Sunday, May 22, 2011

~Give us this day our Daily Bread!~

When I was reflecting on the "leaning tower of garlic toast" that I had taken to the table to eat with our dinner I was reminded of 3 things.
First: God is FAITHFUL and provides for our needs (and many of our wants.=)
Second:   God has blessed Phillip and I with 5 precious children! (And with kids who are GROWING...I'm SURE that the STACK OF TOAST will only grow LARGER with time. ;-)
Third:   A neat answer to prayer that my parents shared with me...from before I was born.
This is how I remember my Moma telling me the story.  My Moma grew up in a home which may not have been "well-to-do" but Granddaddy made sufficient to take care of his family well.  My Moma married my Daddy at the age of 18 and they started their own home.  Shortly thereafter God called Daddy to be a teacher in a Christian school.  (He ended up teaching and helping to found SEVERAL Christian schools in different States.)  As you know...Christian School teachers aren't known for "raking in the dough".  On one occasion my Grandparents were coming to visit my parents.  Daddy had just asked Moma if they were doing ok, for he wanted to send their last $10.00 for that month to some missionaries.  Moma didn't realize that they were out of bread when she said that she thought they could send the offering.  Later she discovered that they had no bread and barely any flour and no money to buy either!  She did NOT want her parents (who weren't the type that had to "pray in things") to come and see them in need!  So Moma told Daddy about their need, and they gathered my 2 brothers and my sister Laura who was a baby then into the living room for prayer.  The kids were so young that they weren't going burden them with WHAT the need was...rather just going to pray in words that GOD would understand...telling Him about their need.  My Daddy started out..."Our Father...not intending  to pray The Lord's Prayer...but just using that as an introduction to His prayer.  But they had recently been teaching The Lord's Prayer to their 3 small children and so my brother Lincoln (probably 5 or so) piped up and said, "Which art in He-ben, Hallowed be DY Name".  Daddy and Moma joined Lincoln in His prayer...KNOWING that in that Prayer were the words, "Give Us This Day OUR DAILY BREAD."  After their time of prayer, Moma went back into the kitchen and made some bread out of the tad of remaining flour, oatmeal, and whatever else she could find.     It was enough to make up a loaf of bread to serve my Grandparents when they got there.  When Granddaddy and Grandmother Moma was SHOCKED to see what was in their hands.   They came in bearing a paper bag FULL OF...YOU GUESSED IT...Bread!!  They had NEVER brought bread before to Daddy and Moma's house!!
What is your "Daily Bread Need" today?...GOD IS ABLE!!


Daryl Hausman said...

Oh Heather,
Thank you for sharing this answer to prayer. As I write with tears rolling down my face... God is SO faithful... Still that same God, even though the need may not be "bread" today, He knows our needs and we can trust Him! Thanks for sharing that answer to prayer... I don't remember if I've ever heard it.. and I have the same godly Moma and Daddy and same godly grandparents... and I SERVE THAT SAME GOD, who never changes! PTL! Love you, Laura

........... said...

I remember those same stories kinds of stories from when I was growing up. I'm so thankful the Lord NEVER changes and He ALWAYS knows our needs. What a faith builder. Thanks for sharing. ~Carla~

mmsbryan said...

Thanks Heather, the memory of that very timely answer to prayer is pleasant. And yes, whatever the need of "Daily Bread" He is still the same on this day and will be there if we just ask. I Love you, Moma

Beth Stetler said...

I needed this "faith-builder" today. Thanks for posting.

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