Monday, May 2, 2011

~My Family gathering in January...Part 2~

~As promised, here's more fun pics of my family (all 27 of us) getting together in Cinci last January.  (see last post for more info).  My family stayed at Daryl and Laura's house and at our house...which were both under construction.=)
Here are Brittany and Natasha holding our 3 month old baby Mary.~
~Not sure how, but Uncle Daryl got "stuck" eating at the kids' table!  Thank you for opening up your home to all of us!!  (Our home didn't have a kitchen yet, so they graciously allowed us to "invade" their home!! =)
~Yum! Yum!~

~Laura and Moma made yummy Chicken Alfredo over noodles, salad, garlic bread (?), Southern sweet tea and desserts!  I felt badly that I had been tooo SWAMPED moving in the DAY BEFORE and THE DAY our family I couldn't help bake or cook anything.  (But I'm not sure HOW I would've helped cook/bake...since I didn't have a kitchen yet! =)  Thank you, Moma and Laura, everything was delicious!
~My parents (Gramp and Gram) were blessed to have 16 Grandchildren.  8 girls and 8 boys!  That is...until we found out that Baby Mary was on the way.  Before we knew that she was a girl we wondered which "group" (Grandsons or Granddaughters) would win!  Her being a girl made the Granddaughters win...and now there are 9 girls! =D
In this picture Keith the oldest Grandson is holding little Mary the youngest Granddaughter.~
~Mary getting some attention from her cousin Drew. ~
~Keith doing the "Fist Bump" with Mary.  =)~
~Kelsea has the touch! =)~
~Our young people wanted to go to a nearby park and play "boys against girls" in keeping the ball from each other. We had fun watching them and taking pics.  (But it was too chilly to stay too long.=)~

~I love it when our men get a chance to get together and talk.~
~Heidi and Keith...the 2 oldest grand ones!~
~Katie snuggling our little Mary! (Sorry that Katie's face isn't in this pic.)~
~We kept the girl cousins in our house and Daryl and Laura kept the boy cousins.  Here are Darla and Sarah sleeping in the girl's room.~
~(Obviously, we haven't worked on this upstairs room of our house yet.
But, we did steam clean the carpet...Thanks to a gift from my Moma! =)
Conveniently...I can't remember promising not to post the next 2 pictures.  (If I did promise...I'm one DEAD Aunt/Mommy! =)  The older girl cousins stayed upstairs in our house.  And from the LATE NIGHT giggles and talking we heard I think they had a blast being together!
(L to R: Brittany, Kelsea, Katie (holding Mary), Kimberly, Heidi, and Natasha.=)~ 
~Here is a fun pic...of them being their natural selves goofy!~

Part 3 coming up! =)


Daryl Hausman said...

Nice to get to see the pictures! Except for the last couple...ahem. Enjoyed the time we all got to spend together!
Love you all,

Stephanie said...

Looks like fun! These special days certainly are treasures from God.

Anonymous said...

As always, I enjoyed all the pictures. Looks like you all had a very fun time. :)
Thanks for sharing. I seriously have no idea how you get so much done yet still have time to make a beautiful blog! Glad you do tho!
Sarah Watkins

Anonymous said...

What fun to have family times! Love, Hannah Klunder

lila said...

So glad you all got to be together. What treasured memories. Love the pictures. Enjoy your blog. Keep the posts coming. love you tons

Vonnie said...

Love the pictures, especially of the girls being goofy!! What wonderful memories!

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