Monday, May 9, 2011

~Words to Mother's Day Song~

Phillip worked HOURS to download my video...but was SAD for whatever program he had to use to convert our video format made our picture, sound and video very BLURY! Sorry for the sad quality of the video. Oh well, at least God helped us to get it on my blog and youtube before Mother's Day. =)
Someone asked me to post the words to my song, so here they are. (You can hear my song here or go to youtube and type in my name.) Thank you for your kind comments...Jesus helped me write the song (although I don't know if He wants to take the credit for helping me write my silly song. =) Hee! Hee!
~Mother’s Day Song~
I sneak out of bed, the house is all still
What? I can have quiet time with God? I think I will!
He’ll be so happy that it’s actually ME
Sitting down for devotions with a cup of hot tea.

Then all of the sudden the baby starts crying,
My kids want to eat now, they think they’re dying.
I stumble to the kitchen to make some food,
With sleepy eyes, I can’t see that good.

Oh what on earth, can I feed these kids?
We’re out of milk, so I dig through the fridge.
Finally I settle on tortillas and beans.
Oh, no the boys have it smeared all over their jeans.

Clean up a tad and hurry to start school.
Thankfully my kids just ate so they’re full.
We’re doing school now, we’re on page 2…
When one of them asks, “I’M HUNGRY, ARE YOU?”

The 3 kids are studying so I go to wash clothes.
My 4th child walks past and something foul hits my nose.
I get him all changed and now it’s the baby’s turn.
Can’t depend on my girls they’re trying to learn.

Go to make lunch and we’re out of supplies.
Hear a crash….can’t believe my eyes.
The brand new can of coffee spilled on the floor.
I’ve email to answer, blogs to post, and more.

Put the babies down for a much-needed nap
Sit down and place my Bible on my lap.
Try to read, but read the SAME VERSE 4 times…
My first grader needs help counting with dimes.

The load of clothes is done, time to hang it to dry
Get it all hung up, then see lightning in the sky!
My sweetheart comes in and kisses me on the lips.
“Mommy,” the informer yells, “Someone dumped the Q-tips!”

Cook supper, wash the dishes, fold the laundry, sweep the floor,
Then scrub the bathroom…”WHO’S AT OUR DOOR?”
We pray with our kids and turn out their light
Skip brushing my teeth, fall in Bed, GOODNIGHT!

Tomorrow’s another day, and we can start anew.
So take the time to hug our kids and say, “I love you!”
We think the dirty dishes and clothes won’t end…
But I have news for you my friend!

Our children will grow up right under our noses.
So, let’s take the time to smell the roses!
One day the fingerprints will be HISTORY!
Then our children will come home with their family!
~Heather Dickinson Jan. 30th, 2011 Bogota’, Colombia


........... said...

Heather, we have a well that frequently runs out of water in the summer, so I can also identify with your no water situation! Fun huh!!! lol. I thought your video was just fine in quality, you certainly blessed me!! Thanks again. Love, Carla

lila said...

Very cute and well done. Happy late Mother's Day. We have been so busy I haven't been on here much lately. love you tons

Beth said...

Thanks for posting both the video and the words. I know that uploading videos can be hard. Have you tried just uploading it right in your blog post? Happy belated Mother's Day! God bless!

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