Monday, April 25, 2011

~Our preparation for...and our Resurrection day~

~On Friday the kids and I did some fun crafty things together.  This is what baby Mary did (she "chewed on" apple slices and crackers in this mesh bag thingy)...and played with her toys. =)~

~Me washing up the "100's" of dishes that always come from making lots of goodies. =)~

~On Saturday we went to a bakery for that I didn't have to cook.  (For I was busy cooking and baking lots of things for Sunday. (Notice the motorcycle parked behind Phillip. I bet you don't see motorcycles parking in the bakeries that you go to.)  Ha!~

~I made around 40 "backs of bunny" rolls.  If you look closely you can see their bushy tails and their ears. =)~

~And here they are after they were baked.~

~Here are the goodies that awaited Kimberly, Sarah, and little Mary on Resurrection Morn. (Since I lost lots of my baskets due to mold, I just bought little gift bags in which to put their candy.) Sarah got a Strawberry shortcake bag, and Kimberly got the gray purse.) Mary just got keys this year...maybe in about 18 years she'll get a car to go with the keys. =D~
~Elijah got the firetruck that goes on its own and lights up.  Noah got the "coat wallet" made out of leather, and the neat old car.~

~I got a picture of the boys with their goodies.  I didn't think that Kimberly and Sarah would enjoy me taking a picture of their "square morning eyes."  =]~

~We invited Bro. Jimmy, Sis. Farly, and girls, their Parents and their brother-in-law John and son David over for Sunday dinner.
Here's our fun colorful table.  We made the oreo cookie truffles...and learned that the cream cheese here is a different consistency and doesn't set up like we're used to.  But, they were still yummy!!
I made candied almonds and Kimberly made a pack for each person and put a place card on each one that said their name and "Jesus Lives".  If you look closely you can see the sugar topping the glasses.  Phillip made iced tea out of fresh mint leaves and it was delicious.
Our Menu BBQ'd Chicken, Sour cream potatoes, Broc./caul./bacon salad, candied carrots, and rolls.~

~We had 2 tables of guests in our dinning room/living room.  Kimberly and Nataly ate upstairs in the girl's room.~

~Kimberly made these.  I thought they turned out cute.~

~I made a Orange Cream Cheesecake for our dessert. It didn't set up like I was expecting due to the cream cheese difference... but Thank the Lord, It turned out yummy!~

~Our family.  (Thanks to Grammy [and Children's Place making their sweaters big]...our boys have gotten to use their sweaters for 3 Easters!=)
We hope that your Resurrection day was blessed with God's presence and a renewed appreciation that JESUS IS ALIVE!!~


Bryanna Shirk said...

I loved seeing all your pics!!!! I love your families Easter outfits!!!!

lila said...

Love all the pics. The table is beautiful. So glad you have good friends there. Of course you have good friends everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,
Loved the pics! And that family picture is perfect, everyone looks so nice! God is good and blessing you all and us here in the US, too! Glad your Easter was good, and Blessed! Love and Prayers, Hannah Klunder

Eric and Hannah Avery said...

Your table looked beautiful, the orange cheesecake looks really yummy, and your family looks beautiful! So glad you had a Happy Easter!


The Arender's said...

You are always so thoughtful and doing for others!! I love your pics. Those backs of bunnies are just too cute! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

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