Wednesday, November 4, 2015

~Does God care about baby toys and things?~

Day 4 30 days of Thanks!
~Day 4  I'm so Happy that God chose Phillip to be the Father to our 6 wonderful children.  He is a GREAT Daddy! He prays for our children, teaches them God's Word, LOVES THEM, talks to them until wee hours of the night if they need to talk, teaches our boys how to work, laughs with our children, teases them, invests time in them, and thinks that each one of them is VERY SPECIAL!  I'm very Grateful to God that Phillip is such a Great Daddy!!!
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This is a post I never got to post back in February, so am posting now so it will be in my blog book, so my family and I can remember ANOTHER ONE OF THE GOOD THINGS GOD HAS DONE! :-)

You see our 3rd Sunday back here in Argentina back in February, our friends from the Chinese church arrived at our house with a lot of things for baby Abigail to use!
They loaned her a baby bed, a baby swing, a nice bouncy seat, and a baby monitor.

Our first time here in Argentina (2011), we had no bed or anything for baby Mary (13 months old), so....WHAT A BLESSING THESE THINGS ARE TO US AND BABY ABIGAIL!

They also loaned us a fun tent for the kids to play with, and a little electric piano too.
We had a nice time together at our house on Sunday afternoon. :-)
Here's some pics to enjoy!
~Here our friends Ricardo and Elisa, and Tommy and Elijah and Noah were putting together the bouncy seat for baby Abigail.~

 ~The bouncy seat all together.  She loves it!  It has fun toys that sing.  It is such a BLESSING to have some things she can do, and to get her off the HARD and COLD marble floor.~

 ~Abigail enjoying her swing, while Mary plays on the little keyboard they loaned us.~
 ~Phillip praying for our snack.~
 ~Uncle Charlie and Aunt Yoli dropped by for a visit and brought us some more fans to help keep us cool in the summer heat.~
 ~Ricardo and Elisa brought some pastries to enjoy with coffee and hot Chinese tea.~

 ~Here's the fun tent she loaned the kids.~
 ~And here's the tent...with 3 fun children inside.~

 ~One day, Kimberly made us some yummy roasted carrot fries to go with our lunch.~
Thank you, DEAR JESUS, for dear friends and for the NICE things they loaned to us for baby Abigail!!!  
God is good, all the TIME!!


Sherry L Dickinson said...

I loved how you described your children's father. Smile.
These people dearly love you and trust you, I see.
Noah laughing at Tommy, while Tommy's assembling the baby bouncy seat made me laugh. This is a fun post. Love, Mom D

Jake Roberts said...

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Jessica Mackersey said...

Interesting post, your children are very cute, and having three children at home is a very happy thing.

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