted to, they had six or more hours a day to devote to housecleaning, laundry, and organizing.  So...we may compare our homes to what we remember our mothers' homes were like. While it certainly is possible to keep a neat and tidy home while homeschooling, it won't be the same standard of cleanliness that it would if we spent four hours a day on it.  Moreover, there is a greater opportunity for mess and clutter to accumulate when the children are HOME all day, rather than away at school for seven hours." By Teri Maxwell...mother of 8, homeschooling since 1985!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We are all different from each other.  I have friends who vacuum every day...maybe more than once a day.  I have another fun-loving friend who would rather do anything but clean her house.  She has teasingly told us that if we hear that she died, to please go and burn her house so no one will see it.  =)  We all have different priorities.  If a friend of mine who vacuums everyday were to have us over...she would probably spend most of the day cleaning her house and then right before we came she would pull out some classy already prepared snacks from Sams and serve them.  =)  If I were to have her and her family over...I would bake and cook fun recipes all day and then right before they came...I'd quickly "company clean"!  (Surface clean.) =) 
Although I admire my friend's immaculate house (and she always makes us feel special when we come by)... I am not one that does deep cleaning every day.   Our kids know that they can have fun times playing with their toys...as long as they clean up their mess when they are done!!  In our house I like to keep things picked up, and tidy.  Before we go to bed I like to have the living room and dinning room straightened, (including cleaning the floors) and at least the dishes in the sink and counters wiped off.  (I don't like to leave dirty dishes at night, but with a nursing baby I don't always get them done. =)   That way if unexpected guests arrive in the morning, my house looks presentable.
Whether someone has a messy house, an immaculate house or one like my "picked up" house...what we must remember is that our family is our FIRST priority after God!
I like to live thinking, "WHAT will my children remember when they are grown?"  What will stand out to them from living in our home?    Will they remember the time that I took to be with them and do something special together, or will they remember that I was more concerned about less important things?   We only have a few short years to have our children in our homes.  I know that 18 or so years sounds like a long time...but it FLIES!  I cannot believe that in a few months my Kimberly will be14!!
As you know I LOVE to bake!  I THRILL on finding a new recipe, copying it down and running to the kitchen to make it!  What we Mommies thrive on...normally our girls do to!  My girls love to bake things with me...and now are baking things on their own!! =)  My family LOVES it when I bake something.  Not only do I love to bake...but baking a treat helps our hearts not to be sooo lonely for our family, friends, country, and culture! 
So, if you come to my house...you will probably find some yummy treat on the table...but if it drops...you probably won't want to eat it off my floors. =)


........... said...

Heather, you always warm my heart. Those questions you ask yourself, are ones I ask myself and think of daily as I'm raising my gang. I love my house to be tidy (and we try for it daily) and in order, but it doesn't always happen. I have a dear aunt who told me that when she feels overwhelmed or pressured to get things done. She always asks herself if the issue at hand is an Eternal one. Most times it's not and it helps her to keep her priorites in order. I try to do that too, and it reminds me that a clean house is only temporary anyway. Love you guys :) Thanks for always sharing your heart. ~Carla~

sarahmfry said...

Great perspective, Heather!

Brittany said...

Great post, Heather! I'm a confirmed "surface cleaner" I can't stand clutter, and am constantly picking up and clearing things away, but I'm not a real dedicated "deep cleaner". There always seems to be something more fun or important to do! =)
Oh, and my hubby thinks I'm so weird because I can't go to sleep at night if there are dishes in the sink! Glad I'm not the only one =)

lila said...

You do a fine job Heather. Hope the old women stuff dosen't hit you in a few years as hard as it has hit me. This old gray mare ain't what she use to be. Thank God I had my babies while I was young. I sure couldn't keep up now. love you tons

Liz said...

That did my heart good, Heather! In fact, it might have been just for me today :>)

Blessings, Liz

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