Monday, May 16, 2011

~Elijah's birthday party~

~The girls and I thought this was so cute when we saw Mary sleeping with her arms crossed like this. =) (Sarah had put her to sleep rubbing her hair, so that is why it looks the way it does. =)~
~Elijah's birthday gifts.~
~Elijah is our "Curious George".  I often call him "George" for at times HE makes Curious George look like an amuteur.  Hee! Hee! So, I decided to use a Curious George theme for Elijah's birthday!  I had fun making this cute but simple monkey cake.  (Frost one layer of cake with choc. icing and place choc. rice krispies about an 1 1/2" around the edge of the top of the cake (leaving middle of cake without cereal for FACE) and all around the sides of the cake for his "fur".   Use about 1 cup of white frosting mixed with some Peanut Butter for face. (With a mixer I mixed about 1/4 cup of Peanut Butter with COOLWHIP and it was DELICIOUS!!)  Place this in a ziplock bag, cut a rather large hole and squeeze it out to make round face. (Smooth with knife.) Place 2 Hershey Kisses upside down for eyes, use some choc. frosting and pipe on for nose and mouth.  Cut a choc. cookie in half for ears, peel a banana and place on top for his "hat". =)  Enjoy!~
~We were all SAD for Elijah started getting sick on Friday...the day before his birthday.  But Praise the Lord he was feeling some better by the time we celebrated his birthday Saturday evening.  (As you can tell he still wasn't himself yet.)~
~His Curious George monkey table~
~We had planned a grill out on our patio, but then it was cold and sprinkling, so Phillip just grilled our hamburgers, toasted the hamburger buns on the grill, and we ate inside.  We enjoyed our delicious American style hamburgers, freshly squeezed lime-ade (made by Kimberly), my potato salad, chips and Ranch dip (Which is a treat for us), and then Monkey cake and icecream.=)~
~Mary wore her "Monkey" jammies for the occassion. =)~
~Our family...minus Phillip who was taking the picture.~
~Our sweet Elijah with his monkey cake.~
~We bought a volcano candle and Elijah loved it.~
~Elijah with his gifts...minus the red jumping thing, (we're saving that until he is better.  When he gets too active he coughs more.)
~Mommy and her "little" Elijah. (I was praying that Mary would be a girl...for I wanted another little girl, and because I wanted Elijah to stay my "baby boy". =)
~Kimberly and Sarah got blocks for Elijah.  They were a big hit.  Elijah loves them! Here Noah, Sarah, and Phillip are playing blocks with Elijah.~
~Another gift to Elijah is this nice bike which Noah outgrew and passed down to him. (Now...if he can only learn how to pedal front ways.  This bike doesn't have pedal brakes, but is like a 10-speed and so the pedals go he just sits there and pedals backwards and GOES NO WHERE! =)~
~Noah made this cute birthday card on your left and Sarah made the fun Curious George birthday card on your right.~
Elijah enjoyed his birthday so much he's already talking about having another one. =D~


mmsbryan said...

Happy Birthday to our little laddie, Elijah! Gramp and Gram thought of you on your special day, as we were not home, there just seemed no time to phone and tell you. I loved your birthday cake and all the special things your family did for you. If I could be there I would tell you the way to have a birthday week instead of just a birthday and then you would get a whole week of special gifts. ;-) I know that Mommy won't read that line to you for she thinks that you have enough "ideas" on your own. I think that you have inherited that from your Gramp. :-) We are really sad that you had to be sick and trust that you get better each day. Love, Gram

Bryanna Shirk said...

Happy Birthday Elijah!!!
His cake is sooooo cute!!!!!!! I love it!!! Curios George suits him perfectly LOL!!!
I had never seen the volcano candles before. That is neat. He looked THRILLED!!!!
The pic of Mary IS cute too :)

Brittany said...

A very happy Birthday to Mr Elijah! And what an adorable monkey cake :)

Phxchick4Jesus said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Elijah!! What a cute cake, and looks like fun was had by all!

lila said...

Awe, so sorry he wasn't feeling well. He is such a doll baby. Love all the pics got a kick out of some of them. We love your family so dearly. We long to see you all but are so glad we can keep in touch thru your wonderful interesting blog. love you tons

Laura said...

Precious children, Heather. It is a joy to see the joy you take in them! Thank you for commenting on my blog. It means a lot to sense kindred spirits. I appreciate Phillip's comments as well.

teacherprincess said...

Dear Heather, I'm not entirely sure that you will remember me it's been such a long time... I traveled with the AWC trio and was privileged to be a guest in your home one summer. You told us that you would be praying that God would send us the right one for us to marry. After almost eight years I'm happy to tell you that I have started dating a wonderful man of God. I recently came across a picture of you and was reminded that I need to contact you and tell you the news, and to also thank you for your prayers! It was wonderful to find your blog and see the great pictures of your beautiful family!! I will be keeping you in my prayers!
Lori LaVan

Daryl Hausman said...

Aunt Heather,
Thank you for putting this fun post on your blog.We always squeal when there is a new update on your blog! We love ya'll and are praying for Elijah.
Love, Brittany

Thanks for putting the picture of Elijah and you on the steps so I could see your cute red shoes! :)

Crystal Mason said...

Oh, Heather...when I read this post, I couldn't hardly believe it and I just had to chuckle. Why? I too was thinking of doing a Curious George theme for Taylor's birthday party this weekend! Great minds must think alike! And Taylor seems to be our "Curious George" too. =)

Daryl Hausman said...

SOOO cute! I loved the cake. You did a great job. Loved the pics.

Sherry L Dickinson said...

This post is too cute! If it wasn't so late at night, and if my Cinnamon Roll dough wasn't in the kitchen 'waiting' for me, I could comment on all the pictures I especially liked; which was pretty much all of them. I'll not look on your blog for a recipe again when it's late at night! Here I am still reading unread posts of yours, and haven't even got to the Roll recipe yet!
Love, Mom D

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt said...

this is so cute and such great ideas. what a wonderful way to share you happiness and ideas with your team work...

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