Monday, April 11, 2011

~Look who asked me out on a date?~

~A couple weeks ago my wonderful husband took me on a Saturday morning date to our local bakery!  (Mary was the only one of our kids that got to come along.=)
Here we are leaving our house~

~Since the bakery we were going to go to was about 1/2 mile away, I asked Phillip if we could ride in one of these fun bicycles.  He agreed.  He was across the street buying a hot herbal drink to help a lady out, so I flagged this bicyclist down for us.~

~It wasn't until the bicyclist got closer that I realized that he had a patch over one eye.  EEEKKK!  You see the roads/drivers here are NOT anything like there.  Buses, cars, bicycles, motor cycles, pedestrians, etc. all think that they "own the road", and they do whatever it takes to get to where they want to go.  (Even if it means driving on the opposite side of the road to miss potholes, or get around another vehicle, etc.  And who said that there were just 2 lanes on this road?  =)  So, I was hoping that I hadn't just put our lives in jeoperdy by using a driver with only one eye...But God protected us and we got to our bakery safely!  (You can click on this picture to see the driver better. =)~
~It was a yummy breakfast.  Phillip got a Tamale, and I got scrambled eggs with their type of sausage links cut up in them, some rice on the side, and a roll.  We both had "Cafe con leche" (Coffee with milk), and we shared a freshly juiced orange juice.  Sweet Mary slept the entire time we were eating! =)  In all we probably paid about $6.00 for breakfast.  It was a fun time...and I'm glad that I said "YES" to go on a date. =)~

~After my Mother-in-law saw the picture of our new brown loveseat at the end of our bed she sent us this  fun picture saying  that it reminded her of us.  =)  (The guy holding the umbrella is just about how bad it was when the rain was dripping on top of our bed in our last apartment.  =D

~Later that same day the girls and I got to visit with my dear friend Marisol.  It was fun seeing her again.~


lila said...

Awe, glad you had a fun date,
that bike is cute. Love the pic Sherry sent you. I love dates with my honey too. We still feel like we are courting. Love your blog and love you tons

Anonymous said...

Glad for your date and want to tell you to keep "going out together" for after, soon to be fifty years your Daddy is still my favorite thing to do! I love you, Moma

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,
How sweet of your sweet-heart to take you on a date! I love it when my sweet-heart suprises me with a date night.
And those fun bikes remind me of the ones in Peru, they also have those with a motorcycle on the front. And I LOVE "coffe con leche"! So just enjoy a cup for me sometime! Love, Hannah Klunder

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