Saturday, April 16, 2011

~Is there such a thing as an insignificant prayer request?~

I don't think so! (Unless one is praying for something that one knows is NOT God's will.) I am just simple enough to believe that my Heavenly Father CARES about everything I care about! (And I have 100's of answers to prayer to back that up.=) I pray over EVERYTHING and ALL THE TIME! I pray for people right out-loud when I'm cooking, I pray that things will be on sale so I can save money, I pray for Mary to stay asleep when I put her down for a nap, I pray that God will send us a taxi, etc.! I have had my own bread business in 3 different states but I STILL pray that God will help my loaves of bread to be done in the middle. Yes, my family will agree that I pray for everything!!
I am coming before y' ask your help in praying for a request that to some may seem "insignificant or too little to bother God with." If so, then they can't be serving the same God I am...for I KNOW HE CARES AND WANTS ME TO BRING MY PETITIONS TO HIM!! =D
Like I mentioned in an earlier post my parents are paying to send me "Taste of Home" and "Better Homes and Gardens" magazines! Our family LOVES getting these magazines for it gives us a "Taste of Home", it gives us new recipes (and you are talking to one gal who LOVES to bake!!), and it is one of the few things that we ever see from back Home! =) However, when I was gone to the USA, I only received 1 "Taste of Home" the whole 5 1/2 months I was gone. Thankfully, there were more of the "Better Homes and Gardens" magazines that arrived safely. Now that we are at a new location I am PRAYING that God will help EVERY ONE OF MY MAGAZINES TO ARRIVE SAFELY! I'm not sure if someone is stealing my magazines or what, but in a city of over 9 million people ONLY GOD can trace down my beloved magazines. I especially LOVE the editions around holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc. for I enjoy seeing the fun decorating ideas and trying the new recipes. As you know, Resurrection Sunday is NEXT SUNDAY!!
Thank you...and I'll be sure to tell you W-H-E-N God answers our prayers! =D
~This picture was un-posed. Today Sarah was helping with baby Mary so laid her beside her on my bed and they both were looking at a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. =)~


Phxchick4Jesus said...

That is so right. There is no prayer that is to big or to small for our Jesus.. If HE cares for the sparrow, how much more does he care for us :) Praying in agreement, Jesus will get these sent to you this week!!

Blessings, Angela

Kira said...

God cares and i will defintely pray and ask him to safely deiver your magazines to your home .

Crystal Mason said...

Will do, Heather! I understand - I get Country and Taste of Home and have my Mom send them to me (although the mail system is not always reliable here). It's always a treat to look through them!

Blessing on you and your family this week!

Kira said...

I meant to say in my "comment" how encouaging i found this post )= a reminder that God cares about each and every need and want we have and we can bring everything before him .

Thank you for that today , i needed to hear it .

Roseanna said...

I love your posts, and i will try to remember this request for you. The other day I was feeling sheepish about all the little things I bring to God, and then it hit me. The Bible doesn't talk about something beging too trivial. The only admonition regarding prayer I can remember is having a wrong motive. This post was very timely. Appreciate your blog. Can't wait for you to share how God answered this request :)

lila said...

I'm so glad God does care about everything. I will pray about the magazines and wait to here that they have arrived. love you tons

Anonymous said...

Yes, I will pray! You don't know me, but I read your blog alot and enjoy it thoroughly. Our whole family prayed and believed every night for Elijah's healing and God heard! He does care about things like your magazines! I will join you and am anxious to know His answer! Sharon Knight

Daryl Hausman said...

oh how Cute! Makes me wish I could give them both a squeeze!!! Love ya.
I WELL remember what it was like to have a fun English magazine come to our home in Romania! We'll be praying with you! Lots of love.

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