Tuesday, April 12, 2011

~A pie recipe and some random pics~

The other day I made this fresh Strawberry pie and I thought that my family was going to vote me
"Mother of the YEAR!" =)
~Fast and Easy Fresh Strawberry Pie~
(From My Moma)
Cook until clear:
1 cup sugar
1 1/4 cup water
1/4 cup cornstarch
Then stir in one small package Strawberry Jello!

Let this COOL then add 1 quart sliced Strawberries and place in a baked 9" pie shell.
Serve with coolwhip or ice cream if desired.

~The pie was every bit as good as it looks. Our family now nearly makes an 8 piece pie disappear in one setting. (We used to be able to sneak and eat desserts without Elijah noticing or even caring, but NOT any more.
[It won't be long and Mary will start noticing too!] =)~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~A new addition to our living room. I bought this "basket" years ago and had had some different sticks in it, but those sticks DIED due to the mold. Phillip got me these to replace those. I love this basket. You probably cannot tell it from the picture, but it is woven out of NEWSPAPER and then varnished with 2 dark stains to make it look like a real basket. Colombians are the clever-est people!=)

~The other day Phillip took Noah's play shaving cream and made Elijah what Elijah calls a "Meard"! =)~

~Noah has been losing a lot of teeth here recently. If he doesn't quit, he might be toothless soon. =)
(I've seen Elijah going around pulling on his teeth...a little puzzled why his brother can pull his teeth out and he can't. =D)~

The young couples in our church here need lots of prayer! The devil knows if he can fight and discourage in the home...he is doing the same in the church!
(For a church is made up of homes/families!)


lila said...

Pie looks yummy and I would vote for you to get the Mommy of the year award. You are an amazing person I am so glad Jesus sent you into our lives. Your family has meant so much to us. We pray for the work there. I hope all keeps on serving Jesus. Wish people would just realize how rude and shrewd the old devil is and cares nothing about them. Love all your posts

Kimberly said...

i'll have to try that pie recipe...it's strawberry time here in La.!:)

Mary's pics are sooo adorable. i think she looks a lot like Kimberly...love to all!

Anonymous said...

Poor little Noah. I don't believe I have ever seen a child lose that many teeth at once. But he is a cute little lad and we miss him. Your strawberry pie got me in the mood for spring. I made Daddy a chocolate chip pie (the first in years)and as he was enjoying it he quoted Phillip in your first years when you were about to chocolate him to death,"Heather can't you make pies?" To which you replied, "yes, chocolate chip pie!" ;-) By the way your bicyle carriage was cute. Daddy and I are looking forward to taking our bikes out on the new bike trail here in Westfield. Love, Moma

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,
I will have to try that strawberry pie sometime, looks like it will be super yummy! Wow, your boys look so much alike and I love their cute smiles! I'm glad you didn't have to throw away that tall basket, and it looks so nice in your living room! love and prayers, Hannah Klunder

Janie said...

mmmm...the strawberry pie looks delicious! We love strawberries so I will have to try it soon :)

Making Memories 1999 said...

Wow, that strawberry pie looks yummy! I'm breathing a prayer for the young couple in your church.

Brittany said...

We've been enjoying strawberries lately, too - that pie looks wonderful! I'm pretty sure I'd vote you Mother of the year, too ;) Love the cute pics of your kids!

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