Saturday, November 7, 2015

~Day 7 of...30 Days of Thanks!~

Day 7 of my 30 days of Thanks!
I am very GRATEFUL that Jesus is my Best Friend.  I love it that I can talk to Him about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!  When I'm happy or sad, or when I feel I can't face another day, or just because...I love to talk to Jesus.  Some of my friends have "accused me" of PRAYING OVER EVERYTHING!  :-)  I do!  I talk to Jesus about my bread getting done in the middle (Having my own bread business when I was a teen, I've made LOTS OF loaves of bread in my life, and I still pray that, :-) I pray when I'm washing dishes, I pray while I'm washing clothes, hanging clothes, walking, driving, ....I just love to talk to my Jesus anywhere and everywhere.  The neatest part about this is that He Loves to Listen to little ol' me, and cares about EVERY LITTLE DETAIL, AND THAT HE LOVES TO ANSWER PRAYER!!


Anonymous said...

Hi!! I love your blog! Really enjoy it.~ I was at a funeral last night. A couple came in. I thought they looked familiar. Then it hit me, they are Heather's parents!! (Funny, I might spend too much time on blog-land because I already felt acquainted. Ha!) It was a privilege to meet them! Again, love your blog. It is a bright spot in my day. Laura Mills

The Dickinsons said...

Thank you, Dear Laura, for this sweet comment. My Moma had mentioned to me that she had met you, and that you might leave a comment. How nice of you to do so. :-) It brightened my day to hear from you! Yes, isn't if funny how we feel like we KNOW someone, just by reading their blog, or FB? :-)

Again, Thank you for your sweet words. Blessings on you today!!


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