Friday, November 13, 2015

~Day 13...& God's Leadership!~

~Day 13 of... my 30 days of Praise!
I am grateful for my Dear friend and her Very Nice gift of a box of jumbo shrimp. :-)  I LOVE shrimp!  So last night we ENJOYED SHRIMP, Homemade cocktail sauce, and yummy potato salad!!!  YAY!!
 ~You see in my teens my Daddy took a pastorate in LA.  So, I learned to LOVE shrimp there!!! :-)
Lots of yumminess just waiting to be eaten.~
 ~Homemade cocktail sauce.
 ~My homemade potato salad...Mrs. Earline Cooper's style. :-) ~
~God's Leadership for our family!~
(Taken from our e-newsletter)
For some years now, Heather and I have believed that we were to start doing missionary work from out of the USA once our eldest child was halfway through her last year of high school.  
The Lord willing that will be in December.  (Lord willing, we will land in the U.S.A. on Friday, Dec. 18th)  
Several of our children believe they have a specific call to ministry.  We want to help them prepare for whatever God might want.  
We will continue to be missionaries.  
We will continue doing missionary work.  
We believe we must not fail to continue to serve the various national fields 
which God has opened for us.  
This may be more difficult from the USA, but I know that God will continue to raise up the people needed to partner with us in prayer and whatever else needed to accomplish God's will.  
Soon after we arrive in the USA a Missions trip is planned in March, 2016.  
That will involve 2 round trip and 8 one way tickets just for Kimberly and I -- Kimberly will be doing a lot of translating.  
Also another missions trip is planned for our family in mid 2016 -- that should involve a meeting of several pastoral families, church leaders, preaching, teaching, and a congress.  
That will be 7 or 8 international round trip tickets for the family and with possibly more 
ministry stops to add.  
Also more is planned which can be shared in the future.  
So we appreciate your continued prayers. 
I was thinking that in 2004 we told our dear congregation goodbye, where I pastored in the USA, to be able to start foreign missionary work with GHM.  I remember driving away from the pastorate thinking, "We no longer have a salary."  I thank God for what all HE has done.  God has provided all our needs and is doing much.  
A lot of faith missions doors continue to open, and God will continue to provide.  
We pray that God will enlarge us all, multiply us, and call many other holy laborers to step through these doors, and sanctify us all to His purpose.  
Would you please stand by us in prayer?  
Would you pray for laborers?  
Would you pray that God raises up people to partner with us and help hold us up?  
You are a great team to work with.  Thank you!          
Phillip (Taken from our e-newsletter)


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Moma said...

You had the right menu to go with the Shrimp! Mrs. Earline's Mom made us such lovely shrimp dinners, and now we carry on with her menu. I have her recipes in my box and love making them and remembering. I love you, Moma

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