Monday, November 2, 2015

~Our Holiness Meeting at Fernando's~

I hope that you had a good day worshiping Jesus yesterday!
Here's some pictures from our good Lord's day that Jesus gave us yesterday.  Some time back, we told our interpreter Kelly (that interprets from Chinese to English for us each Sunday) that she didn't have to interpret the words to the songs, so she can just WORSHIP JESUS during the singing. :-)
During the song service at the Chinese church yesterday, while they were singing a song that we have NO CLUE what the words were saying, we felt God's sweet presence settle down!   I thought it was neat how God came down in a sweet way to us, even though we didn't know the words. :-)
~Kimberly sang in the Chinese choir.  It was a pretty song.~
 ~Sweet Mrs. Monica got Abigail a new coat. :-) ~
 Kimberly holding a sleeping Abigail on the bus ride back home.
(We are happy that we can pay to charge a bus card on other days, so we don't have to pay on Sunday to ride the bus. :-) ~
 Then after we got off of the 45 min. bus ride, we walked the 5 blocks home from the bus.
Then Kimberly made us some coffee to wake us up, and we gathered our things and took another bus, and 2 trains to go have a Holiness Meeting in the home of our dear friend Fernando (who was in the motorcycle wreck about 2 months ago) and his dear wife Mariela, and their little son Jeremiah.
~Noah drew these cars, and motorcycles, and "motorcycle track" for Jeremiah.~
 ~It was so NICE to see Fernando, Mariela, and Jeremiah again.  From all they have been through since Fernando's motorcycle wreck, Fernando has lost about 40 lbs. :-( (and he wasn't big to begin with) and Mariela has a lost some too. :-(~
 ~When we got onto Jeremiah's street, the dogs in the neighborhood started barking, and pretty soon, I saw Jeremiah peak out of his gate, then he and our boys started running toward each other and gave each other the BIGGEST HUG!  It was so precious!~
 ~We had a precious time having the Lord's supper together.  Aunt Caro and Aunt Yoli brought us some packs of powdered grape juice from Brazil a few weeks ago, for our communion services.~
 ~God's Sweet presence settled down as we worshiped Him and Thanked Him for sending Jesus to die for us, and also for all our blessings!~
 ~My dear friend Mariela.
She has been such a DEAR servant taking care of her husband's every need after his wreck, keeping the home fires burning, cooking a special diet for Fernando, taking care of Jeremiah, etc.~
 ~It is a MIRACLE that we still have our Fernando with us!!!  Thank you, Dear Jesus, for sparing His life!
Phillip and I with our dear friends Fernando and Mariela.~
 ~Fernando, Mariela, and Fernando.  Such a precious family~
 ~Kara and Bethany Boardman and their family sent a nice card to Jeremiah, and inside was $10.00!  He was thrilled!  Thank you, Boardmans!!~
Now with just a few days until our dear friends / fellow missionaries, the Flings arrive from Peru to spend some days with us, and help us celebrate Thanksgiving...we are working HARD in this SCHOOL house! :-)


Anonymous said...

Please assure that precious family that we will continue to pray for a complete healing! As well as for daily strength until then!
Daryl & Laura& family

Bryon and Michele Fling said...

Have tried to pray daily for them. So looking forward to meeting them!

Moma said...

I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the family that you have been caring for so long. I am so sorry for the accident and we will continue to pray for them. She is such a sweet gal to spend all the time caring for her Hubby. What a busy day you all must have, but I am sure Jesus is blessing you all with strength. So glad that you can buy your tickets ahead of having to on Sunday. Lots of love, Moma

Sherry L Dickinson said...

What a sweet post of a whole lot of precious people! Love, Mom D

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