Monday, April 18, 2011

~Pictures from Sunday~

Thank you for praying for my magazines to arrive. Phillip is not sure if the post office will even open this week, due to Easter coming up (some government offices take this whole week off).   So please keep praying that my magazines will arrive as soon as possible.
(Thank the Lord I can go on line and find ideas and recipes for Resurrection Sunday. =)
~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~On Saturday I decided to make some treats to take to church on Sunday to pass out. (As you know, I like to do this, but hadn't been able to do it since we have been back from the USA yet.)
I was going to make cresant rolls but at last minute decided to make them into cinnamon rolls.  I  took 58 of them to church.~

God gave us a good service on Sunday morning and He helped Bro. Jimmy as he preached!
~Our people were HAPPY that I had had them in mind...and loved my rolls. =)  (The Lady beside me is one that attended the church where we first ministered when we came to Colombia in 2006.)~

~After service we had a special invitation to eat Sunday dinner at Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly's NEW HOME that Jesus just help them to get! YEA! =) We are so happy for them that they have their own home now! We had a delicious meal and a wonderful visit with them and Jimmy's parents! =)~

Praise the Lord!
Jimmy's sister Judy (who had eye surgery about a month ago) just delivered a healthy baby girl today! =)


Melissa said...

Yum! It was good to hear from you, girl. I'm laughing because I was trying to figure out what "sample" post you had commented on- only to discover that my blog that I play around with was set to open to anyone- aaaaggh. Changed that quick! I do have a real blog and I'll send you an invite- where can I find your email addy? I've been praying for your mags to arrive, too!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,
I love the yummy cinnamon roll idea! I will have to try that one, too! You always have wonderful recipe ideas! I'm praying that you will get your magazines, I know God cares about every little or big thing in our life (I loved the post about that)! Thank you for always giving us encouragements, I also love the way you all are serving Him wherever He sends you! Love and Prayers, Hannah Klunder

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