Thursday, November 12, 2015

~Day 12...and Jonathan has a birthday!~

~Day 12 30 days of Thanks!
I am very grateful to Jesus for a dry roof over our heads.  It has been RAINING all day.  
A couple hours ago, Kimberly happened to glance in the back room, and we had a mini flood!  Water was pouring in VERY FAST!  
So, we quickly picked up anything that should not get wet, and Phillip ran out to remove the water by bucket fulls, and to check the drains in the back yard, as to why the water was running into our house, and he built a couple little levees to keep the water from coming in again.  Meanwhile the kids started dipping up the water off the floor.  While we did this we prayed for those whose houses are REALLY FLOODED right now (When it rains, there's a lot of flooding in certain parts of Argentina) and for those less fortunate who are sleeping out in this rain.  :-(
Thank you, Dear Jesus, for a nice, comfy, and Beautiful house for us to enjoy while we are here in Argentina!
~Mary in our back room...with the mini flood.~

 ~Phillip was soaked after he came in from removing the water, unclogging the drains, and building some little levees to prevent water from coming back in.~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Our friend Jonathan who comes to our English classes had a birthday yesterday.  
Our family was invited to his party!  It was a very fun afternoon and evening!!  Here are the pics for you to enjoy!!
~First we met at a fun Cafe where we ate some lunch.~
 ~Jonathan invited about 10 of his friends from his school, and Noah and Elijah.~

 ~For his party, Jonathan wanted to rent a soccer field and play ball with his friends for a couple hours.~
 ~Noah and Elijah were soooo happy to get to play soccer with Jonathan and his friends.~
 ~Uncle Leo was the goalie~
 ~We were standing behind the net watching.~

 ~Elijah with his arms raised high with excitement~
 ~Us watching and cheering!~
 ~Noah and Elijah running toward the ball.~

 ~Thank you, Jonathan, for letting Noah and Elijah come to your party 
and play soccer with y'all. :-) ~
 ~Then we got to go to the restaurant of our friends...Han and Clara for supper.~
 ~The boys' table.~

 ~The girl's table.~
 ~Us adults.~
 ~Such yummy food, and such fun fellowship with our DEAR friends!!~
 ~Jonathan is very good at Rubik's cubes.  
He nearly could do one with his eyes closed. :-) 
So, his Mom (Aunt Caro) made his Rubik's cube cake.~
 ~Aunt Caro did a great job making this cake.~
 ~And it was delicious!~
 ~Jonathan and Valen with his cake.~
 ~Jonathan and Aunt Caro with the cake she made.~

 ~Uncle Leo, Aunt Caro, Jonathan, and Valen.~
 ~A group photo before we left.  
What a very fun afternoon and evening celebrating Jonathan!!  
It's our prayer that God will use Jonathan to be a witness for Himself someday.  Jonathan is a very dear young man, he has a servants' heart, and plays the piano well. Jonathan also can speak 3 languages...what a Blessing his life will be to others if he will always serve Jesus! :-)~

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Moma said...

I enjoyed seeing Jonathan's birthday pictures. It looks like you all had a good time. I loved Mary's little out fit, she looked so cute there in her bare feet. It looked like Abagail had almost learned to put one finger up to show her years. Love to all, Moma

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