Wednesday, May 18, 2011

~God is With us (and with you too!!)~

We had just left family, friends, and our home country...and had moved with our 3 small children to Colombia. We had only met one older Colombian lady here, and no one else. Before arriving in Colombia Phillip felt like God had given him a promise that people that we didn't know would help us when we couldn't help ourselves. 2 weeks after arriving in Colombia we went shopping for a keyboard for our church. After running our legs off from store to store...with no SUCCESS...someone told us about a certain avenue which is mainly music stores. On Saturday afternoon we went to that avenue and walked into a store. The man who helped us asked us if we were Christians and told us that he was the son and son-in-law of pastors. He helped us to get the keyboard we needed and helped us load it into the taxi. The next day he called and told us that he could hardly sleep that night...for he had us Americans on his mind. He and his wife came and visited us and asked how they could help us! They helped us get a license to be here, and their brother rented our first home in his name since we couldn't rent it in ours without a Colombia visa. (We paid the rent of course!=)  Their names are Carlos and Gloria.  That encounter was CHANCE God-appointed, for without them...we would not have been able to stay and be missionaries in Colombia!  They have been our precious Colombian friends ever since that day in July 2006!
~We got to have Carlos and Gloria and their 2 children over for dinner this past Sunday!  Here are their kids: Donna Sofia and Joel Phillip (named after my Phillip =), and our Noah enjoying their Sunday dinner.~
~Carlos, Gloria, Kimberly, Sarah, Elijah, Phillip and I enjoying our dinner too.    Phillip feels honored for Carlos and Gloria look at him as their "pastor" and always have some Biblical question to ask him when we are together.  We always have a great visit with them.~
~On Saturday my sweetheart surprised me by bringing these beautiful sunflowers home to me. =)~
We are Thankful to God for HIS! CARING! PROTECTION!! over baby Mary.  Carlos saw her little pink "Bumbo" seat and wondered what it was for.  So I picked Mary up from another part of the room and sat her in that seat.  2 seconds later I went to hand Kimberly a cup of HOT coffee.  Noah (Who had been laying on the floor talking to baby Mary) and who had NO CLUE that there was a cup of hot coffee above his head, JUMPED UP...knocking the cup of hot coffee out of my hands and it spilled all over the walls, and floor RIGHT beside baby Mary!  Praise God she just got a few splashes and didn't get burnt!! 
God is Awesome...even when we don't see His hand of protection!


........... said...

Oh, I am so thankful baby Mary was ok. The Lord sends angels to protect us so many times and we don't even know it. He is sooo good! Thanks for sharing your story of your first arriving in Columbia. It is a good reminder to look back at God's guidance in our and your lives! Love ya, Carla

lila said...

God is so amazing we can't begin to sing His praises but I sure like to try. He sure has answered a lot of prayers for us lately. Love your blog it is so encouraging. Love you tons

Sherry L Dickinson said...

What warm hospitality your family bestows on others. Bless your dear hard-working hearts! I am happy to hear a bit of news about Carlos and Gloria. I had no idea what had happened to them. Do they attend your church? Do they attend church?
I'm on your blog because I was looking up your recipe and directions for Cinnamon Rolls. I made some a couple of weeks ago; 64 of them. I am making 64 of them again tomorrow, IF I ever get the dough made tonight.
My family is spending the weekend at Uncle John's house, so I am making them for us to eat. The texture of my last batch was like they had too much air in them. I am going to let them rise a bit less this time, and I will put them in a cooler environment to rise. Last time I put them on a table out in the sun for two hours and those poor ol' rolls didn't know whether to rise, bake, or collapse. Needless to say, their baked texture was not like the "Master Baker", Heather's are! So, I am try, try, trying to make them once again.
Love, Mom D

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,
Glad Mary is safe! Happy birthday Elijah! I loved the monkey theme! We are on a trip to the Creation Musium!
Have a great day! Love n prays! Love, Hannah Klunder

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