Friday, May 20, 2011

~Fun Food Friday...Some Simple Solutions~

Regarding my previous post below...please know that I have tried to be faithful to have my devotions for YEARS.  I just trying to say that I've noticed that when I try to get up a little earlier to spend some time with God BEFORE my day starts, Things go more smoothly than when I wait until my day is nearly done to have my quiet time.  =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Your kids are StaRveD and you need to make a meal FAST...but you don't know what to make for the MEAt? Try this...(and tell your family that they are eating a Colombian meal today!)  Here it is VERY POPULAR to just fry some hamburger (chop it FINE while frying), dissolve a beef bullion cube in a little water, stir it into the fried hamburger...and there is your meat!  I realize you probably won't be serving Rice or fried Plantain (like a banana) like is pictured on this plate, but add some macaroni and cheese (or a potato of some kind), a salad, and another veggie and your meal is ready!  I would have never thought of serving chopped fried hamburger by itself but the Colombians do it all the time (you can pay more for this meal in a restaurant here) and we've grown to enjoy it!  (I mix my cooked rice with the hamburger while I'm eating...and it's yummy that way too!)  I hope that this idea helps you when you're in a pinch.  =)
I saw this idea on Better Homes and Gardens the other day!  Bake brownies...and then add some fun toppers.  The one I tried was spread a THIN layer of peanut butter over your brownies, then sprinkle some chopped salted peanuts (I used chopped mixed nuts) and some choc. chips on top.  My husband is not into choc. but LOVED this!  You can serve it with icecream if you want.  Another topping idea was caramel, nuts, and choc. chips.  (She used peanut butter, Reeses cups, and peanuts, but I don't have that option.)  We really enjoyed these.  They are RICH, but the salted nuts help cut down on some of the richness.  
And as Always...ENJOY!~
~This is a dear couple in our church...Edgar (holding our Elijah and Mary) and Joanna.  They have wanted and PRAYED for a baby for a long time...and God has granted their request.  She is due to have their baby girl in July/Aug.  =)  Please pray that God will continue to bless and encourage this couple in Him! 


lila said...

The food looks beautiful. Nice tips on the brownies, thanks. So happy for your friends pregnancy. Thanks for the reminder to all about quiet time with God. It is deffinately our life line. The devil would love to rob us of that but I'm glad God is faithful and it is enjoyable to spend time with Him. love you tons

Vanessa Froelich said...

We like to add a can of regular tomato sauce to the fried hamburger (maybe a can of kidney beans as well) and serve over rice. I loved it growing up, and now my husband likes it too.
Can you tell that I have some Hispanic background? Never did like the plantain though. :)

Bryanna Shirk said...

That meat idea sounds really good.
We have done brownies similar to those, but those look better because Mommy usually did WAY more peanut butter. So like ONE bite was PLENTY :) You find such cool recipes. It looked BEAUTIFUL!!!

Bryanna Shirk said...

P.S.~ I didn't mean Mommy's WEREN'T good. I just meant that the one's you posted was a good idea!!!

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