Saturday, May 14, 2011

~Can it Be...That our Elijah is 3?~

Happy Birthday, to our Elijah!  Where has the time gone? We cannot believe that our baby boy is now 3. He is basically potty trained, YEA! and is becoming more of a helper to Mommy. (He is my RIGHT HAND MAN when it comes to fixing meals. He's there ready to crack the eggs (when I not looking =) ready to stir the frying hamburger, roll out the tortillas, pour his own drinks, etc. =D )  Seriously, he is growing up and helping me more and more...but I just have to stay RIGHT by him to make sure he doesn't H-E-L-P MORE than I had PLANNED for him to. =)
Here are his 3 year old pictures that Jesus helped us to take! =)
~"What am I doing up on this table?"~
~"Oh, you want me to be a clown...well here goes!" (I didn't post these, but he did an assortment of hilarious poses and pictures. =)~

~"I'm giving you my best smile"~
~"I won't have a hard time smiling at myself in a mirror."~  =D
~"I'll even say "CHEESE" so that you can see all of my cute little teeth." =)~
~"I'll sit on my skateboard for you too." =)
[Noah outgrew his BLUE skateboard (his answer to prayer from years ago) so he gave it to Elijah.]~
~"Hey...that was fun...let's do this "picture thing" again!"~
Elijah is our family clown.  He keeps us laughing!  He has a HUGE imagination!!!  He is always talking about the BEAR that is with him.  One day Noah came upstairs and said, "Elijah, I have a break from school, do you want to play?" 
Elijah (who was sitting on the ground) said, "I can't get up!" 
Noah said, "Oh, are you hurt?" 
Elijah (Still sitting on the ground) said, "No, the Bear is holding me and won't let me go!!" 
Then all of the sudden he "pushed the bear" and said, "Bear, you let me up!" ...
got up and ran off to play with Noah.  =)
Often when he is crying he'll tell us that the "BEAR BIT HIM!"  =D
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Elijah, we love you tons and are HAPPY that Jesus sent you into our family!  We want you to always use your humor, EnErGy, ImAginAtion, and sWeeT PerSonaLity for God! =)


........... said...

Oh he is precious!!! Happy Birthday Elijah!!! ~Carla~

........... said...

All the pics are good, but the last one is my favorite!! Good job Heather!

Kira said...

Great Pictures Heather )=

Happy birthday Elijah ! You are very cute .....i am sad to hear about that ol bear biting you hehe .

Have a lovely weekend .

Rob and Deanna said...

He is a DOLL, & very handsome too! :-) I would get in trouble with my boys if they knew I called him a "DOLL!", so I made sure to add hansome. ;-) Love the pictures. Happy Birthday, Elijah!!

Daryl Hausman said...

Happy Birthday Elijah!!!! The pictures were so cute. I loved his smile! :)
Love and miss you all,

Linda S said...

Happy Birthday, Elijah! Does your bear have a name? Cousin Christa used to play with her "special" friend called Candy. Your bear is the "bestest" friend. He can play when no one else can!

Dorcas said...

I've been following your blog for quite a while and can't believe Elijah is now 3 years old. He's growing up fast!

Bryanna Shirk said...

I love his pics!!! They are sooooooo sweet!! I can't believe he is 3 either!!! He is getting sooooooooo big :(
At least he has a "friend" (his bear) while the older kids our doing school!!! LOL!!!!!

Janie said...

Happy Birthday Elijah! Love all the pics. What a cutie!

lila said...

He is so cute and precious. His personalilty makes me think of his Grandpa Dickinson's. You know there is never a dull moment when he is around. Good photo shoots Heather. love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

I think he is looking more and more like his daddy... but I'd have to say his personality comes straight from his Moma! :) Loved the pics. Happy Birthday sweet lil Whyjah! We all love and miss you!
Aunt Laura, Uncle Daryl and Cuzins

mmsbryan said...

Mommy, the pictures are almost as adorable as the little boy, himself. He reminds Gramp and I of his Uncle Lincoln who was a delight. How we would like to hold and squeeze that little boy just right now. The photoes are professional. I love you, Moma

PS The years move on and while they make us miss those "little Ones of their era" we are thankful for the memories that stay behind!

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