Friday, April 1, 2011

~Our Open House Pics Part 2~

~As we walk into our front will see that we didn't get time to strip the door and frame. The night of our open house we put up signs like this one that said, "Under Construction." =D~
~Our entryway table. (A few days before we got married, Bro. Bence Miller was moving and Phillip was helping him. He asked Phillip if he wanted this dresser...and of course he did. We treasure this gift from him.) ~
~Peace on Earth~
~Our stairway with another sign that says, "Work in Progress."~
~Our dear friend Sherri Patton and her twins came to our open house. Here I am with Sherri and my sister Laura.~
~Our kids, Sherri's twins, and the Hausmans all on our new long couch. =)
I didn't have anything for my windows, and didn't have time nor money to go curtain shopping (since we only lived in our home 19 days before we went to Colombia.) Dear Sis. Becker gave me matching sheers that fit all my living room and dinning room windows. =)
~In our living room.~

~This is a picture of what my kitchen looked like before!!!~~I took some pictures of my "for now" kitchen that Phillip put together for me, but for some reason, I can't find them. He was able to use used cabinets and buy a pre-owned counter top and a used...but still in the faucet and made me a really nice kitchen until we have the time and money to get new cabinets some day down the road. Here's a couple far-away pics that I found so you can sort-of see the kitchen.~
~Originally, the opening between my kitchen and dinning room was just a small door!
This was EARLY on the morning that we were flying to Colombia. Kimberly WANTED to make her Great Grandmother in Tenn. a lap throw. So, here she is working feverishly, with her dear cousins Natasha and Brittany kindly helping her. (We were packing, so someone must have been getting something out of the cabinet doors in the kitchen and forgot to shut them. =)
~Here is Kimberly and Sarah's room. The shelf on the wall is one that Phillip built to hold Kimberly's tiny dresses when she shared a room with us when she was a new born. =)
Bryanna gave this fun bedspread to Kimberly for her bed. =)~
~Some of these pictures were snapped early in the morning the day we flew to Colombia.~
~Noah and Elijah's room. God supplied things/furniture from everywhere.)
Friends of Daddy and Moma gave the trundle bed to us. (Elijah slept on the trundle, so thus the red sleeping bag.)
I found their new sheets and bedspread at Goodwill, and Janie gave us the fun Pottery Barn pics on the wall. Erin (a friend) gave us a dresser that you can't see.)~
~This picture is hard to see, but it's the ONLY picture that I have of our upstairs bathroom. This is the bathroom that the FLOOR BEAMS were completely ROTTED AWAY! Phillip built a new floor, and built this bathroom bigger than it was. We didn't have time to get the window framing on, etc. My wonderful smart man made me A LAUNDRY CHUTE that goes from this bathroom down 2 FLOORS to my laundry room in the basement! What a man! =) I love the pedestal sink (with a fingertip towel on it), and the fun bathtub! (The bathtub plumbing and fixtures are temporary.)~
~Our second year of marriage we were driving down a road and we saw this shelf out on the sidewalk. We didn't have a lot of furniture and so I asked Phillip to ask the man if he were throwing this shelf away. He said that we could have it for a dollar. (I really think he was going to throw it away, but decided to ask a dollar for it. =)
We used it for years, then when we sold a lot of our things to go to the mission field, we were going to get rid of this. Without our realizing it, my Moma "rescued it" and surprised us by giving it to us this time after we got our own home. I love it. We saw very similiar things in Pottery Barn, and Restoration Hardware. =)~
~Grandma Jowers gave these beautiful monogramed towels to us. I believe she did the monogram.=)~
~Our master bedroom. We didn't get to do anything to this room except wash down walls and move in...but it is such a fun cozy room as it is. =)~
~(I snapped this picture RIGHT before we left our house to fly to I didn't have time to move cords, diaper bags, etc. =)
Phillip found this singer sewing machine and cabinet by a dumpster. ~
The bouquet below is a replica of the real one I carried on the day that I married my best friend. =)
~I love this neat framed art that I saw while on deputation. It brought tears to my eyes and I decided that I HAD to have one. It is "The Greatest Moments of a girl's life!"
Their are 6 beautiful pictures and beneath them are these words.
"The Proposal," "The Trousseau," "The Wedding," "The Honeymoon," "Their first night in their own home," and "Their new first Love" (their little baby).
Wish you could really see it, it's so precious. It brings all the dirty dishes, laundry, etc. into perspective. (Again, I was running out the door to the airport, so couldn't get the good picture I wanted.~
~I hope that you have enjoyed "walking through our USA house" with us. We are so happy that God helped Phillip (and others who helped us) get as much done as we did. It really helps our hearts to know that we have our own place to enjoy when we are back home. =)


Leah said...

Heather - I just wanted to tell you that I have really enjoyed looking at the home God gave you all! Your decorating is beautiful and I am happy for you!

Tara said...

I enjoyed looking at your pics, Heather! What a blessing to know you have a place to call your own when you're stateside. Blessings!

lila said...

Really enjoyed the tour. Love it. I felt sooooo overwhelmed when we walked in and seen all there was to do. I am amazed at what is done and how nice it looks. I am so happy and thrilled for you. Can't wait to get a real tour. Thanks for the pics. love you tons

Bryanna Shirk said...

I am SOOOO happy you got your house looking ssoooooooooooooooooo nice before you guys left for Columbia!!!!
I was soooo excited to see the pics of the kids rooms after they where done!
Miss you guys!:(

Mindy said...

Love the way you decorate! Your house is gonna look great when your finished! Glad you got your own place here in the states. My bro in law just purchased one here in Elwood so him and his family have one to come back to when they aren't in Haiti. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Kira said...

You all did an amazing job on that house ! Wow Phillip sure worked hard to make your new house a home !

Your decor is beautiful !

Brittany said...

I so enjoyed the tour! I know you must be thrilled to have a USA house waiting for you :) Looks like y'all got a LOT of work done in a short amount of time. It's looking great, you've done an awesome job of decorating it! I really love all the vintage and sentimental touches - things that make a house "home" :) So happy for you!

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